15 November, 2017

One of the best and popular ways to do business online is through the use of Search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is a process by which you can optimise your or clients website in such a way that your website is shown on Google as one amongst the top result or shown on the top page when any one searches for the same. This helps in increasing traffic on your website both in quantity and qualitative terms. Search engine is not just related to building your website search engine friendly but also making it visitor friendly too. It helps to increase your brands identity online.  SEO is a key to Digital marketing companies to promote website online.

Latest trends

There are lot of changes in SEO trends in recent times and are in line with the changes everywhere. SEO trends are changing due to the advancement in the technology as well as the changing trends in Google algorithm. In present times doing one line business is not simply comprised of developing a website and providing the people information about it and nothing else, but it is much beyond that. Now the website integrate social media platforms, and online business owners understand this thing very well and also know and understand meaning and importance of SEO in  online business.

Social Media is not every thing

By simply integrating social media to the website and getting amazing results and rankings on Google is not possible in online marketing campaign. One has to follow the following latest and growing SEO trends to do online business.

Create interesting and audience oriented contents

Creating contents that lays focus on the interests and likings of the targeted audience is very important for doing online business with success and it should be the first on the line of focus of business managers. This specific audience contents creation is the latest SEO trends and it has proved its worth in every online business.

The contents developed should be catchy and interesting for whom you intend to sell your goods and services. People prefer to read and take decisions as per the information provided to them in the website if the contents fulfil their requirements.

Google prefer Social presence

As more and more people are using social media actively, Google has understood the importance of Social media. Google gives preference and good rankings to the sites which link social media in their websites. As such it is better to integrate social media with your website. Social media marketing companies actively use social media platforms for promoting their online websites.

Concentrate brand building before going in for building links

A strong brand image is necessary for promoting a drive to attract true customers to your website, but most of the people forget this and try to drive traffic on their website through the power of links building. A strong brand presence is necessary before hand for securing the traffic through links on others websites. So before links building make sure that there is something great on your website otherwise people will ignore the links they get on the other websites about your product or services.

Mobile version of website is a top priority

There is tremendous growth in use of smart mobiles phones these days. Smart mobile phones have replaced the computers and everything which was done on computers is possible now through the mobiles. While developing the website this fact should be kept in mind, and website now should be developed both for computers and mobile platform. There are chances that much potential traffic will be lost if the website is not optimised for mobile phones. It is better to have a mobile version of your website built or website be redesigned for mobiles phones.

Blogs should be specific to needs and not to add keywords

It is better to follow ethical practices of SEO in blogs on website. Blogs should be used to provide the information of the product, brand and other important aspects, and not used to add key words of your website. People love to read blogs to get information. Blogs contents should be based on users needs and provide readers with useful information.

Information provided in blogs increases traffic to your website.

With the increase in online traffic the concept of Search engine optimisation has assumed added significance. The users of internet are getting smarter day by day. The method of SEO has taken great transformation. Old methods of SEO are out of business and more scientific SEO methods are being used today to increase web traffic to site. All this has led to SEO getting a more expensive than it used to be in the past. Marketers should understand this fact and follow the latest changes in SEO trends so as to launch a more successful business campaign.


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