09 August, 2017

All set to refresh your website design? Take a hard look at your existing website design and think about how to consolidate some of the latest design trends into the framework.

2017 is a year of new ideas and new visual concepts to explore, from functionality to color and typography. Some of those designs are already rising to pop up. They're providing you with just enough visual inspiration to get off to the right start in 2017. Let’s take a look.

1. Gradients

Gradients were missing from the design landscape for a few years. Now they are making a major comeback. But, the look of the color blurring technique has shifted. Earlier in gradients, there were subtle variations throughout the design. But now, gradients are large, bold and use plenty of colors.

The popular usage is, a two color gradient overlay on pictures, which looks absolutely amazing! It’s a great choice to shift your look or to make a less-than-interesting image, a little more intriguing. You can also use a gradient's background to draw when you don not have other imagery to work with.

2. Parallax

Parallax scrolling effects was a very big trend in 2016 and that trend will continue in 2017 with more impressive and fancier parallax effects. Go for the parallax effects that move up rather than down, and the movements that capture the complete layered designs. The key to nearly every design trend in 2017 is the touch of reality and here parallax will be no exception. The more real movements or actions look on the screen, the more users will want it.

3. Video with Sound

In this modern era, people are becoming more accustomed to watching videos on YouTube to movie – on their own devices. Any websites can mimic this cinematic experience with, a full video with sound, display on the homepage.

Proceed with caution and include an option to toggle sound on and off, because not all your users will appreciate it. The content needs to be so stellar that your users will necessitate sound as part of the experience.

4. Simple Home Pages

Heavy type homepage styles have been popular for a while. But today designers are opting for the design that features very less text on the first screen of the design. You need not to very about SEO because this kind of page is often packed with enough information below the scroll. Super simple home page designs is a great example of how user choices are changing web design as a whole.

You just need to make sure that you'll give your users enough in this super simple design to make them want more so that users will engage in scrolling behaviors.

5. Custom Typography

Big, bold lettering in designs never goes out of style ever. It is the trend that seems to only get better and better. All thanks to the growing number of web fonts. It is a big success for the designers and users that are likely tiring of the same few selected font face that seems to dominate design projects.

Always keep in mind that cool lettering still needs to be readable for users. So whether it is a stand-alone artwork or you're pairing it with an image, make sure your users can understand exactly what you are trying to say at a single look.

6. Navigation Patterns

You need not go with those traditional navigational patterns now. Navigations does not have to be stick to the top of your design. From pop-up or hidden styles to navigation on the bottom or side of the pages, today it is trendy to move the menu.

When you consider a change to navigation pattern styles, think about your user's patterns. Is the navigation easy to find? Does it work in a manner that users will understand intuitively? If so, go for it otherwise rethink the idea.


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