The maximum percent of the world’s population uses a smartphone, but, everyone does not have a high-quality smartphone with higher storage and RAM. Moreover, operating multiple apps on the phone for different tasks can be tiring as we need to keep switching between apps. So, how will it be, if we have an app in one app or a super app? This means the app will contain all essential apps or solutions to meet consumer’s needs, starting from grocery, to booking a ride and making payments, everything will be available in the app. Also, super app development helps to gather more customers at one point and also benefits customers to do all their tasks in one place. But, the point to focus more on is, how to build a super app or what features should be added to it.

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10 Crucial Features For A Super App

  • 1. Number Of Platforms

An app can run on multiple operating systems or platforms like Android or iOS or Windows or the web. But, it is decided by the company on how many platforms they want to run the app. In case, to run on multiple platforms, the cross-platform or hybrid app should be developed. If the intention is to run on a single platform, then develop a native app and hire dedicated iOS app developer to add its programming language or any developer for the Android version.

To reach the maximum audience, it is ideal to develop a super app that can run on almost all platforms.

  • 2. Higher-level Technology Or Stacked With Technology

Developing super apps will mean adding different isolated or individual apps. To support such multi-functionality of different apps within one single app, it is important to add different programming languages within the app, so that the app can seamlessly function the apps present in it.

Different technology suites that can include in a super app are Android Wear SDK, Comodo SSL, Bootstrap, Fabric, Crashlytics, Google ( Cloud messaging, Maps, Compute Engine), Laravel, HTML5, New Relic, Realm, Nginx, Select2, etc.

With all these included in a super app, the performance gets immediately boosted and the operation of apps within the app also gets easier.

  • 3. Design And Development

This part is very crucial in a super app, as it is the first thing that will attract the customers to start using the app. To start with this, it is always ideal to hire dedicated android app developer that can develop apps with quality designs. The skeleton of the mobile app should be good to turn the app into the best. Visualization is another important thing while designing apps. So, think of different ideas for text fields, buttons, pop-ups, and more. Now, start the front-end development and back-end coding simultaneously to develop a quality super app.

  • 4. User-Friendly Interface

This is another essential feature of an app, the interface of the app. Making the interface easily understandable will help the customers to quickly learn and understand the features of the app. Moreover, this will ease the navigation to different apps present within the super app. To make the interface user’s friendly, add elements they are acquainted with.

  • 5. Social Media Integration

After the app is ready with basic features, it is essential to add other additional features essential for a super app. Adding a login or sign-up page is essential to keep things private and isolated of a customer. The data should be stored used a single name and which will great for follow-ups and marketing as well. For this thing, integrating social media or email or mobile numbers makes the whole log-in and sign-up process easy and secured. Moreover, there will be minimal loss of IDs and chances to forget the passwords.

  • 6. Multi-Language Support

Always think from a customer’s point of view, as all customers don’t know all languages or everyone is not much aware of English. They might be comfortable with their mother tongue. Hence, for these types of people, having a multi-language feature will help. They can switch in between languages of their choice to operate in the app.

  • 7. Push Notifications

Adding this feature to the app will help the customers and other apps a lot. With this feature, different apps will be able to send notifications to their audience about new offers, orders accepted or dispatched, and other tracking details. Some super apps also have social media apps in them too, hence, the inbox messages can also be displayed through the push notification feature.

  • 8. Multiple Payment Gateways

Today, we all have multiple ways to make payments, especially if the payment is to be done online. So, it is essential to add an online payment feature first and then other possible options to make payments like a credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, or in-app wallet. If possible, also add an in-app wallet to help customers make their payments seamlessly.

  • 9. Adding Maximum Niche Apps

Try to integrate maximum apps within a super app with multiple niches. A super app should include apps like groceries, food delivery services, shopping, online payments, social media, games, etc. The more apps a super app will have, the more customers will use the app. And also, multiple apps in the super app, it will make things easier for the customers to have all the benefits in one app only.

  • 10. Data Security And Customer Services

With several apps involved in a super app, this will have a lot of data to store. But, more important than storing the data is to keep the data secured. The app server should be strong enough that it will not leak data in any case. Security of customers’ data will develop faith in customers to keep using the app forever. Also, for better services to the customers, a 24/7 support service should be added to the app to solve the queries.


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