The exponential growth of smart phones throughout the world has led to the growth of Apps. Large number of Android apps and iOS apps are developed in the recent past. There are many Android apps in existence today, and more android apps are released every day by android app development company in USA call +1(408)-372-0967. But only 10 percent of android apps are usually successful and only few are able to maintain their success in the long run due to heavy delete rate.

The large scale competition in the android app development companies and this is one reason for the poor success rate of android apps. But companies which have remain on the top in development of android apps are due to their greater understanding of app market and also what makes app a successful and thriving app.

In a competitive app development market it is the features of app which make it successful and keep it hitting. Winning apps introduce new features, fix bugs, and streamline the way they operate with each update. There are some common features that an android app must have to make it stand out in the app market.

Features of successful and thriving app

1. Take the real problem in hand and solve it: One of the first and for most feature of android app should be that it is able to take the real problem in hand and try to solve it. Earlier app developers remained at the top in app market due to very less real problems. With passage of time the problems grew up and also the aspirations of the users of app. If an app cannot solve the problem for which it is developed then there is no chance of it being a successful app.
2. Simple to operate: People don’t like to indulge in complicated procedure to operate the app. Instead they enjoy a app which is simple to understand. A great app can even fail to win the hearts of users if it is not easy to understand. People love to operate the simple and understandable app as they drive fun from it. A app gets complicated as more and more functions and features are added to it. So your app should always be moderate with features, functions and simple to understand if it happens to be a great app.
3. Free from bugs and errors: If your mobile app wasn’t developed properly, it is likely to have lot of glitches, crashes, and error reports.App with errors and glitches frustrate a user and the app will not be a big deal. You cannot afford to loose your customers especially not to your competitors. Since a lot of amount is invested in developing your venture and on app development also, you have to make sure that your app is free from errors and bugs. Before actual release go for beta testing of your app to know about the glitches and correct the same before actual release of the app.
4. A great user interface: A app developed with a great user interface leads to a wonderful user experience, and also retain them for a long time with the app. So no app developer or custom mobile app development company in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967 can ignore to provide great user interface.
5. Out of box Presentation: Generally this is applicable to gaming apps. People love to have a unique storyline, concept and presentation. Unique gaming apps with a unique concept are able to retain users for a very long period of time.
6. High Performance: Your mobile app must lunch quickly for the first time and there is not lag at the user end and keep user waiting for a long time. By keep this point in mind your android app should be continuously optimized, and able to provide high performance when used.
7. Updates should be Regular: It make users of app tired if some thing new is not updated at a regular intervals. Apps having millions of download hits may have less than 20% regular users. If no new feature is added in app, users get tired and start deleting the app. This is true with the gaming apps, which take the world by storm but hardly anyone download and become obscure. Gaming app having regular update of features go for a long time as people love to play it with new features instead of getting tired playing old game with no regular update. So there should be regular updates of app features so that users retain it for a longer period of time.
8. Should be highly responsive: A fast loading and responsive app that don’t take more than 10 seconds to load, and link to the functions of the app. If your app is slow to load and not very responsive then the chances of its being a great and thriving app are remote. This feature gets more value if it is gaming app .
9. Free from downloading charge: As there are too many apps on Google play store which are free, it makes no sense to make your app to pay for download. How important is the purpose of your app, there are lot of free apps available as alternatives. In practice all great apps are free apps and there is no down load fee. If you have a paid version of your app then there should also be a free version available on the play store.
10. Possess great graphics: A app with a great and stunning graphic attracts more users to download and use it. Gaming apps with 3D graphic, and with great sound usually attract more users than apps without such features. Highly hyper-realistic graphics gaming app attract more users to download it.
11. Offline use features: App with offline use features serves greater purpose and attract more users to download it. Generally apps may not retain users for a long period of time it users have to turn on their mobile data each time they want to use your app.
12. Should be compact: App should always be compact. As smart phone users are much concerned about the phones memory. App that is too big is likely to be deleted as users do not want to overload the phone memory. So compact app with smaller use of internal phone memory find much favour with users of the app.
In conclusion , we can say that most successful apps are those which follow and incorporate above listed features. So while developing app, you must develop app in such a way that it meet the requirements listed above and also fulfil the purpose for which it is developed.
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