Gone are the days when mobile apps use was restricted to big business houses because of high development costs and low penetration of mobile phones. Today, it is easy for even a small business concern to access and build mobile app for their business. Many Leading Android and iOS app development in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967 are helping small and big business concerns to develop the Mobile App for their businesses. With the exponential growth in use of smart mobile phones now people spend much more time on their mobile phones. In one survey it has come to tight that in US people spend about 5 hours per day on their mobile devices. Out of this for 92% time is spent on mobile apps and rest 8% on web browsing. Now a effective mobile strategy is need of the hour if you want your business to grow. It takes more than a just mobile friendly website of your company and almost all the business concerns have realized this fact and are acting accordingly. Now about 50% of business big or small already have a mobile app for their business. Further more than 30% small business owners are planning to take plunge in mobile app development for their businesses in near future. Having a mobile app for your business gives you a opportunity to be one up over your competitors and take the business to next level of growth. So if you want to have an advantage over your competitor then you should get mobile app developed for your business and take an early lead over your competitors. Today business owners are concerned about three simple things I.e. how to increase sales, how to improve efficiency and build a loyal customers base? For all this mobile apps provide great opportunity. Let us examine how mobile app help your business to grow.


  1. Generate New Sales: The only way for the customers to purchase anything online is through the website. But since website involves lot of complex procedures to initiate a purchase order, customers with little technical knowledge about computers find it difficult to place order online. All this results in loss of customer for the concern. With the massive growth of smart phones the business owners have decided to pivot their strategy and target mobile users. They decided to build and launch their mobile app. Since the mobile app can be easily installed in the phone and no technical knowledge is required to place order, customers find it easy to place order on it. This result in massive growth in the new orders for the concern. As per surveys about 70% total sales of many large concerns order comes on mobile devices. Two-third of those mobile sales come from their app. Having a mobile friendly website is necessary for concern, but if you really want to to generate new additional sales then just get the mobile app for your concern. Apps clearly outperform mobile browsers in every category, whether it is product views per user, add to cart rate , or check out rate. The reason why apps are better is that apps eliminate friction in the checkout process. Customers can store their payment methods and shipping information, this allows them to checkout fast in just a few clicks.


  1. Helps in customer retention: Every customer desires to have a great experience when browsing the website of the concern to place order. Developing a mobile app for business will instantly enhance the customer experience, and thereby resulting in improved customer retention rates. Further more, app allows customers to place order on go from their mobile devices. When customer comes to store they don’t have to stand in line for their order or pick their phone to place order or to make payment. They can simply take the delivery of their order and checkout from the store. Many concerns have added additional reward points for customers who place order through mobile apps. Concerns like Starbuck provide star rating to customers based on their spending mobile app. They get perks like free drinks, free refills, and drink upgrades. So your mobile app is a great way for you to enhance customer experience, implement loyalty reward program, all that helps in customers retention rates.


  1. Acts as a marketing tool: Not only the mobile app is just an application to place order it can double as a valuable marketing tool. It can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. With a single click customers can share with their network your app and or their experience with their friends and relatives about their experience with your company thus giving a free publicity about your product. Further you can push notifications quickly through app about upcoming promotions or special events to your customers.


  1. App make your Business stand out from the crowd: Mobile app for your business sets you apart from others. You can take advantage of this effective communication and marketing tools while others are still thinking of doing so. By the time other realize this fact, you will have a chance to grab the maximum market share. No matter what you sell, you can take a commanding position in terms of sales among your peers. Only with a tap of button your customers are able to see what kind of products and services you are providing. You don’t have to spend lot of money on advertisement and bill boards, leading to lot of revenue saving.


  1. Mobile apps are more responsive: Mobile apps are quicker than browsing online. A planned and well structured mobile app can give data, estimate, problem solve and much more. Customers love to browse in a mobile app for a pieces of useful contents. Thus having a mobile app for your company gives you an easy opportunity to communicate with your customers immediately on several points in a day, showing them that you care regarding what they require and demand in terms of the business that you are running for.

  3. Improves operational efficiency: Mobile app not only help in increasing sales, customers experience and make your business stands out from crowd, it also help your business with in-house operations, communication, and help reduce costs. With mobile app brands with high employee engagement earn more profits up tp three times faster than their competitors. Moreover it makes employees more loyal to concern and they are less likely to leave the company. Mobile app can solve operational inefficiencies of the concern and problems if any arising out in the company thereby setting your concern up for growth.


  1. Helps to create an on-demand market place: Mobile apps are making possible to create an on-demand market place and popularizing the same. Concerns like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Grubhub are examples of the newer companies that are thriving with this business market model. Mobile app not only just improve the business prospect of new business but also improve the position of your current company also. Like the case of Rover. Now you must have come to know how mobile apps are beneficial and valuable for the growth of business. Whether your business is small or a large company does not matter, mobile apps help your business to grow globally. Most commercial companies and even start ups are looking to invest in mobile app and transforming the business into the next level of growth.


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