App developers and app owners often get confused about the app development platform. They are confronted with the question “What platform should they choose for developing a mobile application for their business?” There is a fundamental difference between both the platforms strategies not only in developmental level but also in terms of designing and marketing. Before deciding the platform you should know about the difference between iOS and Android app development company Call +1(408)372-0967

Since we are in the field of mobile app development for last few years and developing apps both for the iOS and Android platforms, we are in a better position to explain the major differences between iOS and Android development which we hope will guide you to take better decision in developing your app and choosing the right platform for it. If you desire to develop a mobile app for your business and are confused about the platform then contact us. We are a leading Mobile app development company in USA call +1(408)372-0967.

Eight Fundamental difference between iOS and Android app development.

  1. Programming Languages: The primary development language used to build an Android-based app is Java. But Java used in developing Android apps is a bit different. Another language that was adopted by Android developers earlier was C++. Java language requires a lot of code writing. The Kotlin language is added to the list of an official language for app development compatible with the Android platform. It was designed as an enhancement to Java language and it is easy to use and understand.  On the other hand, iOS-based apps are developed in a language called Swift. Swift allows a much faster app code development platform as compared to Java. Swift language appeared in year 2014for the first time and apps built with this language have the fastest development cycle due to writing of fewer codes.
  2. Target Users: Target users play a very important role in the selection of either iOS or Android app development, as users are who dictate all the moves of developers. Android users have a preference for affordable brands, whereas the iOS users are more loyal to their brands, and use only high-value brands. Although the overall users of the Android platform have a more than 80% share in the market, higher-level income users prefer for IOS platform. While developing the mobile app for your brand keep the mind the target users in mind as a general rule as there are exceptions to this rule on both the platforms.
  3. Availability of Integrated developmental environment(IDE): In Google-backed apps for android users engineers used the Elipse tool to develop it. The reason for the engineers and developers to use this tool is that it provides them with its excellent possibilities like same-packaging cross-platform and amazing debugging.

To develop iOS-based apps, XCode is developers first choice because it is not only incredibly productive to build apps for iPhone/iPad/Mac devices but also has the ability to find errors in syntax and logic and also even getting the code fixed and helping the developers to develop bug-free and fast apps.

  1. App Developmental Speed: Developing an Android platform based mobiles apps takes more time than the iOS-based fragmentation. The Android developers take about 30 to 40% more time to develop Android-based apps in contrast with iOS-based app development as app developers for iOS apps have more skills and more efficient in developing apps. On the other hand, everybody is in the field of Android app development without having excellent expertise and thus take more time in app development.
  2. App Developmental Cost:The best thing in mobile app development is that you can start for free. There is no much difference between iOS and Android in terms of pricing because they both provide free tools and documentations. The cost difference arises with the features included in the app for users. Larger the number of features greater is the cost of development no matter which is the developmental platform. The other cost difference lies in the uploading fee. For iOS apps, you need to pay $ 100 per year with higher prices for enterprises, but for Google Play Store a one time fee of $ 25 is needed to be paid to Google with no annual fee.
  3. App Acceptance Process on Apps store: The app publishing time for iOS app on Apple Store takes longer time than Android apps to get on the Google Play Store. The reason behind this is that the iOS apps require more personal expert’s verification while the Android-based platform apps the checking and verification process is through automated tests and so Google takes very minimal time in accepting the app. This affects the launch time of the app in the market. Shorter the launch time more are the benefits in monetary terms.
  4. Design Principles difference: The need aspect of the apps is one of the main reason why iOS users and developers are so loyal to their brand. On the other hand, Google has its own rules for the simplicity in material design. Android Material Design has more acceptance due to its pleasant effect. But in both cases, designers must adhere to the rules described in the official guidelines for Android and iOS apps.
  5. App Monetization strategies: There is a difference in-app monetization strategies in both the app development OS Apple and Android. If your aim is to generate an income with your work you need to be careful about the method you choose. The IOS app users are very loyal to their brand and don’t like any ads inside their apps and if anyone try to indulge in this practice they will reject the app. But Android users manage to ignore them and they only focus on the contents of apps. With Android app development you have greater freedom to add ads inside the apps to earn more revenue through the apps.

Final Conclusion: For the understanding, the difference between Android and iOS app development the above-discussed points are some of the major points, but there isn’t a straightforward answer to the question. What app developers and app owners should analyze is the available resources at their end,  best options available to them, and what features they want to provide in their apps to their target users no matter which platform they choose to develop their app. Here in the blog I just tried to offer you some guiding points so that you can understand the requirements of each platform and then decide about the best app developmental platform for your brand.

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