The ease of getting your things transported from one place to another is like dream come true. And that’s what a transportation app does!

What is a transportation app?

The growing number of eCommerce business owners emphasises the significance of transportation application development, in which the business owner can trace every single movement of their items utilising the application. It includes various services like shipment of goods, transportation, on demand logistic app, managing warehouse, etc.

Now, for developing this application if you hire app development team Call +1(408)372-0967, you must brief them thoroughly about your requirements. After evaluating your needs and the common factor that all transportation app consists, your developer will provide you a unique app specially for your customer. The growth can be seen by the data given by Statista, which concludes that the global smart transport market was all set to grow about 400% from 2012 to 2020. Which can sum up to a total of almost $5.5 billion.

Must-have features for a transportation app development:

Any app should have features which is not only for the benefit of customer but also for the person working in it. Like, in case of transportation app, it should be a customer app and it should also have features supporting the logistics owners and the drivers. So that each one could track their happenings in the app.

For customer app:

The customer application is intended to assist consumers in receiving real-time information and notifications regarding their ordered or couriered items or products.


Features of an On -Demand logistic App


  • Login/Registration via social media with profile management

This is a must as to verify the identity of the customer through various portals. Also, it should have technologies for updating the profile, if a customer wants to add certain data.

  • Real-time shipment tracking along with order history

For a successful transportation app, you must provide your customer with live tracking of their goods. Also, the app should have all the transactions history of a customer. So that the customers find it very easy to see any of their previous orders.

  • Payment method and feedback

One the most important feature an app must have is secure payment method. At last, a customer should have a portal for them to give their feedbacks for the service they received.

For Logistics Owners:

The application should have admin panel in order to maintain all of their work and customers easily. Which includes:

1.360-degree fleet management

2.GPS tracking system within the application

3.Business Dashboard

4.Real-time order tracking

5.Vehicle Management

6.Communication within the app

This means the communication between the logistics owners and the logistics team who are responsible for delivering a shipment.

For Drivers:

This is also one the most important features in order to provide safety of the products and drivers while delivering. It should contain

1.Driver profile

2.Order history

3.Navigation inside the app

4.Update of the order

5.Communication within the app

Some other important features that your app must contain for all three partners are:

  • Integrated GPS tracking for real-time analytics

This is most important for all three users. Where they can manage to see their order live and could track them accordingly.

  • Offline Routes

The application providing offline Routes specially in transportation app in the most loveable part. And many people fall for it. It gives you no hard time to find any routes and can deliver the product easily.

  • Push notifications:

This is the most important features as it helps you to keep update of each and everything. It also shows you real-time tracking and offers or any deals happening inside the app which might benefit you.

Therefore, hire dedicated app developer call +1(408)372-0967 to ensure that these features are present in your application. Which make it one of a kind and make a unique stand in the crowd of many transportations app.


Cost for developing a transportation app:


While you hire dedicated android developer Call +1(408)372-0967, the cost is discussed based on that your need for the features and advantages. More the features more the cost. The areas which affect the cost for the application are

1.Location of the country for the app development.

2.Technology stack and support team


All these are responsible for the cost of the application. If you want the best app with high-technology then you must spend more which will eventually provide you much better application.

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