Travelling gives a feeling that everyone is fond of and want more and more to get it. Therefore, these days so many travelling apps emerge-out to be successful. And what’s better than having an app that fulfils the requirements of travelling and booking a hotel as well. A one-stop solution app is always appreciable and has a high demand.

Demand for a travel and hotel booking app

The demand for such apps has been drastically increased. People have started using online portals more for booking their tickets and planning for the journey. A research data of Criteo shows that:

  • Around 45% of online travel agency booking is done by phone.
  • The reservation that’s made just at the last moment are about 80% done from cell phones.
  • The rate of conversion is 5 times on mobile than that on the web.

In the US, almost 88% of the population do their bookings through apps. This shows that planning to develop a travel Booking App like Expedia will be good business.

Features that a mobile app for travel and hotel booking should have:

The features are the key to success for any kind of apps. Better the features greater will be the profit.

Features for hotel booking mobile app are:


  • Searching parameters:

This is the most important part of an app for attracting its customers. It should have a wide range of options for a person to carry across the globe.

  • Reservation and cancellation:

There should be proper arrangement for a customer, the minute he decides the hotel for staying. There should be a safe payment mode. Most hotels have the policy of complete refund if a customer chooses to cancel the booking before 24 hours. Having such policies within your app gives you more value in the eye of the user.

  • A full glance at the hotel:

While booking any hotel, almost everyone likes to see the rooms, waiting area, bathroom and many such amenities. Only if they are satisfied with it will they go for the booking. Therefore, it must give them a complete yet short glance at their accommodation.

  • Hotel’s Profile:

All the important documents like hotel address, any present discounts, deals to benefit customer, availability of the rooms; all details should be provided in your app.

  • Suggestive platform:

You should also provide a platform that shows results based on the customer’s previous searches.

  • A gauge for round off cost:

Fluctuation in the costs of hotels happens frequently. Therefore, you should have an app which gives at present costs for the various needs.  Providing customers discounts, offers and other relaxation in the final cost should also be presented to attract more people.

  • Taxi booking, options for visiting, comparison of two hotels, restaurant booking can be some extra features to enhance your application as well as make it stand in front of earlier travel and hotel booking apps.


Features that should be in the Travel booking app are:


  • Search Options:

This is the most important part and needs the maximum amount of your attention. Until and unless you provide better options, nobody is going to come to your app for booking.

  • Managing flight reservations:

You should know that every minute there are some changes in the fair of the flights. Therefore, Travel Booking App should provide real-time information about prices and flights using APIs.

  • Detailing about the trip:

As a responsible booking app, you should provide all the details about the booking of the flight, from terminal to booking tickets everything should be present without much hard work.

  • Upsell features:

You should provide details about the deals, or various combos available in your app. Car bookings, travel insurance, deals on flight to the hotel, flight to flight, all these should be there to attract the customers as well as give the best deals.

  • Detailing section:

An application should have a section giving details about all the past transaction, bookings a person had made. Also, there should an option to booklist the favourite hotel or place as to consider going later.

  • Practical tour:

If a person chooses to go somewhere, they should be clear about the place they are choosing. Having a 360 view of the place would comfort the customer and will increase the chances of getting more deals.


Common features in travel and mobile booking application:


  • Customer support

The key to success here is more and more conversation with the customer. There should be a platform to easily connect with experts in case of need.

  • Payment security and option

Everyone plans for a trip but are very hesitant while paying online due to frauds. You should make your payment options safe and secured with various firewalls. And the availability of various payment options through all modes gives your app an extravagant look.

  • Language and Currency:

As a responsible and app for customer, you should have the features to convert the currency and language based on the customer need.

  • Push notification:

You should have a system giving information about the deals, booking, offers available to your app to customers through push notification.

  • Dashboard

There should be a dashboard that is controlled by the app maker to smoothly run the app. In case of low booking, the controller can lower the price or give extra discounts to their customers.

  • Marketing strategy

Marketing your app can increase the traffic of your app. This should be done through email marketing, paid social media marketing etc.

  • User Profile:

You should have a platform containing the details, verification of the customer. Also, if they have a wish list, it should be properly shown to them. Preferred language option, booking history and other things should have a clear view to the customer.


Technologies must-have for a better travel and hotel booking app are:


  • Multiple Listing Service

This central database or software helps the booking apps to gain more trafficking to their apps.

  • Property Management System

This software allows seeing the availability of the rooms, reservations, housekeeping management, making some changes in the present booked room and many more.

  • Booking Engine

This software allows mobile apps to process the reservation of a hotel directly and through online mode.

  • Location tracker

The most important thing for an app is a location tracker. It allows you to provide details based on the person location.

  • Cloud

The helps to save terabytes of data, at the same time make the information transmission pocket friendly and safe.

  • User verification

Verify users use the application to provide safer surfing.

    • 1.Amazon S3 for storage and CDNs caching.
    • 2.Google cloud or AWS for structuring primary platform.
    • 3.PayPal, Stripe, etc. For payment modes.
    • 4.Twilio and others for verifications, SMS, and voice enabling as well as for push notifications.
    • 5.Google map API for maps and Goggle places API for close by destinations.
    • 6.Amadeus or Travelport or ZUMATA hotel booking API and GDS Api are there in apps for aggregator APIs.


Cost for developing a hotel and travel booking app:

The cost for developing an app is decided based on certain factors like:

  1. Place of the company

The place of the company you are collaborating with for your app plays a major role in the cost of the app. You can expect from Australian or US-based companies to be about $80 to $100 per hour, while in India, it’s around $40-$80 per hour.

  1. Backend support

The two types of service for backend structure are monolithic and microservices. Considering microservices to be more costly but effective as well.

  1. Planning for technology to enhance the app

To make your app one of a kind you need to have elegant technology to support the app. This would result in cost increment but it enhances your app. It will give you a place among the existing applications.

  1. Model and development to application

This can also have a major effect on the overall cost of your application. You should have animations and short videos to attract the viewer. Marketing the application cost a bit too.

Therefore, based on good features and functions, an app would cost about USD 100,000$ to USD 130,000$. But it may vary. If we see per hour cost for an app, it would be:

  • The app built with a US-based developer – $100 to $250 an hour.
  • With Eastern Europe developers – $80 to $180 per hour
  • India based developer – $25 to $50 per hour.


A travel and hotel booking app should be made taking into consideration the need of the customers. Therefore, having the above features and technologies, you can develop an app best suitable for viewers.However, for developing such app you have to hire an app development company Call+1(408)372-0967 as they have vast experience and exposure in app development and taking their services are also cost-effective. You can contact a Custom Mobile App Development Company USA Call +1(408)372-0967 for this purpose.