In just few of months from now Apple is coming up its new operating system iOS13 and just released its beta version where as Android has released its beta version of Android Q sometime back. Now there is a heated debate in the tech world that which among st two of them will be a winner in terms of mobile users acceptability and sales. This issue has a significant implications for the Mobile app development agencies to decide which Operating System in the year 2019 will be better placed.

In the year, 2018 Android came up with its operating system Android P, and Apple with its version of OS as iOS 12. This year Apple announced that its OS version iOS 13 for the first time will be available in beta version final being released. Android have come up with its beta version of Android Q ( 4 in nos)with final version being released at fall this year.

Before deciding which operating system is actually going to be winner and push the game forward with its close control over software and hardware, we have to take a look on the key features of both the operating systems. Since we have only beta versions of both OS, a clear review is not possible till the final version of both operating systems is released .

Key Features- iOS 13  

There are four key features of iOS 13 which are new and quite significant. But there are some others   which are upgrades of the existing features, and are equally significant.

  1. Dark Mode: This mode let you switch it up from a bright screen, turning on a dark mode and thus give better experience to your eyes by a bright light hitting them but also helping to preserve battery life via lesser no of pixels hitting on the mobile screen . Google earlier this year introduced dark mode in its Android pie update but the theme is not available anywhere on other OS.

The dark mode feature is a great visual change by Apple and it is likely that more apps  will to support Dark Mode due to the Apple’s closed operating system.

2. Revamped Photos: IOS 13 is providing a promising changes in its Photos app which it has not done since the phone OS debuted 12 years ago.

This feature let you to curate your entire photo library, hiding cutter and similar photos and showcase more significant events from the past day, week, month or year.

New and improved tools in photos are there in this OS. Photo effects can be turned up and down with swipe. One can be able to crop, rotate, and apply filters to videos. Also there is improvement to post-shot editing of portrait mode photos, ability to move the light source in a photo around, create a monochromatic background.

3. New feature of Sign In with Apple: The new Apple operating system iOS 13 will come up with a feature of Sign in with Apple. This will work similarly like Sign in with Google or Face Book, but use your Apple ID.  The developer guideline for Sign in with Apple are very stringent as this must be listed above other options on sign in menus, even if app ask for email address to sign. For this users will be able to use a unique, randomized email generated by Apple instead.

This feature is likely to be quite very popular in future besides given the convenience of signing with Face ID and Touch ID. But it will bound users to use Apple ecosystem for sign in.

4. Apple Maps Revamped: Apple maps are in poor shadow of Google’s Map. But now with this feature Apple wants to change everything about its maps so that users can come back and use them in their searches instead of Google map. It will use new street level imagery to make Maps look better with additional feature of sharing restaurants, shopping and travel recommendations with friends who are using Apple Maps.

Other Features: This include Apple’s updated Location Services Utility to provide more choice to how you share your location data with apps.

Its Car Play get a big visual update, allowing you to see music, maps  and more things in a single view. There is also a Quick Path, a new swipe feature to type keyboard bringing a old hat tech to a new look with typical Apple Fashion.

Key Features of Android Q: Android Q update are broader than those given in iOS 13 as it runs on many different devices. The following are the key features of Android Q which are coming in its OS.

  1. Dark Mode: Android Q Dark Mode can be used by third-party apps besides its own apps. This will give relief to your eyes with less strain, and also saves battery life for OLED screens. You can also be able to dip into the settings menu and select apps that you don’t want to use with Dark Mode on.

2. Smart Reply feature extended to all apps: Now Android Q will provide Smart Reply features on all messaging apps- including Whats app, Facebook and Messenger where it will suggest three responses to the last message you have received through on-device based machine learning.

3. Live Captions’:This feature will work with any video or audio and will use machine learning to display the audio as subtitles instead. This is a pretty cool and complex feature as it is available offline and doesn’t need network connection for it to work.

4. Focus Mode: This feature will allow you to hide notification and some apps temporarily with a single tap. It brings extended digital well being controls to Android Q. This will help users to simply put down their phone and get to do more important things like working or spending valuable time with their friends and family members.

5. Support for 5G and Fordable Phones: Android Q will support 5 G phones and also work on fordable devices. This feature will support existing apps and API’s on 5G and also let the developers to set new latency- free standards for apps.

Which OS is Better and Winner

In this race of launching new Operating system for their devices both Apple and Android are neck to neck . But the question which is better depends on the choice of the user. If you are looking towards security then Apple is the right choice as Apple has made big effort on privacy and security with the new Sign In with Apple feature. Other things in the iOS 13 are largely improvements in the existing technique.

Since the Android OS has a 80% market share, it has to service many more developers and device manufacturers, so you may expect many more new features in the final Android Q release other than the Device wide smart Reply and Live Captions introduced in its beta version. Google’s superior software and machine learning technology may give it an edge over the Apple iOS 13.

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