There is a news in the Mobile world that Apple is gearing up for its new Apple iPhone XI in September 2019 line-up. But it is rumored that Apple is testing out several iPhone concepts many months in advance.

The new models of iPhone will be coming at a time when there is a lot of stress on the finances of the Apple, and the iPhone is one of the main item witches contribute to a vast proportion of company’s profit.

People are getting excited about the upgrading in iPhone and are eagerly waiting about its release. Since Apple isn’t selling as many iPhones as per the forecast, so everyone is expecting that to remain competitive Apple will bring down the price of new release.

The new release of iPhone 11 this year will be offering a whole lot of upgrades and making people crazy about it. The changes are not only in phone’s cameras, but there will be some upgrades to its processors also. Though it’s release is many months away, some information about the iPhone are clear, but others are shrouded in mystery and will know when it is actually released.

Date of Release:

There is little or no mystery on the release date to iPhone 11. Keeping with its old tradition on release time of phone, Apple is almost certainly launched the phone at an event on its campus in the US some time at the beginning of September 2019, and the final sales to take place couple of weeks later. So the probable release of the phone will be early September 2019.

Phone Name:

Till the last release of iPhone Apple has a tradition of naming its phones with the number and then with S added to the same number. The number increased as 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S and 7. But in 2017 Apple came with iPhone 8 but then broke the tradition with next phone release with number iPhone X. In 2018 it came up with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

This time there is confusion what Apple is going to do with the naming of its new phone. Whether it will name it iPhone XI, or heads back to the old naming conventions, or finally do away with numbers as it does with its iPads.

There is nothing clear about the name of the new phone and it will be known only when the same is released during the latter part of this year. Apple keeps every information about the phone and its features under strict secrecy, and chances of its leak are very few.

New iPhone Features

  1. Three New Models: The new iPhone is expected to be made of three models, two with OLED screen models and the cheaper one with the LCD screen. The cheaper one will follow up to iPhone XR with an upgraded dual camera system later on..

  2. Triple Camera system: It is anticipated that iPhone 11 will come up with a triple camera for higher quality photos inexpensive 6.5-inch screen, and this might mean that it has a capability of shooting in 3D.

  3. Improved Face ID: The new phone will come up with Improved Faced ID, as Apple is working on improving the front camera’s flood illuminator, a bit of kit which can sense the irrelevant background and which is part is foreground and maps the face in 3D to unlock the phone.

  4. WiFi 6: The new feature is expected to come up with features of WiFi6(ax). This is faster than the earlier version of wifi in present iPhones.

  5. No clarity on 5G: The leaked reports do not mention anything about the 5G connectivity now.

  6. Design: It is unlikely that Apple will change overall makeup and looks of the phones much. There might same line up of the phones: smaller, bigger premium phones along with cheaper versions also.

Some main rumored aspects of the new iPhone are featured in this article, there are many more to be revealed when the final release of the iPhone takes place in the latter part of this year. However, we are keeping our ears on the ground and will keep you updated about the latest development as when it happens, with the final part of the story when the iPhone is released.