A business website that offers an in-app live chat feature to its users ensures its conversion rates by more than 90%. You read that right. If you are thinking of incorporating a live-chat feature into your mobile application, you are about to do just the right thing. First, let us understand what it means to integrate live chat into your mobile application.

What does it mean to integrate a live chat app feature?

Besides your usual marketing strategies, incorporating a live-chat app feature acts as the main driver for the growth of your business. Let us admit that not getting prompt and helpful customer service is one of the most frustrating things. Live chat is a form of online communication service that helps to get in touch with the support staff of the brand or the company.

It is a modern feature that enables real-time communication with the brand. It is applicable in times where people are always in a rush. The live chat app feature allows the customers to resolve their queries within no time compared to the conventional way of sending emails.

It offers a rich browsing experience to the users of the mobile application. Let us understand the significance of the in-built live app features through their benefits.

Benefits of in-app live chat features

  1. 1. Offers in-app customer services

Sometimes the user wants to know something related to the product or the brand. If your app does not have an in-build live chat app feature, the user will shut it down and try to reach you through different communication channels.

However, a live chat within your app can help the user enhance their experience without leaving the website at all. All the issues that the user might come across get addressed by the online support staff.

  1. 2. Cultivates a better user experience

No one likes to have a bad experience when it is about transacting online, and the live chat app feature is the solution to this. With live chat integrated into your application, you widen the scope to offer better customer service to your users.

The users can gain insights into the product or a brand with the help of a live-chat app feature. These features also make it possible for them to leave feedback. The feature helps the company to evaluate itself and bring about improvisations.

  1. 3. Improves your Marketing

Live-chat apps are not limited to just offering real-time support to the customers. They also help you in improving your product marketing. The support staff can get into a conversation with the user, and it assists them in generating more leads.

It also increases the conversion rates and creates awareness about your product within the market. The live chap app feature enhances customer engagement, and the marketers can get to know more about the customer preferences and the existing market trends.

  1. 4. Boosts conversion rates

It is a widely accepted and known fact that customers prefer to stop at the destination where they get the maximum attention. Well, the Live chat feature does just this. It opens a gateway for an enhanced customer experience by making it possible to settle their concerns in real-time. It helps to better their decision-making ability and make quick purchases.

Therefore, a mobile app development company Call +1(408)372-0967 will always recommend building a live chat option in your application to increase your revenue.

  1. 5. Improves your image and keeps negative reviews at bay

Incorporating a live-chat app feature can help you enrich the image of your company. A quick redressed to the consumer issues can help you generate more positive reviews for your brand. It will, in turn, help you build the trust of your target audience. Lack of in-built chat support can lead your users to leave pessimistic reviews about your company on different online platforms.

  1. 6. It saves cost and time

Do you remember the days when the landlines would constantly ring, and the support staff would perform the back-breaking work of answering each one of the calls? Well, that is a subject of the past with the introduction of the online live chat app feature.

The online live chat app feature will help you save the time and the cost of hiring multiple customer support executives by allowing you to chat with numerous users. Hiring a team of dedicated android app development services can help you in this respect.

  1. 7. Maintains your edge over the competitors

You do not want to follow outdated techniques to reach out to your customers. Sending emails and telemarketing have been left behind with the onset of live chat. Integrating Live chat app features let you maintain your edge over the competitors in terms of consumer satisfaction.

Many brands are using this feature to soar high in their respective markets. It can attract consumers and influence their buying decisions.

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