Mobile app development for business has a top priority for almost all the companies in the world. The reason is that mobile app makes the presence of business felt on mobile platform-with an ultimate goal of the business to increase its reach to masses with fast launch time and low development cost. But having all the three elements at one point is not easy to achieve.

Business has to compromise between one element or the other, as it is difficult to produce an app with mass reach and fast launch time as it affects the app quality, and if app quality is to be maintained then the things become costly and time-consuming.

If brands try to achieve all the elements in the app then the choice for app development is restricted to two platforms only i.e. Android or iOS.

Brands that intend to have a single app on both the platform, can have respite in Cross-Platform App Development. To have a native app like feel, there are very few libraries or frameworks are available. Only one React Native app development is best suited for produce best results.

Over the period of time, React Native has provided a framework for delivering the ideal mobile app development tool for the business which has all the three elements of fast launch, least expensive and greater reach. Native React app development ever since underwent a re-architecture, there are no hurdles in its way to come up as the top framework of Mobile app development.

We give hereunder the few of the benefits that Native Mobile App Development provide and why one choose this process:

  1. React Native Apps have Single Codebase: In case of a typical app development process different codebases are used for Android and iOS. But when we build an app on React Native framework, the library helps in the development of an app that runs on both the Android and iOS, with the same codebase. There is no need for different code bases in React Native app development.

Since the React Native use a single code base, it makes React Native app developers to write code only once and run it on multiple platforms. This single codebase helps in developing app speedily, with a lot of fewer efforts, and less investment than compared to Native app development process.

2. Components can be Reused: Now there is no need to have WebView components that were needed in developing hybrid Mobile apps. Now react Native app builders use building blocks that are made of reusable “Native Components” which directly helps to compile straight to native apps. Moreover React Native app development have all the components that are used in Android and iOS app development, which makes possible for the app developers to have a platform wise look and appeal in app development.

In React Native Apps building, the component-specific structure enables developers to develop apps with an agile, web-based approach which is missing in typical hybrid apps. The app thus developed in React Native framework has the look and feel, speed, and all necessary functionalities of the Native app.

3. No Need for Rewriting: In React Native app development there is zero rewriting of the app’s code. The library allows a React Native app developer to incorporate the Native components in the present mobile app’s code. There is no need for the React Native app developer to write code from the scratch to make it possible for the existing mobile app to switch to the React Native library. Thus it makes it fast to develop the app in a reasonable time.

4. Compatible with Third-Party Plugin: While developing a cross-platform app the biggest disadvantage is that when you are not developing a mobile app for any specific operating system, i.e. Native app development, incorporating of device’s hardware capabilities becomes difficult in the mobile app. This issue is not faced by app development company which build an app with React Native. The React Native library makes use of a number of third-party plugins that helps the developer to incorporate the device in-built elements like GPS, Bluetooth and other components in the mobile app. As the React Native app developers use third-party plugins there is no issue of high memory usage and load speed.

5. Quality of Codes is Improved: In React Native app development you are investing mainly in low coding efforts. The code lines get shortened since React Native app development company only have to code once for both the Android and iOS platform. Since code lines are shortened the possibility of bugs getting in the app is reduced and there is a reduction of faulty code in writing. Moreover few and shortened code line helps in testing the app with very less effort and great results are obtained in the development process and make app development faster.

Many reputed brands are switching to React Native mobile app development for their businesses like Walmart, Tesla, Bloomberg and Uber-beats to name few. The reason for this shift is that besides the above-mentioned benefits it is possible for them to access to a greater market size, which is not possible with Native app development. More and more brands are shifting to this framework to have greater reach in the market and it looks that the future of React Native app development is quite bright.

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