In today’s world, love does not have a single definition but has been perceived as a word subject to individual preference. Over the years, the dynamics of relationships seem to have changed too. Whereas people used to meet and socialize to find meaningful connections, this generation has laid more emphasis on the need for a digital platform to look for their partners. It has also been observed that because of this, a trend named online dating has been invented. Since then, many mobile-based dating apps have surfaced on the web too.

These apps have made it possible to have virtual meets, dates, and even profile visiting. While some apps function hyper-locally, a few of them also let you know people from across the borders. Singletons are known to be the largest user base of these dating apps, especially those who want to seek partners but without wasting much time. Although most people use these apps to seek fun and friendships, there are a few who have found their romantic partners through this app too.

While looking at the stats of the user base, it is evident that both males and females have these dating apps installed on their mobile phones and around 80 percent of them even use it actively. The reason being that these apps are free and do also save a lot of time for the user. Apart from this, it shows a variety of profiles that are not easy to find in real life. Simply put, these apps are a lifesaver for introverts and a romantic haven for extroverts. With such a large user base, it is ideal that you stumble upon a profile that matches yours. As we enter the new year, let’s have a look at the apps developed by Top Mobile App Development Company India that ruled the dating business.

Best Dating Apps of 2021 to put a Full Stop to your Boring Love Life

  1. Tinder – Best Dating Apps

Numero Uno on our list is the quite famous dating app, Tinder. It is so widely used that it has made its way to other media too. There are films and TV series made on the same concept. What makes Tinder so special is it’s easy to function app and a large number of profiles through which you can choose as per your liking. The famous swipe right or left culture has been gifted to GenZ by this very loved dating app. Easy login and a never-ending choice of profiles have led to the success of this app. Signing up and making a profile is an easy job too, making Tinder World’s Hottest dating app.

  1. Fairytrail – Best Dating Apps

Dating and traveling are two quintessential dreams of the young generation and this app is a new concept to fulfill both. Based on Video dating and group adventures, this app lets you find your romantic partner and also helps you to travel with them too. This app is location independent and hence, you can match with someone living far away from you and go on virtual dates with them. This app solves the case for explorers, freelancers, and other remote workers, bringing in much thrill and adventure.

  1. Happn – Best Dating Apps

This app is quite similar to Tinder in functioning but on the other hand, is quite safer than it, as it promotes mutual liking before starting the dating process. The user’s Facebook profile is used to gather all the information and then it likewise suggests matches for the user. More often than not, this app is used for flirting than seeking serious relationships and also has a wide user base, only second to Tinder.

  1. Bumble – Best Dating Apps

Bumble can be a better option for women than using Tinder or other dating apps, as it allows women to send the message first. Swipe right or left just like Tinder but quite a way to protect yourself from creeps. Not only Just dating, but this app also has an added feature known as ‘Bizz’ to help women find career opportunities. What more convincing would you need to enter the online dating game.

  1. POF – Best Dating Apps

If you’re seeking meaningful relationships in the vast sea of online dating, POF is your go-to. Its premium feature is unlimited messaging which it offers for free. On POF, matches are suggested on similar parameters that you put online.

  1. eHarmony – Best Dating Apps

As compatibility is a major trait one looks for in a relationship or dating partner, eHarmony lets you find just that by asking a couple of questions to understand your preferences, and then suggests matching profiles for you. Facebook login makes it even easier to use. This not just a dating app but can also be used to photo chat with your match.

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