Today’s generation has shown more interest in buying or taking services online using mobile applications rather than visiting and calling stores for it. Hence, it is a great way to build an on-demand application to grow any kind of business. So, what do we mean by an on-demand app? This is an app that allows customers to get the desired real-time services and products at their doorstep. These apps can be built under any business like housekeeping, salon, etc. Hence, building an on-demand grooming app is a better idea to enhance the business and easily advertise the services to their customers. So let’s discuss why we need an app, and how we can build such apps below.

Why Build An On-Demand Grooming App?

Before discussing how to build, let’s discuss why we need to build an on-demand grooming app? There are a lot of reasons and benefits of building an on-demand grooming app that is discussed in brief below:

  • 1. Eases Appointment Booking Process

With an on-demand grooming app on your side, appointment booking can be done 24/7. This also allows customers to avoid long queues and book available time slots at their convenience. This is a time-saving process for the customer as the stylist will visit at the booked time slot. Moreover, this enhances the customer experience and helps you to earn a positive review.

  • 2. Good Revenue Generation

With the growth in mobile application use, all the on-demand application users have seen a surge in their business. The customer’s demand can be easily met with these apps and also makes it easier for the owner to grow their business.

  • 3. Managing Customers

Apps help the owner to keep track of old customers and attract them to choose you again by offering discounts. These apps can automatically send push notifications regarding any sale or daily deals or offer to keep the customers engaged with your service.

  • 4. Develops Online Presence Of The Salon

An on-demand grooming app can enhance the visibility of a salon than a website. Apps are easier to operate and it is cool to have an on-demand grooming app in the online space.

  • 5. User Activity Analytics

Keep a track of all your users and analyze the services that are mostly booked in the app and also check what distracts customers to avoid the least booked services. Use all the data to find a solution for it and create a data-driven marketing strategy for your grooming services.

How To Build A Grooming App?

In modern days, customers show more interest in using an app to order things rather than calling in person. Apps are now the easiest way to get the service done at the customer’s doorstep. Even an on-demand grooming app can add a lot of convenience to a customer’s life by providing services at desired places. With an on-demand grooming app, some of the following services can be offered to increase the business scalability.

  • Beauty Services At Doorstep
  • Beauty Products Delivery
  • Hiring Stylists For Events
  • Skincare & Wellness Services At Desired Places.

Hence, keeping the above things in mind, opting for a good on-demand app development company should be a priority that can add all the essential and advanced features to the app.

Essential Features For Customers:

  • 1. Messaging

The app should allow customers to connect to their booked stylists over chat. Also, the users should get notified about any message from the salon.

  • 2. Appointment Booking And Cancellation

This is a crucial feature that needs to be added first. Easy booking and easy cancellation is the first thing that attracts customers. Booking and cancellation should be available 24/7 with all the time slots and stylists’ names mentioned clearly.

  • 3. Payment Methods

In-app payment makes the task easier for both salon and the customer. The payments can be made using any method available online.

  • 4. Real-Time Tracking

The customer should be able to track the order or stylist with real-time info to keep them updated.

  • 5. Profile

Customers should be able to manage their profile by adding a profile photo, contact details, and address to avoid filling in details every time they book an appointment.

  • 6. Review And Feedback

An option for customer experience review should be placed. Reviewing and rating are good for salon, as they get informed about the user’s experience directly.

  • 7. Booking List

A list of past bookings is always essential for a customer to raise issues or to compare prices. All the booking data should be saved in this feature.

  • 8. Rate Chart

A detailed list of prices for different services and products available in the salon to make cost estimates before making a booking should be available in the app.

  • 9. Recommendation

An advanced feature that can be added to the app is a recommendation of stylists that will be best as per a customer’s need.

  • 10. Sign Up

Signing up to the app is essential to keep the data saved with the account. This can be done using mobile numbers, emails, and social media accounts.

Essential Features For Salon Staffs

  • 1. Availability:

Experts or stylists can keep their availability or non-availability status updated on the app to keep the customers updated.

  • 2. Profile Management

Beauty experts can decorate their profile with their details and achievements or experience to attract customers to them.

  • 3. View The Feedback From Customers

The stylists can check the feedback they got from their previous task which will be crucial for them.

  • 4. Payment Report

The stylists or beauticians can check their payment status on the app or the commissions they get on their overall performance of the day.

  • 5. Approval/Disapproval Of Appointments

The stylists should have the option to accept or decline the appointment requests at their convenience. If they are busy with other clients, this feature will assign other professionals to the client requested for the appointment.

Essential Feature For Admin or Owner

  • 1. Profile Verification

This feature should be enabled in the app to verify the working professionals to make them reliable for the service. This feature also adds security to the service provided by the on-demand grooming app.

  • 2. Overall View

The admin can keep an eye on the performance of the professionals in their fleet and also check the customer’s views on the service provided by them.

  • 3. Advanced Analytics

The admin should get all the detailed stats to check if they need more marketing to grow the business or the business is on the right track.


On-demand apps are a new way of marketing strategy and using these strategies several businesses are growing at a rocket speed. This gives extra opportunities to the professionals to serve more customers and also benefits the customers to get the services at their comfort zones.