One thing about web development is that it is not constant, everything is changing in the field of web development and the only constant is the change. Web technologies are developing at a very high speed. What was considered a popular trend yesterday doesn’t mean to be the same in popularity tomorrow, and you should keep this in mind. It is an industry-defining a statement as web development keeps on changing. The user’s expectation is changing rapidly, and for this, it is necessary to create digital experiences which are full of fun, more engaging and intuitive.

Now there is a need that the contents can be accessed from anywhere, in real-time and on the all available devices including mobiles, and for this Custom Web development is evolving rapidly. Every day new programming languages and frameworks are coming into the limelight to make all the above changes to be incorporated into the latest web development projects.

Web developers and Best website development company Call @+91-9041506101, in order to succeed, have to play along with the latest trends in web development. This they can do by exploring the latest and recent developments in the field and apply the same in their projects before others follow it.

Here are the few current trends in web development which developers should know in order to keep themselves ahead of others.

  1. JavaScript: One of the well-known web trends in 2017- 2018 is JavaScript. The JavaScript frameworks and libraries are more flexible and powerful. There is a hot war between Angular and React. Both the frameworks have some advantages and disadvantages There and many fans of Angular but there is no shortage of React army. Angular slightly prevails in the popularity of React, and this situation is going to change in programming languages in coming days as per Google Trends. The solidity was built based on Javascript and gaining rapidly.
  2. The emergence of Chat-bots: The importance of users has gained much significance in the recent past. Connecting with the users has become quite significant. With Chat-bots, whether they are written or oral conversations allows the website to be connected easily at any time. Customer service can be continually maintained with chat-bots. Most of the common queries are redressed, customers are redirected to information pages and help is also provided to them in completing their transaction through the brilliant capabilities of chat-bots. Now the customers are expecting that all websites to have Chat-bots as they have become accustomed to it. For the developers of websites need to make more efforts to provide the service of chat-bots on the website they develop now.
  3. The emergence of Progressive Web Apps(PWA): In the year 2015 Google first announced the progressive web apps. In the year 2016, some of the top companies started building their websites relying on progressive web apps. In the last few years, mobiles apps have lost their appeal as the app market has got over saturated and PWA emerged as an excellent alternative to apps. The progressive web apps usage has increased due to a significant increase in the use of smartphones. Users of smartphones welcome the idea that uses a platform which is quite similar to web applications. Moreover, the progressive web apps can be easily designed in a much faster way than the mobile applications, and also easier to deploy and maintain and works for all types of users, and this is good for both the users and developers of web apps and Professional website development agency Call @+91-9041506101.
  4. The emergence of E-commerce: As an independent industry E-commerce has its own rules and laws. And a unique way most conservative process of website development. The strongest players are likely to dominate the scene in the years to come. Google will also be coming with its products in the future. For small projects, developers rely on Shopify and for huge and complex projects prefer Magento.
  5. Website notifications to increase: For mobile applications, notifications are among the best tools. Notifications are now possible with ease of providing any type of information, whether providing sports scores, traffic conditions on roads or even the launch of any promotional sales etc. The communication with users through notifications works easily with the websites and is emerging in a better way to engage customers without any additional costs of developing the mobile app and replacing the websites.
  6. Static Websites to grow in popularity: Static website popularity is likely to grow in future. Being basic in nature static website page is encoded in the HTML and display the static content to every visitor on the website and are also quite secure. Developing the static website, and loading is also easy and hassle-free. For the projects having constraints of budget static websites are best. Since the launch the static websites have become more advanced and sophisticated, and as such have become less boring and less difficult to achieve.
  7. Motion UI: In any website, the attractive part is smooth animation. Interfaces remained a major concern for the developers in the past. If the user doesn’t get what he wants, then even the best designs are rendered pointless. Motion UI is the most rapidly gaining popularity library in 2017 because it allows developers to animate contents very easily without the knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery library. This trend is likely to emerge in a big way in future as it opens a wide range of seamless customization which helps developers with a lot of options for creating an attractive and functional website.
  8. Increase in Photo Contents: Importance of good photo has never lost the charm in past and is likely to improve its importance on the internet in a big way in future also, as a great photo can easily allow launching or even relaunch a discussion. Photos are in great demand and good one have more value in telling the story. It is easy to convey the information to the users through photos. So photo contents in website development will emerge as a great new trend in time to come.
  9. Internet of Thing: IOT has gradually entered in the life of every person now, as the smartphone use is growing. A few years ago the smart devices were used for entertainment, but now IOT is beginning to introduce large companies in different sectors of the economy. Smart devices will allow the use of resources more efficiently. Unlimited opportunities for business are being provided by IOT with a high degree of efficiency. According to Statista, the number of smart devices will grow by 3.5 times from the present numbers and will affect every person on the globe in the future and also provide a bright future to the IOT.
  10. To conclude we can see that web development has undergone a massive change and transformation in the bygone years. Newer technologies in web development are being launched at a faster pace as the latest technologies are able to attract and retain customers when to adapt and get used to them. We may see very many changes in the future in web development as no one knows which technological development will take place in the coming years.

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