SEO is complicated and overcomplicated in many cases. But when it is done in the right manner, it not only help you to improve SERP rankings, increase the targeted to your website, so as to enable you to drive more sales on it. But creating an effective SEO strategy that can help to achieve the desired successes is very complex and not only related to choosing a few important keywords or fixing the bugs in the website. Search engine optimization becomes more difficult and complex to define with the passing of each year. There are changes in the digital marketing service In USA Call +1(408)-372-0967 the consumer experience. All this makes it more difficult for the brands to have and hold a decent rank in the search engine results.

In this blog, I will put the things in a simpler way and outline the main pillars of effective SEO, and the areas you should be focusing while devising the SEO strategies for your website.

Pillars of effective SEO Strategies

  1. Complete understanding of brands needs: The main purpose of devising SEO strategies is to align it with the goals that you want to achieve, the target audience and the competitor you want to surpass. For this, you have to have a complete awareness of the latest SEO trends. Though this is a difficult task. A clear understanding of your brand’s primary goal is what you need to know and understand and for this, you have to determine the following things

  1. How you are performing in the SERPs at present?

  2. How comprise your target audience and what search?

  3. Knowledge of your competitor and where they are doing well?

By knowing the about the above a focused approach for a result driven SEO Strategy can be evolved.

2. Go for Complete SEO audit: The strength and weakness and strength of the website can be gauged by going in for a complete SEO audit by best SEO Company in USA Call +1(408) -372-0967. This should include checking for the following;

* Is the design of your website is good, there is ease in navigation and users have a good experience, readability, etc

* If there are any bugs in the website which can impact crawling or low speed of the site.

* If you and your site is hit by penalties from Google

* Whether you are performing well with targeted keywords in SERPs

* Whether your website’s contents are optimized for conversions

When you have identified the flaws in your present SEO strategy by performing a complete SEO audit, you can come up with the best possible opportunities and improve your performance and results. However, you have to fine tune the above-mentioned issues so that there is a greater impact on your website’s SEO performance.

3. Optimize your SEO for Google’s Rank brain algorithm: Google has come up with a RankBrain algorithm for providing ranking signals in its search results. With an AI-powered processing algorithm, RankBrain uses a machine learning to filter the search results out of millions available and enables the Google to deliver the most relevant search results matching the user’s searched queries. This algorithm is smart and quick to devalue the content for keyword stuffing and to create and optimize your contents for this algorithm you need to create unique, genuine and informative contents that provide the value to the targeted audience and enhance their satisfaction.

4.Great Content Creation: Contents are the foundation of an effective SEO. Moreover, Google values high-quality contents which provide answers to user queries in an effective manner and also meets Google’s content requirements. There are different types of contents that you should have on your website.

* Service Content: That describes what you do and which area is serviced by you

* Credibility content: It lends the prospects to the business you go through reviews and testimonials

* marketing Content: Contents that shows the field of your expertise.

There should be optimization of contents so as they suit every part of customer search.

5.MobilFaster Page Speed: With the faster internet speed and penetration of smartphones within the masses worldwide there is tremendous growth in mobile searches and it is likely to increase to 215.8 million by 2019. Google has also moved to mobile-first indexing for better optimization of search results for the mobile users. This becomes the utmost importance that you make sure that your website has a responsive design and it provides a better user experience to the mobile audience searching to your website. Your website should be optimized for page speed on mobile internet connection so that it can provide greater user experience and better performance at all times.

6.Mobile Friendly website creation: One of the most important drawbacks of the lack of SEO performance on Google Search is the slow speed of your page. Google value the sites with faster speed and rank the faster speed website better. Sites witch deliver poor speed get poor rank as they provide poor users experience. Mobile users need faster page speed as they want the information in a quickly. Slow page speed can cause a negative impact on SEO, so it is very important that your page speed is not slow, and you have put it through the right host, your images are fully optimized and without too many ads and a chain of redirects.

7.Finding Right keyword: Keyword is one of the significant pillars of SEO strategies and one of the main requirements of search engines. Keywords are words and phrases that that help people in their search. With the right kind of keywords, search engines understand the contents you have put in your website and right keywords make it easier for the Google to list your content in response to any related searches. So a right approach and research are required to find the appropriate keywords based on their relevance, demand, and competition. Optimization of your keywords, mixing of local keywords, and use of long and short-tail keywords in your content can help you have a great volume of traffic in searches.

8. Authoritative back-links building: As per the Google primary indicators of page quality are its authoritativeness and trustworthiness. For a good rank in SERPs, you should make sure that your audience sees you as trustworthy authoritative, and this can be achieved through link building.

Similarly, Back-links are also one of the greatest indicators of authority on Google. But for this, there must be surety that these links have a good link secure and a good page rank.

9. Always Ensure to Install SSL certificate to your site: Since Google values online security, installing a site-wide SLL certificate makes your website more secure for your users and adds trustworthiness to it. As each website runs on HTTPS connection and some websites collected secured data like credit card details, passwords and other sensitive personal details, security assumes greater significance. If your website is HTTPS then Google gives a slight ranking boost to your website. So make sure that if your website has not moved to HTTPS then do it immediately and improve your SEO rankings.

10. Social Media Optimization: Just like a mobile-friendly website your website should also have a social media presence and this is one of the important aspects of SEO. Social media is a leading platform to build your brand and creating an interactive forum in form of a community which can help you to assess as to whether you’re living up to the expectations of your users. If you have not added social media presence in your site then do it at once or your SEO rankings will go down by great numbers. A good Online Digital Marketing Agency in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967 can provide the best possible solutions for online social media presence.

11. SEO friendly URLs: If you want that your website has a higher rank in search results, it is very important that you use SEO friendly URLs throughout various sections of your site. Since readability, of URL, plays an important part, your page URLs should be easy-to-read by the humans. They should clearly tell what kind of contents they can expect when they visit your website or link. Moreover, the URLs should be of 50 to 60 characters as this length is considered best and any beyond this should be rewritten. Use of hyphens to separate words is better than underscore.

12. Use of Schema Markups for optimization: Schema markups are one of the effective ways to optimize your website for SERPs. Inform of a code put in the website it helps search engines to provide more informative and selective search results. It makes your web pages appear more prominently in SERPs for every kind of content. Data markup for various articles, local businesses, books reviews, products and events can be used by you with Schema markup. Google provides help as for how to structure Data Markup with Structured Data Markup Helper. After choosing the data you want to Markup, first, fix the page URL, and then start tagging, highlighting the important information by adding markup items and then create HTML and add it your page with schema markup to the web pages you created.

So in order to help your website a higher rank in the SERPs, there is a need for a thoughtful approach in devising your SEO strategy. Not one but all the important pillars mentioned above are to be considered, so you are able to beat your competitor and get a nice place and ranking for your search pages.

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