Apps are one of the important parts of smart mobile phones. No mobile phone today is without the apps and they are inevitable parts of smart mobile devices. There are around more than 2 million Android apps available on the Google App Store.  There are chances that the newly developed Android app can be lost at Google App Store. It has become essential to highlight your app on the App Store so that the users and your target audience can notice it.

If you have developed some Android App, you have to take some important measures to market it. The marketing of the app is a backbone for any successful business venture. It is very difficult to sell your products through the app it the same is not marketed in a proper way. Here are some of the essential tips to market your newly developed mobile app.

  1. The app should be uploaded on more than one app store: To market a new developed Android app it is very essential for you to publish it on more than one store. For Android apps, the Google Play store is the best market place. Many other outlets are avail now to market the newly developed app.

The other potential places where you can upload your mobile app are, for instance, Amazon, SlideMe, and Getjar to name a few. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity to launch your Android Mobile app besides Google’s Play Store. So you must not miss this opportunity to sell your product on these mobile online platforms by not uploading your app there. Multiple uploading of your mobile app provides you to explore the large market potentials of these platforms and bring more business with your app for your business concern.

  1. Get the Proper review of your app form marketing experts:  Getting the review of the app from the expert marketing and technical side adds to the marketing capabilities of your newly developed Android app. You can get it featured on app review sites and tech sites to promote it. With the Android App, you have a lot of potentials as it is a great focused community of app users.

Getting your app featured on specialized reviewing sites adds a lot to the marketing of your mobile app. You can pay the review sites to test your app and write the proper reviews for the app. It is better to create a document that contains the link of your app on the app store and other places where your app is featuring. Add some screenshots from inside of your app, instructions to download it and a proper page listing your app’s features that your target audience wants to see and download your app.

  1. Boost your app’s visibility on Google PlayStore through SEO and ASO: Merely launching your app on the app store on Google is not the end of the app marketing. You can boost the visibility of the app by ranking it higher on the  Google PlayStore through the use of SEO. It is better to optimize your app on PlayStore with the right keywords and information that the user of the app require to find your app on the store. Similarly, ASO or App Store Optimization is needed to promote your app on the internet and for this, you can take the help of your Online digital marketing agency call +1(408)-372-0967.

Search has a prominent role to play for app download by users. 80% of the high-quality organic downloads from the PlayStore come from research. So it is better to put the main keyword in App’s title and also use it for more than five times in apps description.

Review and ratings add to the apps download speed. It is always good to hire a good essay writer to write your apps reviews and guide you on how to market your mobile app.

4. Take the help of Social Media: Social media play a great role in promoting mobile app marketing. Social Media is giving stiff competition to traditional marketing strategies. Make Social Media a part to market your app. Develop such a social marketing campaign for an app that includes social media as a major player. You can contact Best digital marketing Co USA Call +(408)-372-0967 to promote your app on social media.

Since social media is used by everyone now to connect with each other there is very high traffic on social media and this makes it a very effective tool for marketing your Android mobile app. Moreover, social media is also very cost-effective as its reach is beyond the boundaries and demographic limits.  To begin with, you have to start with android focused groups that are favored by a large number of users and developers. One thing that you should make sure is that what your app wants to convey on social media goes to your right targeted audience, and not to the persons who are least concerned with app use.

  1. Use Advertisement and press release for app marketing promotion: Press releases and advertisements are also used to promote the app by large numbers of concerns. In case your app is paid one then press release can create awareness of your app to a large number of people. You can create a landing page in your app for a press release, and news items.

To conclude I may say here that an aggressive app marketing campaign is needed to promote marketing of your android app before the launch of the app on Playstore. With the right techniques and tricks there you can master the art of marketing and make the right moves in promoting it.

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