The great hype about this operating system in digital world is due its unique features.

The next big thing about mobile operating system from the Google’s fold is its new operating system for android phones is Android Oreo or Android-8 and it is the eight in the series (as the name itself says) of major release of mobile operating system. The present operating system Android Nougat, though a year old, the same could reach less that 15% on devices. Google was closely working with the devices hardware manufacturers for to develop hardware compatible for the operating system for last many months. After releasing beta version last month, and on 21st August 2017, Google released the final version of this system. This operating system is be available to Pixel and NEXUS Phones first, and later on in other devices manufactured by various other phone manufacturers.

The great hype about this operating system in digital world is due its unique features. Several new features are added to this system, in comparison to the old operating system.

Features of Android Oreo are:

Battery Life: There will be more battery life once this system is installed. The reason being is that this system will limit the processes applications can perform in back ground while other multiple apps are running.

Picture-in-Picture: The other great feature of this operating system is Picture in Picture (PIP). This is a great for large screen phones as one can still see the videos running in the tiny screen even when one is sending or a reading sudden messages or email without losing the pleasure of watching videos. This feature is currently not available in android phones.

Notification Dots:  When there is a new notification or any pending notification, it will appear as dots above the application. With a long tap on dot necessary action will initiated which one desire to take with a single tap.

Wi-Fi Awareness: Now there is no facility wherein two devices can talk to each other when the network is not same. With this feature called Wi-Fi Awareness both the devices can talk to each other via an ad hoc local network.

Auto-fill:  It is cumbersome to type all the information like users name, passwords and addresses while filling information in apps forms in web. But now with this feature will auto-fill all the information.

Vitals: To make the phone more secure from viruses, hackers and worms, this feature Vitals will work in the back ground and will add a new security layer for Android devices. This feature will not be noticed when you are using device, as it will work in background.

Smart Text Selection: This great feature will help select text in much smarter way. With this feature OS will know which text to select when one is working on the device. It has ability to tap on the text selected and give direction to do what is intended.

Enhanced power To Google Assistant: By giving a code inside the Android Oreo Google is planning to make Assistant more powerful and enhance its usefulness. This will help developers to have greater leverage in their applications in future.

Better Storage management: In this feature there is option to delete contents of download, folders and uninstall apps which are rarely used. This feature will help to free the much needed precious space.

With the launch of Android Oreo, Google intends to increase users ease and also its reach in the future developed devices.