Mobile Apps are one of the best ways to enhance the productivity of a business these days. Mobile apps help to present the services and products of the business be it an Android App or iOS app, or some other. The main motive behind the development of the business mobile app is Profit for the business or something else.?

Then another question that arises in the mind while selecting a specific app development team is the app development cost that the business will have to bear. The Mobile App Development cost, besides another factor, plays an important role in any business. If we believe the available statistics there are more than 3 billion users of mobile apps in the world today. On average people usually have two mobiles one for the official use and others for personal use. But the apps are not same on both these mobiles, while financial apps, business apps are the main apps on the business phone whereas games, movies, music, on-demand services are the major apps that are available on personal use a mobile phone (though there can be more other categories also). Now let us explore how much amount the business spends on getting the Mobile App developed.

The technologies of mobile app development are changing every year and this year 2020 in no different. Many business managers think of a formula for calculating the mobile app development cost. But in reality, there is no such formula when it comes to mobile app development. But just to make the users understand about how to calculate the cost of mobile app development the below-mentioned formula can be shared.

Cost of Mobile App Development= (Features of the app* Time Taken) * /Rate per Hour of app development for the chosen platform/s

Important Steps in Mobile App Development   

To start with, let us see the steps involved in the development of Mobile App

Step No 1: Get the quote from the reputed mobile app developers and teams and compare them. See who is offering the best price with a maximum number of features.

Step No2: Next step is the selection of the platform(s) you want your mobile app to be available in the market. It may be either Android or iOS or Windows ao all of these. The app development cost will increase with a number of platforms chosen.

Step No3: Be clear about the functionality you want your app to perform.

Step No 4: Specify the app’s features as per the business priority

Step No5: Lats, but an important step is to specify the developer to include features that a business app like your business must have such as authentication and authorization etc.

Factors for Cost Estimation of Business Mobile App 

Now we have a clear understanding of the important steps involved in mobile app development, let’s start with each of the steps in detail to have a clear understanding of the cost of mobile app development.

  1. The Platform: Before considering the platform where you want to have your app to be available you need to have a serious brainstorming session with an expert.  Two main platforms for the mobile app are available presently Android and iOS. After your research on the best platform, you need to know which OS would be more beneficial for business. Just only Android or IOS does not fulfill all the business needs.

 Benefits: of Various Platforms

* IOS: Everyone thinks that iOS App cost is more but this is not true. iOS app cost less than an Android App. But iOS apps find their market with the upper-class. So the paid version of the app on this platform is not any problem. The quality of apps on this platform is much better due to very strict guidelines of app development, and moreover these are easier to use for the novice user’s even.

* Android: Countries of Asian subcontinent use the Android OS on their mobile phone. So Asia has a bigger market of Android than iOS. The apps on the Android platform have lower download cost than the iOS apps and also do not need regular refreshment like iOS Apps. Moreover, the Android app doesn’t have strict guidelines for quality as such developers are at ease in developing the Android Apps.    

Disadvantages of Various Platforms

iOS: The cost of hosing the iOS app is very high and can go up to $ 200. Moreover, the number of users of iOS in the Asia Pacific region is very limited. Its main advantage of quality due to stricter guidelines is seen as its main disadvantage as a developer turn more to Android and Windows apps development.

*Android: This platform is least suited for paid apps as users of this platform are from poor countries of Asia Pacific region and they mostly prefer free apps for download. Also, the development time of the Android app is more than the iOS app.

  1. Type of Mobile App:The type of mobile app is as important as the Platform on which the app is developed. Now users prefer mobile apps rather than web apps. The mobile apps have also various type of classification like Native apps and Hybrid apps. Native apps are developed for a single platform may it be iOS or Android. But Hybrid apps are developed to function on both the platforms. Though the Native apps are the one that is more preferred the Hybrid app has more features but it is still in its infancy stage.
  2. Development Location of Mobile App:Location also affects the cost of mobile app development cost. The cost will decrease if the same is being developed in house. In the case, the mobile app development is outsourced to the Mobile App Development Company call +1(408)-372-0967 you have to pay as per the hourly rate resulting extra money to be paid to the development company.
 Features of Mobile App:

The mobile app development cost will go up as more and more features are being added in the app. The reason behind this is that developer has to put in the number of extra hours to add these features. Here is the list of approximate man-hours spent on the development of various app features.

User Loin-enable app- 20 Man Hours

Addition of Push Notification features- 24 Man hours

Navigation bar adds ups- 40 Hours

Media Content Sharing – 65 to 105 Hours

Geo location and in-app messaging-60 Hours

Data Connectivity-about 20 Hours

Bug fixes+ project management and documentation and all collective- 500+ hours.

Moreover, app development cost also depends on whether the app has simple features, moderate or complex features. Simple features are the core features, whereas moderate features include features such as payment gateways, API integration, and back-end -server support. Complex app features have a food UI, multi-language support, Real-time features through the use of the database, and custom animations as well. The features that should be included are categorized as such

  1. Features that are must for the app
  2. Important features that should be there in the app
  3. Features no so important and can be included in a later version of the app
  4. A feature which is least used and not required in the app.
  5. Cost Charged by App Developers: This includes the hourly cost charged by the app developer. This cost is not the same for all the developers. Developers of apps from countries like the US and Canada have hourly rates range from $ 50 to $ 250 while rates in countries vary from $ 15 to $ 80 (all US $) The hourly rates add up to the cost depending upon the app developer location.

Conclusion: I have discussed all the important factors that determine the app development cost. One thing I want to clear here is that there are no fixed criteria to answer this query. The reason behind this is that each mobile has a different set of features, support different platform, use different third-party integration, and user base. To know about the exact development cost of your mobile you can contact the Custom Mobile App Development Company in USA call +1(408)372-0967 and get the fair idea about its development.

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