Customers now use internet in 90 % cases before making contact with business.

Every social media marketing company or a company desiring to launch online digital marketing is faced with a problem as how to design and create a social media strategy for marketing. It doesn’t matter where you are, weather on Facebook,  google plus, Twitter,  Wechat, Instagram or Youtube or on any other platform, standing as winner is not a easy task.  Customers now use internet in 90 % cases before making contact with business. The need to make differentiation has assumed greater importance.

In present circumstances the need of maintaining established media presence is known even to a small businessman. Mere presence on the social media is not enough. The main idea is how and where you connect to your targeted customer to sell your product. The main purpose is to engage and entertain the society, which is already over exposed, but also provide fresh contents relevant to their needs and at appropriate time. Building all this requires time and money. Creating an appropriate social media marketing strategy will not only help to grow business but allow you to listen, respond and fulfil the needs of your social media followers.

Below are some of the important steps to create a winning social media strategy:

  1. Identify your target Market: Before evolving the social media strategy, targeted market must be identified. Not everyone is your market, but to achieve your goal, you need to know who   you are talking. First get to know your target, understand their needs and problems you are going to solve. A thorough research and home work is necessary before evolving the strategy.
  2. Create content: The next step is to create the contents which will deliver specific and suitable message for targeted market. Once this is done it will be very easy to communicate and do much more. The contents created should be such that gets out of the head of your potential customer and then enter into their hearts. Customers generally remember which goes into their hearts than one they see and forget.
  3. Create a multi platform strategy:  Generally successful companies on social media rely on multimedia platforms rather than sticking to only one platform. An integrated media policy is best, as it combines multimedia platforms and helps in leveraging each one platform in a   specific way.
  4. Consistency in Branding:  As you engage different platforms for marketing your product there should be consistency in branding on each platform. Whether it is your logo or your colour scheme, fonts and graphic presentations. This allows the potential customers to easily identify you on various platforms.
  5. Always create something new:  Repeating the same content and graphics on each platform every time must be stopped. It is better to mix some old contents with new ones, this leads to freshness in the presentation. It is better to be creative, it attract customers in better way.
  6. Make your audience feel special: When you have captured the audience attention with your contents and you make them feel that they are special to you more than half the battle is won. Remain in touch with them through your responses and conversations and always listen and solve their enquiries.
  7. Always go for research: In social media marketing a research is very essential. To device your research strategy help of Google Analytics can be taken which offer a database of statistics of rivals. This helps in basing your future winning strategies to achieve ones desired goals.
  8. Follow Industry trends: In devising a strategy for social media marketing it is better to follow the industry trends. Follow the stories, topics which industry follow instead of any irrelevant ones. Posting the contents in regular intervals is a winning strategy. The strategies should be agile and flexible as per the need of time and trends of the market and not fixed. Help of a digital marketing company can be taken to device social media marketing campaigns.