Running business without a mobile app is just like ship moving in ocean without a ruder. Mobile apps have attained a prominent position in our daily lifestyle. This is because the mobile apps have a ability and power to transfer our lives by providing us the much needed flexibility and comforts in our daily lives. Every day large number of new new apps are released as with time their need and demand have increased both from general public and businesses. There are apps for every sphere of our lives, whether it is for shopping groceries, ordering food, booking movie ticket or booking travel locations and hotels and many more. Seeing the tremendous increase in demands for apps from business community Google has extended the capabilities of Flutter app development platform beyond mobile by releasing the new Flutter 3.0.0 Version and Dart 2.17.0 in quick succession.

Number of Custom Mobile App development company in USA are building their new mobile apps with the traditional methods that are available in the market and as such their app development procedure is cumbersome and cost is on higher side. But now a much easier technique is available to development mobile app for the business which is simple, cost effective and fast and that is Flutter.

If you are thinking of developing your business mobile for a Cross-Platform that performs the functions of a Native, the best cost effective solution, go for Flutter.Flutter app development platform is suitable for all types of business whether it is a small scale enterprise, mid level organizations, or a start-up as it provides equal benefits to every business. With Flutter you can straightaway save up-to 60% in app development expenses and the maintenance cost. In this bog we will find how this is possible.

But before going in for deciding the cost of making an Flutter, let’s first know something about what is Flutter and why we chose Flutter over other app development techniques?

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source UI software development kit created by tech giant Google and launched in 2018 as a SDK open-source platform mobile application development framework.With Flutter it is possible to create apps for the two of the largest mobile Platform- Android and iOS from a single written code-base.

Flutter has created quite a buzz with the app developer community and has taken them by storm. Flutter framework has a wide range of advantages, which are as under

  1. It is a complete SKD Open source platform to develop apps for leading platforms
  2. It is Based on a Dart Programming language
  3. It has customised Widgets
  4. It has a React Native Programming Architecture

Reasons to Choose Flutter Over Others?

If you are thinking of developing of your business app and looking forward to hiring an Best Mobile App development Company in USA Call +1 (408)-372-0967, make sure they intend to use Flutter, this will make your and your developer’s lives much easier. This is due to the reduced development cost, less time to develop and all the advanced features can be added to enhance user’s experience. What makes the Flutter app development tool a cost-effective?

* It Provide Faster app development framework

* App testing efforts is reduced

* Possible to Access to Native Features

* Excellent User Interface can be developed

* Quite Good for MVP Development


How much does it Cost to Develop a Flutter Mobile App?

The cost of developing a app in Flutter completely vary depending upon a lot of factors, it may cost less some time and more sometime. But Flutter app development cost also depends on a following few factors.


  1. The Complexity element involved in app Development: The mobile applications are basically divided into three different categories, starting low, medium and high complexity. Cost increases with the type of complexity involved in developing the app and hence increase with the complexity. It depends on the following factors;

* Deployment Architecture Model

* Development of Admin Panel

* In-Built device’s features

* Number of Third-Party Integrations.


  1. How the App is Categorized: The mobile app development has seen a rapid shift in development techniques due to the dynamic nature of the market. Just like complexities in app development there are apps with different features and functionalities and this is common.

Some apps have ‘x’ number of functionalities while the other may require of ‘y’ type of features. These features and functionalities categorize the cost of app development. The apps with a currency converter feature costs less, where as the messaging app development cost is more.


  1. Design of the Application: The app design is one important feature which greatly influence and leave a lasting impression in the minds of users. The more easy and interactive app design will be the more will be the number of users attracted to the app. But you know that beautiful designed app require more work on the part of developer and so they do not come cheap.

 There are other deciding feature which determine the cost of flutter application.


* Animation used


* Richness of Graphics


* Design Complexity


* Interactive element in the app


  1. Backend Support: Backend support is just like the backbone of your app. Your application will fail if the backend support is weak. Developing the front end visible to the users will be of no use if the back end of the app is elusive. A strong backend support controls the servers, application security, app data, and data back-ups. For estimating the cost, considering Back end holds a strong value in money terms.


Development Company/Agency Location: Developing any type of app in US and Canada is more expensive than in some other countries like India and Russia due to low wages paid to developer. This is the main reason why many business owners from US chose to outsource their overall app development process to these countries. It is not only the flutter app, the development cost of other apps will be different for different regions across the Globe. In north America a developer is paid at the rate of $ 100-150 per hour where as in Russia and India it is just under $ 50 per hour.


Maintenance Support: App maintenance support is needed to run the app properly. It is of no use to have a great app with beautiful design and with app important functionalities, if you are not updating it from time to time as per the needs. With maintenance support you can update your app each time there is change in technology of platform.

The app maintenance support forms an important element for Flutter development services. This includes app updates, design change, bug fixes , etc.


Conclusion: Flutter app development framework is the most loved and widely used product from the Google. It is proving a boon to the developer and business owner across the globe. Flutter has changed the landscape of mobile app development.


Flutter app development is providing about 50% reduction in app development cost and also slashes maintenance expenses by 20%.

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