In the last few years, Smartphones have brought a significant shift in the buying habits of customers. The earlier customer used to visit retailer to buy all the daily and other needs and had a grouchy sales experience.

Lately, the customers are lured by retailers to download and utilize their Mobile app for online shopping. The mobile solutions have gained a rise because the customers are increasingly shifting their preferences to their smartphone for their retail requirements and smartphone use is on rising each passing day. There is the increase in custom mobile application development by Retailers with a specific aim of providing customers a better experience while they make purchases online.

The technology has changed the way the people shop now, and especially the mobile apps have changed the entire concept o retail industry and the experience of the customers in a dramatic way.

In the year 2017 retail sales in the world from e-retailers is about 2.3 trillion US dollars up from 1.85 trillion US Dollars in 2016 and the projected sales will be around 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.

More and more retailers are investing in digital mobile app strategies so that they can focus their brand among the customers and also create mobile customers experience in such a way that customers actually enjoy shopping through mobile apps.

So we know that apps can increase the popularity of the brand and get customers to return more and more to buy. But the main question is that in what ways a retailer can ensure that customers experience is enhanced. Here are some of the key points for retailers to consider that customer experience is improved.

 1. Apps provide perfect digital experience: App is one of the best methods of enticing customers into your brand. App provides a great way to gain customers attention and keep them interested in your brand by communicating regularly with them. Though customer doesn’t like to get swamped by notifications, but by sending the news, product information or any new happening in your organization in a well-organized way is likely to enhance their digital experience. Also, there should also be a team of online experienced representatives whom the customer can call in case of a problem with the app or just he wants to complain about anything and providing solutions right at their fingertips.

2. Information should be customized: It is a great idea to provide customers with deals, promotions and recommendations and how to make them better for customers is very relevant. Women are not interested in beard dye and men not interested in women hygiene products and sending these products information is irrelevant. The app should be able to able to gather data about the customer and promote only those products which customers especially need. A perfect Algorithm in the app can help gather personal data of the customer, his preferences, and target information accordingly.

3.Create contents full of value: Online consumers are not buying products, they are buying solutions to their problems They search online for ways to become stronger, better, happier and more productive people. With e-commerce business, you can improve the customer experience by leveraging your brand as one of the trusted brands in their mind. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create contents hub full of values that relate to your products and also your customer so that he may become the loyal customer of your brand.

4.Engaging customers authentically on social media channels: Social media now enjoys a great place in the e-commerce business. Your app should also look to the social media aspect with great details. More and more people share their experiences about the product and brand on social media. Not only you promote your brand on social media but also respond to the negative criticism also as these points are seen first by the new customer and make the first impression about your brand. It is up to you how you respond to the customer negative views and create trust in them about your brand. Always engage the best mobile app development company to develop a retail mobile app which fulfills all the needs of customers and your brand on social media.

5. Reward the loyalty: You should always reward your loyal customers if you wish to differentiate your brand from the competitors. Go out of your way to delight you loyal customers with reward points. These goodies are not very expensive but go a long way in promoting the brand amongst the customers new and old.

6. Make app experience seamless: Slow, erratic apps kill your brand. To improve customer experience and drive more people you convert, you need to create a seamless app and website on all browsers and devices. Now people use smartphones more to shop online through the app. App makes your customers as part of the community and they are not buying only products but also getting a great experience and something more meaningful. The shopping experience on your app should be simple and easy to complete.

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