World has become a closed village and we now are more connected with each other than we used to be in the past.

There is no denying of the facts that the social medial has the changed the world we have been living in the past. World has become a closed village and we now are more connected with each other than we used to be in the past. There is unexpected growth in the ways we get the news of happenings around us. We communicate more between us than we use to do in the past and there is visible change in our views about spending our free time. All this has happened in last few years after the coming of Facebook and WhatsApp and other social media applications. There is a drastic change in ways we learn and respond to the cropping issues around us and impact they leave on us. With few clicks and touches on our computer or on smart phones, we get to know about the happenings around us and we can respond to those in appropriate way in a very short time. We can know about any disaster taking place in our surroundings and can immediately participate in relief efforts and call for any help required blood donation, arranging more hand for rescue and relief efforts through social media. We can post our views and reviews and alert authorities to take immediate decisions.  All this is possible through the power of social media.

Social Media has influenced and changed our lives and the world around us in following ways.

  1. Now we have developed a new language of talk to the happenings  around us. Our new language is talk through photos. Social media has shifted towards visuals at the expense of voice and text. Emoji’s and photos have emerged with way we communicate on social media. People who are weak in communication skills are benefitted most through social media.
  2. Now main stream media is not longer a driving force to influence the people opinions, as it used to be in the past. Shows like Oprah or Larry King live have a fan following in millions due to their media presence. But now many single individuals have a fan following of millions on twitter or Face book page. Now the common man’s influencing power has increased many folds due to social media. With social media the ordinary person don’t feel like a passive bystander, but have become a active participant, who has a voice to influence the world with his own views.
  3. It was very difficult to have a global reach some twenty five years ago. You cannot connect to your near and dears settled abroad easily. The mode of connection was telephone and there it was difficult to connect in a real time.  Now with coming of the social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp it is now  very easy to have contact with any one at any time. We can share text, photos, jokes and now through video calling on social contact any on real time basis. We can share our views through globally through blogs and on You-tube postings.  Large numbers of mobile app development companies are developing apps affecting our lives through social media.
  4. With social media not only we are connected with each other at all times,  but it has become a platform to assist in business growth also. Social media marketing has become a medium to generate income to large number of people through blogs, You-tube, Twitter and Face book pages. Social media has provided a platform to each and every business to span out its reach to millions, thereby, adding to a greater business prospects by ecommerce website development on internet.
  5. The Health care industry is using social media to change how it works, whether through public health campaigns or virtual doctors on skype. Now patients can stay in touch with their doctors and can discuss their health problems in real time. By sharing information rapidly social media has been responsible for relevant changes both in personal and community health care all over the world. App development companies are developing apps on various health problems affecting patients.
  6. Social media is changing the concept as to how we govern and are governed. Social media   allows citizens to be a source of ideas, plans and initiatives in an easier way then before. In future we expect that more and more leaders to embrace this for transparent governance. Now more and more political parties are taking help of social media in election campaigns to influence the minds of voters to vote for them in election.
  7. Social media is now widely used in case of disaster management also. People post views, videos and photos on social media immediately on happening of any disaster in there vicinity. Authorities can analyse the reports from social media and can easily plan their relief  measures to reach quickly in time where the same is required the most. Social media has helped to save many lives by effective planning of disaster management.
  8. Social media is helping us to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, right from human right violations and to climate changes. Contents shared on social media have increasing potential to be used as evidence of atrocities of war and human right violations. It has become an important tool for providing a space and means for the public to participate and influence environmental decisions made by government and corporations affecting them.

To conclude we can say that social media has touched almost every sphere of our engagements and we are relying on it greatly, to form our opinions and decisions. But too much reliance on social media has lead to wrong decisions many a time. We should balance our thinking and use of social media in such a way that it should not heart the feelings of masses, entertain and educate them.