Television as a source of entertainment has lost its sheen. Cable TV is now almost dying as people have shifted their preferences for entertainment to live video streaming, and video streaming apps are the future. The reason behind this shift is that cable TV is showing lot of commercial between the programmes and with the shortage of time and busy life schedule viewers no longer want to see old movies and commercials they have seen many times before. The contents delivered by video streaming live app Hotstar, Netflix and others, are very much popular and are in demand. One can by using his mobile watch his favourite shows on the go, anywhere.

In this blog we will discuss how to develop a video stream app, its market, features and cost involved to develop it and also guide how you can make your video streaming app a big hit like Hotstar, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others.

Video streaming app market is growing with a 40% growth year on year basis. Brands like Netflix, Hulu and others are expected to garner revenue of about US $ 70 billion form video on demand by the year 2024.

With demand surge in video-on-demand streaming, many new brands have entered the segment in last some years but only selected one have topped the list of leaders in this field. TV viewers spent nearly 12 billion hours in the 10 video streaming apps in the year 2017.

Before making an entry in video streaming app development, we must have full knowledge of its features. The following are the must have features of video streaming app like Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime and others.

Features of Video Streaming app

  1. Portfolio of contents to meet demands of different age groups: A must have feature of video streaming app is a proper portfolio of contents for viewers of different age group. There must be video library made of contents genre mixing categories with news and live show so that to make app acceptable to all age groups of viewers like Netflix, Amazon Prime where the content library has right portfolio for every age group.
  2. Multi-language contents: To reach to large number of viewers of various demography and to expand business outside the geographical boundaries from the place where the your app is based your contents should be in multilingual, other than the basic language of English or any other language of the area of app.
  3. Easy on Search & Scalability: There should a search or explore option in video streaming app. The feature is so added that viewers of all age groups feel it free explore contents that they desire to watch. There should be no limit of options in the search drop down menu. This helps the viewers to watch what they like. More over if something new is required to be added then the same can be done with ease. There should be scalability in the app to higher levels.
  4. All User Profiles available: When a viewer use video streaming on demand app, he should have all portfolio options available to him in the app itself, like which contents he likes to watch, how much it will cost to him to watch a particular live content and how can he make payment through app itself, plan details and also suggestions on various contents he should view.
  5. Option to have Multi screen and Watch list: App should also contain an option of multi screen, with a separate section for all age groups of viewers each with a set of own features. This gives viewers a choice to watch large number of contents with ease. With watch list feature viewers can select the contents and add to list they like to watch next or would see in future. In order bring them to back on screen; notification system can also be incorporated in the app.
  6. Privacy Settings: Though people would like to share what they view with their peers, but still they like to have privacy. So Mobile App developers should keep the option to toggle privacy option to allow users to choose their friends and social media platform with whom they want to share.
  7. Social Media interaction Possible: Mobile App developers should add a feature of social element so that viewers can share your app with others and also its contents they find worth viewing with others on social media. There should be option of social media login which will make the on boarding process a lot easier.
  8. Screen Mirroring: This app feature allows the viewers to watch videos on multi screens like TV, Laptop and iPads with the help of Wifi. This is possible with Google Cast SDK for android apps and second option is Air Play, which is just like Google Cast and work with Apple TV and linked iOS apps.

Business Model of On Demand Video Streaming Apps

The above mentioned features are not all that is required for a successful on demand video streaming app. Depending on the area where the app is likely to be released and its coverage area; more features can be added as per the requirement. But the next question is how video streaming app developed with all these features is going to earn money? For this we have to look into the monetization model of the apps like Hotstar, Netflix and others.

The apps like Hotstar, Netflix and Hulu work on the subscription based model of earning money. Users are made to pay varying amounts as per the plans they choose and amount varies with number of users of users opting to watch app to the quality of video, like SD, HD and UHD format.

Whether the user choose to opt any viewing plan,  generally the first month viewing is offered free in all video streaming apps brands.  But despite this billion of dollars in revenue is generated by Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu and other video streaming apps.

How to Develop Video stream app

So, when you have set your mind to develop a video stream app the next question is how to develop it? If you have the thorough programming knowledge then you can go on your own. However this is a huge task for single person as it requires a lot of time, and there are some other technical difficulties, so you should avoid it. For example for a successful mobile live streaming app must have a reliable streaming workflow (Video capture, encoding, trans- coding, packaging, delivery, and playback). So the best choice is to contact the best video streaming Mobile app development agency Call @+91-9041506101

How much is the cost of video stream mobile app

The cost of developing a video stream mobile app like Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu depends upon number of factors- the number of features that are being added in the app, number of platforms that app would work and lastly the geographical location of partnered Custom mobile app development company Call @+91-9041506101 .

 Cost depends upon the features whether these are light, medium, or complex and the number of platforms the app would function on. The cost raises as we move from one platform to other, like Android or IOS, or both Android app development and IOS app development and highest if the web is to be added in the mix.

Generally Android and iOS app cost about $30,000 and mix platform Android + IOS about $70,000 and with web about $100,000 depending upon the average developer per hour payment which ranges $ 25 to $ 80 per hour.

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