One of the difficult task during online purchase of merchandise/ services on the digital platform is- how to make the payment to seller?. The buyer has options of paying for the services through cash, cheque, debit/credit card etc. But off lately these methods of making the payment has become outdated are out of fashion due to the cumbersome procedures involved to complete the transaction. The task of making the payment is simplified by online mobile payment apps or mobile wallet and these are now widely used by masses around the globe. In simple words, online payment apps or mobile wallet refers to payment services operated through apps under the financial regulatory regime of the country through the use of the mobile device. This new mobile payment concept through online Payment apps is gaining momentum, and this tendency is being adopted across the globe in different ways now.

History of Mobile Payment system

The concept of Mobile way back in the year e payment started with the filing of exclusive first patent defined as ‘Mobile Payment System” was filed way back in the year 2000. The concept of mobile payment is used in some of the developing countries to provide and extend financial service to those people who are not familiar with banking practices and don’t use banking services as they don’t have a bank account. As per one survey reports from Financial Access of-2009- ‘Half the World is Un-banked.” In an un-banked world mostly mobile payment system is used to ease the suffering of the under-educated and underprivileged peoples.


Prominent Mobile payment apps in Country:


A large number of mobile payment apps are now available in the country. Here are some of the prominent mobile payment apps:


* Paytm


* Amazon Pay


* Airtel Money


* Jio Money


* G Pay


* Yono from SBI


* Phone Pay and many more.


Some Light on Working of Payment App


Payment apps have a very simple working system. Money can be deposited in the payment app before making the transaction or in another case, an bank account of an individual can be linked with the digital wallet to complete the financial transaction. Payment apps have unique support of both the software and information component in it. But the main feature of payment app is the secure and fair electronic payments system. The software helps in providing security and encryption for personal information and completing the actual transaction.

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How to develop Payment App like Paytm


Paytm is one of the leading mobile payment apps in the country. This mobile app is owned by ONE97 COmmunication, a company based in NOIDA SEZ, in India. This application is available in 11 Indian languages and offers online payment option for use of cases like mobile recharges, payment of utility bills, travel, movies and making in-store payments at grocery stores. Fruit and Vegetable shops, restaurants and educational institutions with the Payment QR code. At present more than 7 million merchants across India use this OR code to accept payments directly into their bank accounts for the services rendered. The Paytm no only earn revenue through commission on customers transactions but also though advertisements and paid promotional contents.


Features of online payment app like Paytm App


Developing an online payment app requires a great deal of research on your part. First of all, you have to know about the key features that are need to build a platform as Paytm App which your app should include. Below are some of the important key features that need to build a Payment app like Paytm App:

* Provide a simple and secure alternative to recharge mobile, Data card and accept payments for various DTH and OTT platforms.

* Allow booking of bus/train/air tickets, hotel rooms, move and theatre shows tickets

* Provide a platform for integration of simple payment alternatives like net banking, debit card, credit card, and various online Payment Wallets.

* Provide easy access to online and offline shopping of home appliances, smartphones, garments, shoes and other daily use items.

* Allow a route of making bother free payments which are fully secure through the wallet.

* Provide cashback offers on availing the promo code.



Essential Components required in Building a portal like Paytm App


To start with the initial step required for mobile payment company or website is to fulfil legal requirements.

Almost all the Wallet and Recharge platforms like Paytm are registered as the Private Limited Company. But for new businesses a huge variety of alternatives are available for Registration and testing their plans in the payment gateway business they want to pursue.

In India, the Payment portals are treated as service providers and are liable to pay GST. So the GST registration is a must for payment portal and the formalities for obtaining GST number should be completed before the payment portal is made life.


Booking for the Portal Domain and Web Hosting  


Like all website and app development, you also need to book a domain name for your payment portal. It is always advisable to book the name with highly famous domains like .com, .in, because these domains need no publicity, and are highly secure and popular. Moreover this help in marketing strategies and SEO purposes. The domain extensions should be .com or .in as these extensions are highly effective in marketing the developed platform.

The next job is to get the make a petition for the trademark for your platform. This will ensure that your online portal name cannot be duplicated by anyone else once the same become famous and acceptable among the users.

Domain name and hosting can be done from sites like GoDaddy. There are many options available for domain booking and hosting. Try to go with a trusted and famous name.


Acquire API and Payment Gateway:


In order to build an online payment website like Paytm, you have to get Recharge API for your portal, and for creating a recharge payment through mobile you will need a Mobile Recharge API. This is mandatory for all online payment app portals, and not for building a Paytm like payment portal.

There are many Recharge API agencies which provide Recharge API and other needed API services which help to integrate your payment platform. The API service providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance Jio will provide you payment related API for the execution of payment processes on your websites.


Search for a Reliable Web Developer


After you are through with your Recharge API procurement process find a reliable web developer, who is proficient enough to integrate the Recharge Script or the procured API in your website. You can take the services of Custom web development company in USA call 91-9041506101 or +1(408)-372-0967. They not only have sufficient trained manpower and proficiency to integrate the Recharge API in your site but also have the experience to develop Recharge payment app like Paytm, and are Leading Mobile App Developers in USA.


 The leading API services providers which provide API service are


* Jolo API


* Pay2all


* Rocket Pocket


Creating the Application Design and Selecting Application Platform: 


A creative and convincing design serves as a pivot for building a payment gateway just like Paytm as it is able to connect and hold users of application together.

Your application design should be intuitive and for this, you should use cutting edge tools and technologies without bothering about the expenses as it pays in the long run.

Strategies for building a payment portal like Paytm app differ from one platform to another. For instance, building an application on Android platform require more code writing than iOS. Android emulators are quite slower than the iOS platform, and Android requires more testing time due to more variants and devices on that platform. So building an application on the Android Platform will cost more than the iOS platform. But these high expenses are compensated with more users on this platform, and you should not worry about it.


Mobile Wallet


Building an online payment portal like Paytm is useless unless it is not integrated with Mobile wallet. Application development with Mobile Wallet is extra time consuming and is more costly. But you can save this cost if you have a proper strategy and plan for Mobile Wallet integration during the development stage of the application.


DSS Compliance


Every payment gateway s have to carry out with the DSS Compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has a nationally affirmed set of policies and system which are dedicated to optimizing the protection of payment cards like Debt, credit cards so that the transactions fully secure the cardholders against misuse of their personal data available on the card.


Create Database


For payment apps, a large amount of data is generated, and for this, you require to have a database big enough to save the users details of transactions, their mobile numbers, transaction id, and all data about the amount with date, time of recharge transaction, and final status of recharge transaction etc.


Users Registration Process


The user’s registration process on the payment portal should be simple and fast. Users recharge section users can view their recharge history and other details under user panel.


Facility for Automatic Emails:


With implementing this feature in your application the system will send emails automatically to the users as soon as they make registration on the application, or when the recharge is done, notification about failed recharge, any password reset request and all other updates of information about the user.


Bonus Points Benefits:


The site should offer bonus points benefits to the users on every recharge they made through the platform you created. This feature is present in Paytm app. Users should be able to earn free recharges or discounted recharges on subsequent recharges.


System Support framework


This allows the users of website or application to use system support framework to forward their feedback, suggestions, and concerns about the platform to the platform owner.


Membership list viewing feature:


This feature allows the website or application owner to view anytime the list of registered members on his website and will have the entitlement to deactivate the members with a dubious record.


Branding and Control:


Lastly, the one feature that is mostly ignored is about the personalizing of the website and control panel as per your wishes. This feature allows you to style and manage the website as per your requirements. You can be able to make changes in logo, contents and do any further adjustments as and when required at your end.

I hope that the above blog must have provided you with sufficient information and knowledge about how to develop an online payment app platform like Paytm. This information is not very conclusive as the requirements and features change with time and place. So take the help of professional experts in this regard.

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