Drawing more customers on your online store is crucial for growing your business and it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to attract.

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, a thought that come to your mind all the times or at some point of time that how I can increase traffic on my online ecommerce website? This is due to the fact that you have sunk a large amount of money, time and efforts in setting up your ecommerce store and that you are not getting enough sales as per your expectations, or you have a growing sales chart in last few months, but now the sales are struck at a particular number and there is no growth or you have a booming sales and that you have set your eyes on the next bigger sales targets.

Drawing more customers on your online store is crucial for growing your business and it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to attract your first customer or your 10,000th customer. For this your online site should be thoroughly optimized for conversion. This will help getting jump in traffic, growth of business by getting more customers and thereby help increase in sales.

To help you to achieve more customer traffic on your online store site we have compiled a list of proven tactics which are time tested in directing more traffic on your online store.

Go for Paid Ads on Social Media: One of the best and latest trends to attract customers to your online store is through tailor made paid ads on various social media sites. A highly targeted campaign through these ads can lead to attract customers who are likely to click your website and purchase the products you sell.

If you are thinking of running paid ads on social media, these are the social media platforms on which you can depend

  • Ads on Facebook: Facebook which is currently having 2.2 billion monthly users is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and can provide you opportunities to reach to new customers and drive them to your online store. Facebook allows you to the targeted customers based on their interests, behaviour, location and many more other factors.  Facebook’s Dynamic ads helps you to serve your automatically generated ads to lure customers who have visited your online store site earlier and bring them back on your website to make new purchases thereby leading to increased sales.
  • Ads on Instagram: Instagram is a popular platform on social media, especially among the Millennials. More than 75% of active Instagram users out of the total monthly user’s base of 800 millions currently are in the age group of 15 to 35 years and are perfect choice for growing your business if your targeted audience falls in this group. Moreover the 70% of revenue out of $ 4.00 billion total revenue in year 2017 comes from mobile Instagram users and is way ahead of the revenue generated by twitter and google’s mobile platform.
    • Even if you have a large army of Instagram followers, if you are not using the potentials of Instgram ads platform then you are missing lot in your efforts to increase traffic to your online store.
  • Pinterest Ads: Pinterest plays a great role in mobilising purchase decisions of the users of this platform. Out of more than 90% people who plan purchases about more than 50% people actually purchased something online after seeing the same on the platform of Pinterest. Its popularity among niche groups is overwhelming. Pinterest promoted Pins is a form of paid advertising that helps to push your Pins to customers top search results. This leads to more customers traffic on your online store.

Use SEO for increasing discoverability your online store: The main point which requires greater attention with the online store business is how the customer can find your online store? Every time when the customers searches for a product, his first click goes to the top website listed on the search engine pages. If your store happens to be listed on the top of search page then chances of your product to be chosen and ordered increases many folds. For bringing the website on top of the search page, help of search engine optimisation process is taken. It is the process whereby your online store website is fine tuned to come on the top ranking in search results. But SEO works well when efforts and time is put in learning the rules that search engines like Google and Bing use. If these rules are applied to your online store website the results are bound to be great. Help can be taken from Digital Marketing Agency for development of perfect SEO strategies.

Reach New customers with influencer marketing: You can get more customers if you indulge in influencer marketing by building relationship with your potential customers through influencers in your industry. Since influencers have a large audience base, so they can create a great customers base for your products sold on your online store also. Generally bloggers and social media celebrities are employed as influencers. Social Media marketing agencies can provide leads as how to attract customers.

Use Contests and Giveaways to excite customers: The above referred methods works well in the long run but in the short run you can increase the customer’s base by offering reward and prizes and free giveaways as incentives to attract the old and new customers to visit your online store. These rewards and incentives can be chosen as per your business experiences or by taking help of experts in this field like Online Marketing Agency.

Take help of content marketing to attract customers: When we talk of content marketing we don’t just talk about blogs but much more than that. By creating contents which are informative and engaging you can attract customers to your online store organically. The use of videos, e-books and other endless methods can be employed to capture new audience for your online store.

But while creating contents there must be some originality as these helps to position your business as an industry thought leader and help build a lifestyle around your brand. You can include anything relevant that you want your customers should know and not only about your product.

Content marketing helps you to conquer search results beyond your product and your brands keywords. With rich contents you can explore many new opportunities to increase traffic on your online store.