Every business owner is interested in getting more business for his enterprise. He desires that his website is always on the top of the web search results, and more and more people visit his website and place an order for the products and services his organization is offering to customers. But since the world is moving at a fast pace and there is cut-throat competition to remain on the top. To remain on the top in search result page businesses are using SEO techniques. But the standard format of SEO does not provide better results. Small changes in SEO techniques are required to get great results. SEO professionals are under great stress to improve the performance of what they are delivering the customers You can take the help of Best SEO Company Call +1(408)372-0967  and improve the chances of your website being listed on the top results page in web search. Here in this blog, we discuss what small changes can make provide great yield and great results.

  • 1. Create a website that has a better user experience: Web users never like to have a website that takes a long time in loading and spammy. They will not stick with a website which takes usually long loading time and the bounce rate of this type of website is very higher. If your website is one which includes user-friendly functionalities and fasts in loading then chances of bounce rate are quite less. Both from the Google side, and visitors on your website loading time has huge impact on determining your ranking. If your load time isn’t great, then the search engine will take notice of it and adjust your ranking accordingly. You can hire Web designing and development Company, to find ways and methods to improve the speed and performance of your website and get improved ranking through SEO.
  • 2. Use blogging to improve your SEO Ranking: Updating your website with your regular blogs are definitely one of the best ways to improve your website ranking, though it may not be the best way. For driving more traffic on your website you will have to give your website visitors a reason to keep coming back. If there is no change in your site and it is exactly the same as when it was the last time they visited, then the visitor has no reason to visit the site again. But in case you are updating the contents with your new blog writings then they will try to visit your site to read the great contents and make it a regular affair to visit your site, again and again, to read new blogs and search new contents.
  • 3. Do content Optimization: Always remember one thing that bounce rate is lower if your website attracts more visitors. Lower bounce rate reflects that visitors to your website are spending more time there. By just optimizing the contents you can attract more visitors to your website. Try to optimize the contents by making it more readable. It is high quality and more readable contents that attract more visitors to your website, so always try to present highly optimized and readable content on your website.
  • 4. Fully Analyze the current design and rework to make it more attractive: Make the design of your website more attractive and users friendly by reworking on your current design to attract more visitors to your website. Always remember that everything is important right from the design, pages presentation, contents, and graphics. So go for an analysis of your current website design and rework on it and make necessary changes as per the analysis. You can hire a website development agency with high experience to redesign your website and make it more attractive and visible.
  • 5. Add optimized voice search to your website: At present more than 50% of searches on the web are through voice and this trend is likely to increase further to a new level. It simply tells that more than 50% of web users use voice to search the web. For this reason, you have to equip your website you have to include voice search features with easy features so that you gain more milage on the SEO front.
  • 6. site speed ranking factor is important: For last so many years Google is considering site speed of a website as a ranking factor. This trend is still continuing. This results that the speed of any website is playing an important and significant role in the SEO process as website visitors value the website speed and don’t wait for a long time to get the results which they are searching. Many numbers of tools are available to test the website page load speed, including Website Speed Tests from Google Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom tools.
  • 7. Use topic clusters instead of keywords: Google is coming up with an improved algorithm with each passing day. Google is providing the users of the web through its algorithm what they desire to view in their web search, what they are in need of, and what is their expectations, and provide the best results for their search queries. So using topic clusters instead of keywords improves the chances of SEO rankings.

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