The rate at which mobile app is being developed is amazing. They are expanding at a very breakneck speed and also the rate at which these are getting uninstalled from smart devices like mobile phones, I-pads and laptops are also very high. There may be any reason like there are very complex login procedures, concerns of privacy, too slow, not properly designed and many others.

Till today more than 3.8 million apps are on the Apple App store and about 3.8 million apps on Google Play Store. This number is very impressive to bring forth the importance of mobile apps in the mobile industry.

The problem faced by the developers of the app is to bring maximum users for the app and keep them retained for a longer time period by reducing the uninstall rate. There are a number of factors on which a maximum number of app developers fumble.

The Android App retention rate, there is an un-installation rate of about 10 percent in the first month after the installation of the app by the users. This rate gets lower in the next 60-90 days. So retaining the app for a longer period of time by users is not an easy way and also not a cakewalk.

In this blog, I will guide you on the important ways to reduce the app un-installation and also how to make its users friendly so this rate is the bare minimum.

  1. UI/UX should be users friendly: Everyone who downloads the app expects that it offers a users friendly interface. No one is interested that the app should contain un-necessary complexities as it needs more attention and time-consuming.

App design should be up to the mark in the context of its layout, design, and functionalities. The apps with these features leave no reason for the user to uninstall it. So it is better for the app with better design that users will love to use it.

App designing issues can be fixed by employing A/B testing to optimize user interface and real-user data for maximum user engagement and conversion. App colors and fonts should be selected with utmost care so that users are not forced to uninstall it.

  1. There should be not cumbersome procedures:App should be simple to install and users who are downloading the app are not forced to uninstall it just because they think it cumbersome to operate.

In the case of many apps, users are required to fill various information like user name, email id, mobile number or any other things before they get hands-on the app again when they log in. Here the user will avoid to use the app and choose to uninstall it. It is better if your mobile app is synced with the social media account as it will do away the need for a remembering app password. To develop a user’s friendly app you can engage a reputed App development Company India Call +91-9041506101 .

  1. Have a great App start: Apps having a great start fare well in the market and their uninstallation rate is very low. App with great design, fonts, and decent size can earn you handsome returns. Since the first impression is the last impression. Also, the app should be light on the device on which it is downloaded. It should not drain the battery too much on use, the logo is small in size adds to the app being retained for longer times.
  2. It should engage Users: Users love to retain those apps that engage users. No app can survive without the users. There should be no loopholes in the app as it hurts users directly. They should be able to communicate discrepancies to developers directly. So it is better to engage with the users as it develops rust among them for the app. They will hesitate to uninstall apps that engage them. Using channels like emails, push messages, etc is required to make the app more user-friendly instead of using a single social connect channel. Personalized messages and push notifications add to apps retention rate by many times.
  3. Better on Performance: As smart devices have great storage space and fast processors there is no room for the slow apps. The other next challenge is app freezing. Constant crashes add to the users’ frustrations and users try to uninstall these types of apps. The slow performance or no performance stands out to be the third-best reason for users to abandon a mobile app.
  4. Apps should encourage Lucrative deals: Many of the users forget the app after installation and don’t make any efforts to uninstall the app. To encourage the users to use the app they can be given tempting deals. This will engage them again and who knows, the app can become one of their favorite. As per the study reports, 30% of users will consider coming back or start using an app if they are given discounts or coupons for using the app to purchase next time.
  5. Feedback should have more focus: The feedbacks and ratings add to the success of the app. If users like the app they will rate it higher on points and leave some tasteful reviews on the app wall. Feedback can be gathered through the review section in the app store on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter through emails.
  6. No compromise on the Privacy: People don’t want to use those apps which have a privacy problem like sharing emails id, phone number, and addresses, etc. Only established apps are favored by users. They feel reluctant to login an app with social media accounts unless the app has established a record. Top mobile app development Agency takes privacy as a major factor in developing the app.

To conclude here I may add that developing an app is very simple nor putting it on the app store, but the actual challenge lies in its long retention by the users. With the above points in mind, you can reduce the app’s uninstallation rate of your app.

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