A few years ago having a website for your business is considered a great way to be present online. But in the present day, this is not considered enough as it cannot address the needs of your target business audience- and a business mobile app is now the necessity of each and every business entity.

One cannot deny the importance of the business mobile app and how crucial they are for any business. Apps not only help the business to gain more audience for the product and services but also adds to their pleasure in dealing with your business. If you have a business app, then it is important for you to have a backup mobile app server for the smooth operation of your business mobile app.

But before you host your business mobile app you must know what are the important points to be considered. In this write-up, we provide you with some important that will help you to host your business mobile app.

Main Requirements of business mobile App

Developing a business mobile app is no guarantee that you can market your products or service successfully as the app only offer client-end processing. For a  successful business mobile app, you definitely need a backend (app server hosting) for your app.

All the business logic, data storage, security aspect, processing etc of a mobile app can be handled successfully only through the mobile app backend. In case your business app handles one or more of the below-listed features then you will need a strong backend.

*   Handling Extended security aspect

*   Handling of app usage analysis

*   Handling of communication between users

*   Advertisement Handling

*   Handling of Push notification service

You will need a strong mobile app backend if your app performs more than ultra-simple tasks. By blending the back-end server and client end processing you can lower the barriers for the user’s who have lower-specification devices. You can provide more facilities for these users and enhance users experience.

Ways to Manage Mobile App Backend successfully

As per the report of RSA’s group, there are more than 70 illegal transactions from mobile browsers. The reason behind is a large number of the rouge app which as per report numbers more than 10,000 and are responsible for 28% of all the originated attacks of illegal transactions.

To avoid this problem you should host the business mobile app on fast and secure servers so that users receive all the app services without any inconvenience. For a successful hosting of your business app, the app hosting services should have the following skills

* Database Management skill

* Proper Network structure, including web servers

* Have a proper Big Data Management facilities

* High level of cryptography for a foolproof security

* Provide Server-side programming

* Provide mobile telecommunications networking

Important  Business Mobile App Hosting Tips

For successful business mobile app hosting, in general, you have three options. We take all the three one by one.

  1. Use Tools from Cloud Service Providers to code your Mobile Back-end:

 To make your business mobile app successful to achieve its goals it is wise to use the existing templates to code the mobile backend. There are several robust tools that can assist you to code your back end by some and are provided by reputed cloud providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Though these tools are not an easy solution as using MBaaS still you can rely on the cloud provider’s market-leading services as they will help you to address the app hosting requirement in a very effective manner.

  1. Try to code mobile back-end Yourself:

 It is not easy to code mobile backend on your own as it is a very challenging task. But you get a lot of benefits by doing this You can customize lot of options through self coding.

If you have budget constraints you can easily opt for VPS (Virtual Private Services) hosting services and manage your app’s backend running smoothly. By choosing a flexible plan that suits your requirements you can manage the things in your planned budget. By proper planning and saving budget, you can also hire a mobile app developer or a consultant to assist you in meeting your backend requirements.

The next thing on your agenda after coding the backend is to find a provider to host your mobile app because it requires a high learning curve, a wide range of skills to bind all the back end requirements.

  1. Using Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS): If you want an easy way to manage your app backend hosting problems MBaaS providers are the best manageable option. The service providers help to host the app and achieve your chalked out goals. Hence it is very crucial that you choose only that MBaas for your app hosting very carefully as this will help you to reach and address a wider audience. It is a compelling value proposition if you go in for cloud hosting of your app.

Advantages of cloud hosting of business app

The cloud hosting your app provides you with a guarantee that your app is available all the time without any tension of server going down as your site is simply fetched by other server and available on the net all the times. It also offers you very high-speed benefits as the app is hosted on the server which is near to your location and also on multiple servers. It also offers a dynamic scaling as per your available resources and provides a higher bandwidth as per the needs. You don’t have to worry about the high traffic slowing your app speed.

Services Provided by Prominent MBaaS Providers

Before choosing your service provider for app backend you should have complete knowledge of the features and services provided by them. The prominent services and features provided and possessed by MBaaS are as under:

* Push Notifications

* Authentication and management of user

* To provide secure storage and infrastructure

* Geolocation services

* Navigation facility on various Platforms

* To Provide APIs depending on your app requirements

* To Provide persistent data storage

* To Offer ease of use

* To Provide superb customer support

* Offers Analytics

* Ability to provide leverage microservice architecture

Beside main features and services, top quality MBaaS include a cloud database, messaging, storage and users authentication. In addition, the use of Google Firebase can help to analyze user interactions and include indexing, dynamic linking, and analytics. Other than offering hosting services they provide crash reporting features and testing tools.

To conclude before hiring the hosting service provider you should analyse your hosting requirements carefully and select the best hosting provider for your mobile app. If you need a high customization level, you may code mobile backend on your own. Here mobile backend services can provide great help but this job is full of complexities and challenges. So your choice should be finalized only after proper research. This article will not a very conclusive one and only by your research on it can help you to achieve your business goals through your business mobile app.