After having your business website developed by Web designing and development Company, you find that on the front of speed and performance it is not fairing well, then you have to find ways and methods to improve speed and performance.

If there is a one-second delay in the loading of web pages then it can lead to:

* More than 10% lesser page views

* About 15% decrease in customer fulfillment

* 8% decline in conversion rate

Your website speed can make the first and last impression upon your business and consumers. In business, a customer is lost forever and you will likely not get a second chance.

Low website speed frustrates users and they don’t like to engage with your business and brand at all. Slow speed can alienate your potential customers. Forgetting indexed, Google desire that faster user experience is very important. Moreover, nobody will like to visit your website if they have to wait for more than 2 seconds or more.

Why Website speed is so Important?

  1. More than 40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

  2. More than 65% of visitors to a website will not return if website speed is slow.

  3. The average website loading speed should not be more than 2.5 seconds.

  4. Mobile users will expect your website to load in 5 seconds, otherwise, they will abandon it. This is because mobile users expect website speed slow due to a slow internet connection.

  5. On an average websites page load speed increases more than 20% in a year. So to maintain your website it is necessary to follow the trend.

Why Website Speed Optimization Needed

The real fact is that the page load time not only impacts on the user but also affect the conversion rates and search engine optimization. As per research, the average website load speed is 3.39 seconds and the fastest is 0.18 Seconds. If your website page load speed is more than 5 seconds than you are losing your money and it becomes utmost necessary for you to improve the speed of your website to stay in the business.

The fast page load speed matters whether your website is an e-commerce or a blogging site. Generally, it is considered that more the pages on the website more the time is taken to load pages. As per a study was done on Amazon, it’s page load time is 3.26s and for such a massive website it is considered as fastest.

1. Conversion rate is affected: Conversion means how you can engage your users to take a specific action so that your business is benefited. This doesn’t matter whether it for buying products, joining your email list, registering for a webinar, or something else.

Higher the page load speed higher will be the conversion rate. As per Hubspot, research a delay of one second will lessen your conversion rate by about 7%. By increasing the website page load speed you can not only improve the conversion rate but also the revenue.

2. Affect overall Visibility: Overall visibility depends on the page load speed of your website and how easy it for users to find. Ranking on Google depends on the high performance of the website as Google ranks high-performance sites more highly, and this is the best reason to increase website page load speed.

3. Usability: Your website usability gets a boost if your customer stays for a longer time on your site and keep coming back. Well designed and high performance and easy to use websites not only increase the usability but the revenue generation also. So make it sure that your website provides the users a great experience as it is key to building a large customer base and also brand building.

It is only by working on your website that you will know about its speed in the first place, only then you can take necessary action to improve its speed. Only after you figure out the loading time of your website you will know the cause of slow page speed of your website.

Many numbers of tools are available to test the website page load speed, including Website Speed Tests from Google Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom tools. After you have checked the speed by using the avail tools, you can take action to increase website speed and make your business more profitable and brand strong.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Website Speed and Performance

Well, here are some of the great yet simple tricks and tips as to how can improve your website performance and speed.

  1. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): You can make your website perform more by taking steps to improve the actual contents on your website. You can optimize the JavaScript and also have the option to get the images to shrink in size. You need to have an understanding of the location of servers and the location of the users. A user near the server location can get the site downloaded relatively in less time than a user who is far off.

CDN is a known as content delivery network, help in improving the website speed by picking the server which is near to the user. Not only the nearest server is picked but CDN’s also provide higher storage speed and dynamic and intelligent caching and high-security features for the website.

2. Reduce the image size: Generally, the performance and speed of a website depend on how the images load. Images with a higher resolution take more time to load. Hence it is better to have images with low megabytes.

Image size with less than 200KB can be loaded in much less time than an image with few megabytes. For reducing image size you can use WordPress plugin named Smush which can cut all the data of image which has no use and not required without affecting the quality of the image.

3. Narrow the CSS and JavaScripts: Many times the un-necessary inefficiencies are present in the code and improving these increases the website speed and performance. The Cascading style sheets and the JavaScripts are sometimes inefficient due to the default available code. Many white spaces and repetition of code can be reduced to increase website performance. More will be the speed of the page load if the code lines are in a lesser number. For WordPress site, popular plugin call WP Super Minify can help in reducing the site code size. The use of online tools also helps in narrowing the CSS and JavaScript codes.

4. Improve the Overall Visibility: Overall visibility to the user can affect the speed of your website. Google ranks the high-performance site more highly, and it is the one great reason why you should strive to increase website speed. You can hire a website development agency with high experience and redesign your website and make it more visible.

5. Make efforts to reduce the HTTP requests: The simplicity of the website matters the most in increasing the load speed of the website. A website with a simple HTML page with just a normal text and few images will naturally load quickly. The speed gets lower if the site has a dynamic page with many factors and different types of contents. By reducing the HTTP requests number the site speed can be increased. Performance of the website depends on how cleaner is the code. You can automate code with the help of Perfmatters, a word press plugin. This plugin help in checking the performance options that are to be enabled or one that is to be disabled, all this to increase the site load speed.

6. Opt for Dedicated website hosting: The people with low budget let their first-time website to shared hosting as if is one of the best cost-effective option available to them. It is seen that the shared hosting your website shares the resources like bandwidth and servers with other people websites and you have not to control over the resources for your website.

If your website gets a sudden surge in traffic, the shared hosting will reduce the website speed. So to improve the website performance it is better to go in for a dedicated server. The dedicated server is only for your site and you can have full control over the resources. You can also customize the site as per the requirements of the dedicated server. All this will improve and fasten your website load speed, and performance of the website and enhance users experience.

Concluding this write up I think that the above-mentioned tips are very useful in increasing the website speed and performance and also these tips are easy to follow. So by following these tips, you can increase the user’s experience, and also the website performance and speed. Your website will get more traffic and also increase business earnings. If you want that your website performs well and have a high load speed, a dedicated and leading Digital Marketing Agency Call 1(408)-372-0967  can be hired to develop and run the website. High performing and high-speed website will definitely get a high appreciation from the users of the website.

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