The Importance of Mobile App for business cannot be ignored as people spend more than 85% of their time on mobile apps and it has become a must for any business. Since there are over five billion users in the world, the community is now totally dependent and obsessed with mobile applications. As of the first quarter of 2019, 2.6 Million Android, and 2.2 million iOS apps are available for mobile users.  A total number of app downloads in 2018 stood at 194 billion; up from 178 billion in 2017.

If you glance at the number of mobile apps download you can better understand why the businesses need a mobile app developed for their business. It is time for you to get a business mobile app developed for your organization and reap rich profits in business.

Technology has a great role in developing the business mobile application. For developing a mobile application for your business all you have to do is prepare a summary with your goals, scope, budget, and technical assistant. By doing this you are done with one of the toughest parts of app development.

To develop a business mobile app for your company you can take the help of the Top mobile app development company. The app development is a thriving business for many app developers. If you want a mobile app for your business on iOS as well as Android users or a platform that is reliable for both the platform then it is better for you to get in touch with a top mobile app development company call +1(408)-372-0967 and they can help to prepare framework, an app development module and optimal UI and UX so that a vibrant and users friendly app is developed.

You can get a mobile app developed for each platform Android and iOS separately or an app actively supported across platforms then React Native is the best way. It allows the app development to be supported across the multiple platforms but for this, the services of the best mobile app development company are needed.

The main purpose of writing this article is to make you aware of the difference between React Native and native applications in details along with some other important and useful applications.

What is React Native and Native app Technology   

As the number of mobile users is increasing an app development companies has a reason to perform better. The most used OS platforms are Android and iOS and the mobile app development companies are operating enormously for developing mobile apps.

It is necessary for you to know the following points if you are considering the app development for your business:

* For cross-platform application development, the best and most efficient framework available for you is React Native. Google flutter platform can be considered in case you want to make the codes that are readable by Android and iOS equally.

* If the mobile application is to be developed with two significant code bases for iOS and Android devices, then the native mobile app development can be preferred. The native mobile application supports native languages of the OS, for e.g, Swift or objective for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android.

Now let us know in detail about the React Native and React App Development

React Native App Development 

React Native app development was introduced for the cross-platform apps. This was created in by the major social media giant Facebook for their own dealing but later in the year 2016, it was released publicly. The famous apps built on this platform are Bloomberg, Instagram, Activity feed and Facebook ad manager and many more. It is possible to develop under a single code base to the extremity in React Native.

The React Native app is the most improvised comprehension to perform better than other network technologies. So to develop your business app you are required to contact the best mobile app development company.

Benefits avail with React Native App Development over other platforms and its pros and cons:

  1. Components are reusable
  2. App development is quite efficient
  3. Compatibility with third-party apps is possible
  4. Users Interface (UI) is fully functional

Pros of React Native:

The sharing of code between different platforms is possible, which is absolutely suitable for business operations.  Android Mobile App development agencies are making significant profits with React Native app development. The other benefits of React Native app development are:

* It supports share code base for app development of different platforms.

* This is the fastest mobile app development framework.

* Developmental cost of React Native app is very less and is suitable for companies that are tight on budget.

* Very easy to develop the app if the developmental team are excellent with React or JavaScript.

Cons of React Native App Development: React Native app have the following cons:

 8 It has a long debugging time.

* Some problems can come as some features are developed in native apps

* There are a lot of changes occurring in its versions so it is not completely measured as a technical asset.

Native App Development process:

Native app development is more and less like old school concept for building web application

but it should not be confused with old fashioned technology. It is based on developing an application from scratch for any operating system. The app development has multiple languages support for its development. But for developing apps for Android and iOS platform there is need of a proficient developer who is fully skilled to do the job for each platform separately.

Benefits of Native App Development:

 * App development is fast and reliable

*  It has best User Experience (UX)

*  High security possible

*  Native App performance is quite better

*  It has a native design

*  Full device integration is possible

*  It has a huge developers community

Pros of Native App:

Native App development has the following benefits

* It delivers high performance and is more responsive towards the dedicated devices.

* Has maximum reach towards a more extensive community network for resolutions.

*Its offer high performance in use due to its compatibility with hardware as well as software functionalities.

* It has few bugs so the debugging is quite easy.

Cons of Native App: Following are the disadvantages of native apps;

* Lot of app developers are required to write two different code bases for both the OS platforms.

* Lot of time and resources are need for app development.


Which is better- React Native or Native App?

When there is a question of choosing the best app development tool, then it is essential to consider the goals about the application and its duration. There is no other way to understand this point. As the React Native gives cross-platform for mobile app development, native app development is an entirely different preview. Two best possibilities can be considered to choose the technology to be used in building your business mobile app.

  1. If you intend to include too many essential features in the app then consider the native app development. If you are considering an app for marketing campaign purposes or for a single event then the Native app development is a suitable technology.
  2. If you intend to build a scalable app for both the platforms, apps for business demanding a high level of security like banks and fintech, an app that is demanding native APIs or payment system, single platform for time being, and for features like AR or Voice Assistants then you can choose to React Native app technology tools.

In future mobile penetration on both the platforms is showing an increasing trend so the best-suited technology for app development is React Native as it can address both the platforms. But if your requirement is more sophisticated features, individual elements for interfaces, dependency among native libraries, then you need a native code for the app development.

It is only the clarity of your application comprehension which makes you clear about choosing the appropriate technology for your business application development. So before deciding about the technology have thorough research on the goals, budget, users location, and time available for app development to choose the best technology for your app. There is no fixed budget for app development and whatever you have paid for app development, you can ultimately get it back in the shape of business profits.

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