Taking a ride online has been introduced to the almost entire city of the world. Due to various cab booking applications, there has been ease in transportation. People find it more convenient than buying their vehicle. The rides are pocket-friendly, you can book your ride according to your need. All these are key points for the success of these applications. the maximum population of the UK are using taxi booking applications for their journey.

Therefore, if you are planning to build a taxi service app, you must keep in mind that it should be user friendly as much as possible. Well, to you give a little comfort, the cost for developing such an application is not much. They are economical. Further, in this article, you will know about the features that will make your app unique. Still providing all the necessary features it must contain. You will get to know about the features of a taxi booking app like uber.

Perfect map-reading:

One of the key features of a taxi booking app is the ease of accessing maps. Navigation should be made a child’s play in such an application. It should have a GPS tracking device loaded with new software to provide a hassle-free ride. Maps, routes, GPS are beneficial for both the driver and the customer.

On-demand pick-up and drop-off location:

Anybody in this entire world will like to use an application only if it is working according to their choices. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a feature where the customer can choose their desired preferred location for picking and dropping.

Unique portal for consumers and drivers:

There should a separate platform in the application built for drivers and customers respectively. Where they can track all the information related to them. Such as their recent orders, all the payments, and completed rides, and all the other cancelled payments and rides.

Preference over choosing the types of vehicles:

There should be a wide range of vehicle types in your application. Based on customer need you must have a mini, micro, sedan, SUV vehicle ready for your customers. Sometimes customers might have too much luggage or at times there might be only one person for the ride. Well, your application should be intact with all the facilities available at once.

Secure payment gateway:

Another important feature for a taxi booking application is a secured payment gateway. There should be a facility of in-house payment mode through online payment apps. The gateway provided for the payment should be trustworthy and easy to use.

Calculating and collecting the fee within the application:

The app should have a feature where the customer can get an estimate for their rides. And as the ride is completed, the app should be able to automatically calculate the fare. This will act as a helping hand for both the customer and the driver.

Effortless communication system:

The communication between the customer and driver should be made error-free. So that they can communicate with each other without any problem. Just as the cab booking app like uber there should be free in-house calling to connect drivers and passengers.

Safer ride:

The ride should be protected for safety measures for both parties. It should have an OTP system where only the person containing the right OTP will be allowed to travel through the taxi.

Excellent customer support:

The backbone of any app is this feature. Because the more your customers are satisfied, the greater will your app receive popularity. The option for chatting to any live agent in no time can give your app a boost up. If customers having any problems or queries for your app, they should have proper communication with your experts as fast as possible.


Now once the ride is done, the customer has happily reached the destination, there should be a facility where they can share their views on the ride. This will bring your application in front of people in no time. Transparency should be maintained as if there is any negative feedback, fast action should be taken by your experts to resolve it.

Cost for developing a taxi booking app like Uber:

The cost of such an application depends on many factors. Such as the features you want to include in your apps. The extra features to enhance your application, marketing of your application and the software are other factors affecting the cost. Another such factor is the region for which you want to develop such an app.

Want to build a taxi booking app?

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