The change is very quick and far-reaching and no one has divine right to be around for next decade or two.

Presently the best used methods of promoting the website on web are through SEO techniques by digital marketing agencies. With a proper SEO the website is put of the top page of the search engine to enable the web browsers to click it on the first instance to get answers for all their queries. For this the website should be designed and developed in such a way that its contents are capable of providing all the answers to the searcher whether through written contents, videos and links without any delay and on all the devices and on all platforms.

When we look at the past trends in digital world and try to correlate it with the future, we come across to a point that things are going for a change with every passing day. The tech and search giants like Google and other search entities we see today may not after a decade and a half enjoy the same dominant position that they enjoy today. The big name in searches like Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Lycos and Yahoo are no longer the dominant players today and people have forgotten them. The change is very quick and far reaching and no one has divine right to be around for next decade or two, may it be the world giant in technology Apple, Face book or even Google. The new players are going to take the place of old ones. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates while sharing his concern about the future says that he is more scared of guy or a girl from the garage rather than any other tech giant of today, as nobody knows what they are going unleash that will disrupt the present setup through their disruptive innovations in the digital world.

The persons who forecast that what will be the outcome of search marketing in future generally do something worse than what the Google is planning to do in this field. As and when there is refinement in the Google algorithm they have two things in their mind, one that to make the improvement in relevancy of the results for the searchers of the web and other to increase its revenue base. This is quite evident from the update made by the Google in the recent days which helps it to achieve both these goals:

  • With the aim of improving its revenue and improve the results quality, Google’s Panda penalised those website which have thin contents.
  • In a similar vein Penguin penalised those website which buy links, which are trying to kill the manipulative SEO tactics and increase the users experience of those searchers who choose Google as their search engine.
  • Google aims to make more revenue and also improving the Google’s mobile experience with its 4 PPC ads which appear at the top of results in its recent updates.

When we look at the areas where the Google has been focusing in last year and half we get lot of leads where they are heading in future. Google is focusing on Mobile centric results across all the devices people use, including the desktop and it is one of the important themes which is gaining importance. There is likely hood that we may see the range of featured snippets rising in the popularity, where the is no need of user clicking on a listing because Google flashes answers to what they searched within the results page itself and they need no go elsewhere. This important development of Google search engine means a lot for brands. They only need to think as to how they can be in the featured snippet listing and try to optimise more heavily for the answer boxes, schema, local and many more which they think required for the result.

But when we look at the SEO practices followed today by web development companies and their focus, it gives a clear indication that while authority links are not out but are still important but there is whole lot of other things that should be considered in getting a great result through SEO. Great ideas are the new currency and the main goal is to make your contents in such a way which provide best answers on the internet for the question given and is relevant to all the devices and on all the search platforms.

There are lot of changes occurring these days in searches. Digital marketing companies are no longer optimizing for mobiles and desktops but they are doing optimisation for everything. This raises a point that: is it possible that in future there will be no such thing as website? With Google’s featured snippets available, we can get results without clicking and find the required answer.

More over as per recent research one point that emerged is that mobile users whose number is growing with each day are increasingly prefer to engage with desired brands on their mobiles via mobile apps rather than browsing the website through mobile and this has further led to the decline in importance of the traditional websites. More attention presently is on mobiles app development these days. Moreover now mobile users prefer to use voice search and it is expected that more than 50% of search activity is going to be on voice search by 2020 with shipment of more mobiles with speaker systems.

The latest trend followed by the estate agents, restaurant and hotel industry is to provide their customers the chance to experience spaces they are offering in advance through virtual reality and augmented reality applications and need no fighting for top results through SEO practices.

As we see that communication channels mentioned above, none needs a separate website to reach to its customers. So those who are looking to stay ahead from SEO games, it is wise for them to invest some portion (say at least 10-15%) of marketing search budget into doing R&D projects and explore some new options before the other players move to this in main stream and stay ahead.

The first thing you should think to know about is for who you are targeting? What you think that they should achieve? And to be at the SEO in 2018 your results are need to the best one. And this means and requires that you are providing great contents to your users, across all platforms and devices, instead of optimising the contents for the search engines alone. You should be able to engage your visitors in best possible way and for this the Google will provide you reward by giving best experience to you and visitors searching web for your brand