There are many apps available for smartphones and many new latest apps gets developed day by day.

Our daily lives have become dependent on Smartphones. Many daily life activities like waking up with a morning alarm, using WhatsApp, Facebook or other social networking sites, listening to music, reading news, watching YouTube videos, checking mails and many more are executed from our mobile devices. There are many apps available for smartphones and many new latest apps gets developed day by day and show new colours.

Here are some latest mobile app trends and facts that are going to be applicable in the future:

Artificial Intelligence

People are investing more on Artificial Intelligence as compared to previous years. Through the use of machine learning techs, advanced analytics, AI and cognitive interfaces, business users will get access to powerful insights which were never before available to them.

Cloud Driven Mobile Apps

Cloud technology has become very famous and is impacting our lives to a great extent. It has found its place with Mobile device apps. People can expect powerful Mobile App Development Services in the future as compared to previous ones which will directly fetch the data from cloud and will take minimum space in your smartphone internal memory.

AR and VR

Like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps are being used in gaming and entertainment industry in the last year, they will show some magic in upcoming years too.

Security in Apps

The hackers will tend to continue with exploiting the security gaps in mobile apps by stealing sensitive and confidential information. This can be reduced in the upcoming years. Some JavaScript frameworks can help in developing a secure and scalable mobile app.

Services based on location

Location-based service apps like Apple’s iBeacons and Google Beacon have become popular. Wi-Fi usage will no longer be limited to hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and in health-care. The usage of apps with Wi-Fi support is going to rise which will help people with relevant location-based information.

Swift usage will increase

With the release of Swift 2 which offers a host of new developer-friendly features, Swift will be the next-generation programming language. It is much easier than Objective – C. Thus, it is surely going to stay the favourite for the Top Mobile App Development Companies.