The current year 2019 is going to end within a few days and the new year 2020 is about to come but the mobile app development trends that are going to dominate the new year are very clear. Some old trends will still dominate next year but many fairly new and potential trends are likely to dominate the app development market as they show a lot of potential and new functionalities to keep up with the ever-increasing customer’s demands. Many mobile app development companies are likely to follow these trends.

Our mobile app development team has made an in-depth analysis and research of likely emerging trends in mobile application development technology in the year 2020 that are going to make a big deal. Their report shows a clear shift in app development trends next year and the same are mentioned and discussed below.

iOT Apps

Internet of Things (IoT): In recent years the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained rapid popularity in the digital world and it is not going to lose its popularity in 2020 and is going to become one of the leading and hottest mobile apps development trend next year. IoT helps in establishing a constant data exchange through smart devices using the internet as media. Now smartphone users can use this technology through mobile apps based on IoT. In 2020 app developers are going to use IoT in app development for users but the mobile interfaces will need great speed and enhanced data protection.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Already these two are being used in mobile app development in the year 2019 and have been the hottest app trend in digital technology for the last many years. AI and ML show impressive results when these two are applied to big data. By combining these two technologies in mobile apps we can analyze the incoming data, and offer personalized solutions to each customer who is using the app. This positive influence on business processes is certainly going to make AI and ML integration in mobile apps a hot trend in the year 2020.

More use of Chatbots in Mobile apps: For providing personalized answers to the user’s chatbots play a very important role and they also do not require any special maintenance. Apps like Facebook, Slack, and Skype the largest messengers use chatbots for better user communication. This role of chatbots can force small businesses to implement chatbots in their native apps as chatbots can significantly improve the functionality of their mobile applications. The interactive interface of chatbots increases the popularity of the mobile app as it increases the engagement of the audience. A mobile app with a built-in feature of chatbots can help in providing more and more accurate answers to the customer’s requests. All these features and many others are sure to make chatbot inclusion in mobile applications a top trend in the year 2020.

Android instant apps

Android Instant Apps: In the year 2016 Tech Giant Google launched instant apps to make the development of the app more convenient for the developers and users. With large functionalities, these are like native apps with a website like a function to attract people to use it without downloading them. With a smaller size, possessing website functions, providing excellent user experience and without any drain, on-device memory these Instant apps are available in the Play Store to users for accessing without any download.

More Apps for wearable devices: Introduced in the last few years wearable devices are now attracting a large number of users. Many wearable devices are available in the market like smart-watches, fitness bands, trackers and even smart rings to name few. These wearable devices have changed we interact with smart devices. Reports from prominent research organizations state that there will be a jump of 35% in the wearable market in the year 2019 and a revenue generation estimate of $ 33 billion by wearable devices in the year 2019.

There are clear indications that a large number of mobile apps will support wearable devices in the coming year due to such a large market potential of these devices. Every wearable device requires a set platform to run. Apple Watch on watch OS and Android smartwatches sync with WearOS. There is a need that developers should integrate the apps for wearable devices and smartphones and this trend is likely to pick speed in 2020.

The emergence of 5G Wireless Services: 5G wireless mobile technology is still in a very nascent stage in 2019 but will emerge as a top technology for smart wireless devices in 2020 and beyond due to its fastest speed which is more than 100 times the speed that 4G technology provides. We can expect a shift from 4Gto 5G wireless networks everywhere in the world and industry experts are betting high on the 5G technology terming it as a technology of the future.

5G wireless services

Many renowned mobile companies like Verizon and Samsung are already coming with 5G enabled chipset mobile phones. LG mobile is also planning to release 5G devices very soon. So with 5G enabled mobile devices there is likely hood that app developers will focus their app development for future with 5G technology in mind so that the users can avail faster network speed and get enhanced performance from the apps they will be using on 5G enabled devices.

Blockchain-enabled apps: Blockchain technology gained prominence with cryptocurrency. But this brilliant technology use is not restricted to cryptocurrency but has used in many more fields. This is a decentralized database, chain of blocks existing simultaneously on more than one computer and these chains grow constantly as new data is entered and recorded. Old blocks are saved in computers and everyone gets a copy of the same. The blockchain makes cheating impossible and anyone making a mistake can be traced. Many smart ledgers and e-wallets are using this technology and many more are planning to use it in the future. Blockchain-enabled mobile apps for payment gateway provide greater safety to credit card users. Thus more and more apps will include this feature in the future and it will be leading trends in 2020 and beyond.


I have listed few emerging app development trends that are going to dominate in the year 2020, but it is not a conclusive list as with digital technology nobody is sure of what new is to come in the near future. Many more new trends will emerge in 2020 as the year unfolds. If you are interested to get your mobile app developed with the latest mobile trends then you can contact Leading App development company call +1(408)-372-0967.

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