The world is facing the worsts health crisis. COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill stage. With each passing day, it looked like that world is going to end. There is pessimism every where. Every booming market has taken a downturn in the last few months. The stock market all over the world had crashed. People working in the companies whether small or large corporations are being laid off in large numbers. Professionals are struggling to work from home, food and restaurants are closed due to lockout. Budgets of all most all the companies for growth is slashed as there is no revenue generation and all sorts of development activities stopped.

Business hailing from the sectors like entertainment, tourism, Travel, Hospitality and other retail sectors are the one who is the hardest hit by the pandemic. They might take time to recover, but some other sectors appeared to see great potential to invest in digital technologies as everyone is now going for digital marketing.

Many Mobile App development company USA call +1(408)-372-0967 are worried about the app development trend that will prevail in the post-COVID-19 era. But as we move forward in the post COVID period business entities will be forced to reconsider outdated communication tactics, methods and systems which they used work with in the past. Now we will witness the rise of trending app marketing technologies like food distribution, telemedicine, home entertainment, on-demand activities and many more.

Now, digital marketers are utilizing apps like Whatapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook messenger chatbots among other applications which were earlier used exclusively for communication and entertainment to meet their customers demands along with using other emerging innovating techniques.

Internet users across the globe are increasing day by day and there is a big potential for the app development companies to fulfil the demand for apps as the majority of internet users access the internet through their mobile phones and use apps instead of websites to interact with their brands and place orders. In such an encouraging situation the app development market is likely to surge by leaps and bounds in the coming years to fulfil the demands of millions of new and existing users in the post-COVID-19 era.

Here are some of the important Mobile App marketing trends that are likely to stay once this pandemic is over.

  1. Ratings and feedback from App Store will become more relevant in future: The society in which we are living opinion and feedback are easy to get; ratings and reviews have not become an essential norm across various digital platforms. One can rate the place of a visit, reviews about the hotels where they stayed on their last tour, the restaurant where they visited last night or public areas such as beaches, parks and mountain trails explored by them. This they do it on their smartphones and through applications, they have downloaded on it. And there is nothing new in this practice.

There are more than 5 million apps available on the app store. But people don’t download all of these. They download the one which according to them have best reviews from users and have more star ratings. They base their purchase decisions only on seeing reviews and ratings as they don’t want to spend time checking various applications that appear sub-par in quality. The marketers have understood this fact and to remain in the competition will heed to the feedback and reviews they receive and improve upon their apps to provide a high level of user experience to the users of their app. If you want to develop an app for your for post COVID times that incorporate all the best features of app development then you can stake the services of Custom mobile app development company in USA call +1(408)-372-0967.

  1. There will be more stress on security practices: The era in which we are living is seeing increased information breaches and misuse of data. There is acceleration in technology development through changes in legislative policies related to personal record and information. The businesses are working on catching laws up-to technology and getting technology with relevant legislation, but the question is are they being persistent enough to tackle the security lapses.

 As the general public is becoming more concerned about the security of their personal data, you as the app developer or marketer, also need to be concerned about these issues. There is a need that app marketers to gather, store, and categorize users data in such a way or another, to get their apps to work in a certain way, monetize devices, or provide users personalization. The major trend to emerge post-COVID period will be the promotion of data policy through apps and living up to the promised transparency as it is the key. Marketers are bound to tell their app users about the kind of data they are collecting, and why. The users will give their consent only when they are fully assured that their data will fully be protected in all respect by app developers.

  1. There will be a big boost to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): In post-COVID 19 era AR and VR trends are also beginning to make a great splash. By providing Spark AR to the public, Facebook and Instagram have made significant moves to push the whole wonderful world into the realm of AR and VR. When this kind of digital interactions is used as normal practice in app development, customers expectations are bound to rise further to higher levels.

A great opportunity now lies especially for a mobile app to be a front runner in AR and VR race. Imagine an option that with the AR and VR techniques you can provide a complete 360-degree view of a monument through use of Google map without even visiting there, trying a new cloth on virtual try room without going to shop and look after all the interior design of your new house without even actually seeing it. These experiences are more likely to ensure user satisfaction and make them more loyal customers of your app. Google Play and the App stores are introducing these features of AR and VR more in their new applications.

Developers of apps can utilize these AR and VR techniques in their applications more and more to create and provide immersive experiences to their application users.

  1. Making transactions through application possible: The whole world is getting increasingly mobile these days. Now people carry out more day-to-day transactions through mobile apps rather than using desktops for this purpose. These transactions can be either financial management transactions, service subscription, communicating with people, and much more. But there are plenty of other applications where making transactions are possible like banking apps, money transfer apps, e-commerce apps, subscriptions and many more. But before developing an app which helps in conducting transaction the following questions you should ask yourself.
  2. What sort of transactions does my app allow?
  3. How do my users know about the use of these transactions?
  4. Will my users ask for other transaction features?
  5. How else can I communicate the value of making the transaction through my app?

Many large e-commerce applications such as Amazon and Wish have solved many frustrating problems faced by users in shopping. Whereas the famous dating apps have solved many of their user’s problems of connecting with people outside their circle.

More and more people are attracted to those apps which swiftly and smartly solve their problems. If app developers resolve the user’s problems, their apps can have a positive impact on users and can turn into a gold mine for app marketers.

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