Regardless, whether you are a start-up or a leading brand in the market, your main aim is always to take an initiative to boost your business to next higher level.

Whether it is your dream to take your business to next level, or you just had an idea bring improvements in your business , you have to think about making an investment in the mobile application and this is what this blog will evaluate.

Most of the businesses are in a state of confusion when it comes to mobile app development, and their dilemma that it is easy to choose the app design, picking the right programming language for the app, performing the quick testing , and submitting the app to the app store and people will download it and it is done. You can hire a best mobile app development company in USA call +1(408)372-0967 before you take the decision to develop a mobile app.

But in practice the app development is not an easy, but indeed a hard task. The reason behind this is that now consumer spends about 90% of their mobile time on an application, and therefore it is essential to follow all the necessary norms of app development and also to follow them during the entire life cycle of mobile app development if you want your app to achieve your all the business goals.

Various Phases of a typical Business Mobile App Development Life Cycle

  1. Determining the Business Goals Phase: The first phase in your business mobile app developments a clear understanding of your business goals. There is no point of jumping directly to the development process unless you are clear about your goals. For this ask yourself the following few questions including:

* Why you are building the mobile application for your business?

* What goals you are trying to achieve through this app?

* Is this app-building is beneficial for your business?

* Who are your target audience?

Determine-Your-Business-Goals (1)

You can ask yourself many other questions, the about one most basic and fundamental questions that can help you define the basic structure of your business app. It is no use to build a mobile app just for the sake of having an application because there are already many millions of applications available on the app store, so make your application with firm intent. Your app-building aim should be that your target audience likes to use.

You can hire the Custom Mobile App Development company in USA to develop a unique campaign around the new app development so as to create a unique buzz and hype for your app so that when it is launched the customers eagerly wait to download and use it. But the campaign building should be done at the stage the app development planning is underway.

  1. The phase of Wire framing and Prototyping of the Mobile app: Once you determine your goals of app development and planned for the app development the next thing you need to focus on is the finalization of app design. In this phase, you have to focus on two important aspects of the app: User Interface(UI) and User Experience (UX).

User Interface refers to how your application works, whereas UX is about how the users fell while accessing your app. For developing UX, the most important thing you can adopt is Wire framing. This it is the rough draft of the app that allows you to arrange the app in a way which makes sense for the target audience. The wire framing tools are incredibly flexible and more like sticky notes that allow you to customize the look and feel of the app as per your business needs and goals. You can hire App development services company in USA to hasten up the app idea and develop the prototype into a practical model which really works in reality.

Code-The-Application (3)

  1. Application Coding Phase:  This is a very crucial phase in the app development life cycle. As it involves all the technicalities and skill to add the real blood and muscle to your app development idea. Here in this phase, you should make sure that the coding is free from errors and bugs. If you wish to develop the Android App or iOS or Reactive Native app that works on both the Android and iOS platform it is better to hire the Best Mobile App Developers in USA call+1(408)372-0967 as they understand all the technicalities and have the proper skill and app developers to develop your business app which is perfect in achieving all your desired business goals.
  2. The phase of taking a Test Drive: Never think of launching your app in haste without doing the necessary testing of all the fundamental features of your app in the real situation. If you launch your app without testing then you are committing a big mistake. Testing the app is one of the most integral parts of your app development life cycle as it will help you to know your errors, but is also a great way to test how smoothly your app will work in the real world.

 You can take help of online app testing tools to locate the bugs from the user point of view. Moreover, testing allows you real-time feedback and analytics, so be sure to check and test your app with all the platform for which you are developing your app.

Create-a-Buzz (2)

  1. Hype and Buzz creation Phase: Before the actual official release of your app it is important to create a climax of the app with the write-up and ad campaigns so that users get aware of your app and start showing interest in your app even before the launch and eagerly wait for the actual launch. The main purpose of this phase is to make your app familiarize to the users to achieve a better rating on the app stores so that more downloads are generated for your app when the app is actually launched. So start the branding campaign of your app earlier, much before the time of actual app launch date.

This phase is the perfect time to lure push notifications and to announce the special pre-launch offers, so your users get curious to download the app and feel free to get registered as soon as the app is launched.

  1. Actual Launch of App Phase: Since now your app is conceptualized, prototypes, designed, built and tested, it is time to fasten your belt to launch the app on the app stores (depending on the  platforms)

Before the actual launch of the app, you should know the right place and time of the app by keeping in mind your targeted audience group. There are two major platforms besides multiple other platforms like Amazon App store where you launch your app. Before launching the app on app stores do all the need research keeping in mind that the applications will require continuous updates, so make sure to pick the right platform where it is not difficult to update the app and provide your users with the best user experience.

  1. Review and Feedback section: Your application is never complete in all respect if you are not able to communicate with the actual users and they are not able to share their experience with you and other users and their friends. To add a feedback section in the app in the developmental stage. This will be highly useful for posting regular updates to users. This ultimately helps you to retain your customers longer. Always keep track of your comments and app analytics for achieving your market goals and achieving success in your business in a highly competitive app development market.

Conclusion: I hope that by reading this blog you have understood the actual app development life cycle. Implement the above-discussed points in your business app development and achieve your business goals without any difficulty. I have made a sincere effort to discuss all the important phases of business mobile app development but before you take the plunge in it do proper research as it will make your job of app development easier and more fruitful.

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