Corona Virus which started last year in China has spread all over the world. The people world over are locked up in their houses due to the lockdown announced by their national governments to save them from the horrifying impact of Coronavirus. The streets and roads are empty, there is no movement of people all over the globe. This virus has impacted not only the lives of people all over the world but also on the businesses and economy of every country.To remain safe during this period people are stuck at home.

This virus has caused a shattering effect on all types of businesses including the start-ups . In future  world will never be the same as it used to be in the past. Many present businesses are likely to be shut and many new opportunities will emerge.

The Mobile App industry will also be impacted due to this crisis. Many mobile apps that were in demand in past will not see any great downloads in future. But certain Industries Mobile apps are immune from this crisis, and their demand has gown during this crisis period and will continue to grow in future also. Many Mobile App development companies in USA are seeing this crisis period as an opportunity to venture newer fields of App development.

Impact of Corona Virus on Mobile App Market 

In the current situation of lockdown everybody’s movement is restricted. You cannot step out of your house. You have stopped using many mobile apps like a taxi or cab booking, searching the hotels, sightseeing apps, and airline and bus ticket booking apps and many more. Now the question arises which mobile apps are in demand. Since most of the people are at home, they tent to use smart-phones, tablets, or desktop even more. Therefore apps like on-demand grocery delivery, entertainment on demand, and other ordering on-demand have seen a huge surge in their users base. Now let us explore the Mobile Apps that are in demand and are immune to Corona Virus attack and have a bright future.

Mobile Apps that are immune to Corona Virus Attack

  1. On-Demand Grocery Apps:This category of apps have seen a rise in their downloads as people can’t go outside for supplies. The only saviour for them is grocery order app which help them to buy stuff of their need in this lockdown time and get it delivered at their doorsteps. The demand for these apps has surged by over 300 % in the last two months. The growth in downloads is due to the fact that only choice available to people to buy grocery is via a grocery app and it has become an absolute necessity. Apps like Walmart Grocery, Gofers, Intacart, Shipt, and Amazon Prime now have become due to their efficient service and better user-friendly nature. The Custom Mobile App Development Company can help you to develop on Demand Grocery app exclusively for your stores If you a independent grocery store.
  2. Remote Learning and Online Education Apps: Like all other sectors education sector has also got affected due to self-quarantine and lockdown. All education institutions have been shut down and the only way out is online education apps and remote e-learning apps. All most all the schools and major educational institutions have started online classes for their students. On these apps, teachers can teach their students remotely, give assignments, and communicate with students through a live video chat. Many schools have got their own teaching apps developed and others are using a video-sharing app like Zoom for this purpose.
  3. On-Demand Doctor’s App: Due to the sensitive nature of Medical care on demand Doctors apps are much in demand in this pandemic periods since it is difficult to meet the doctors in person. On-demand doctors apps provide instant health consultations and also offer tests and medicines prescriptions. People are trusting these apps in large number and there is a surge in their downloads.
  4. On-Demand Video and Music Streaming Apps: Since people are locked in their houses and they cannot venture out to see their favourite movies in cinema halls or listen to their favourite music because they cannot buy music CDs. To entertain in free time they are using on-demand streaming videos and music apps and watching their favourite movies, talk-shows, live sports events, and listening music directly in their home on television and other viewing, and listening devices. Many Best Apps Developers in USA
  5. Social Media Apps: To stay connected with the friends and relatives, and reduce their boredom in lockout period people in large number are downloading social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more. There is massive rise in download and active users base of these apps. People have started using these apps for chatting, posting their thoughts, sharing videos and photos on these social media more and more. The social media app industry is one of those industries that are flourishing in this period.
  6. Gaming Apps: Gaming apps have registered a phenomenal rise in this period of Lockdown. As per the figures available gaming apps experienced 400% growth in active users base and it is groundbreaking. The people are getting bored in self quarantined period and to keep themself busy with entertainment they are inclining towards mobile gaming apps all over the globe and this trend is picking up day by day among the younger generation. Now people are leaning towards playing a multiplayer game and this segment has shown tremendous growth in downloads as compared to the single-player games. Games are not only engaging and entertaining the people, but at the same time keeping them inside their houses happy and kicking.
  7. News Apps: To keep them informed about the latest news people are using news apps. News apps provide the information to people what is happening around them and in the whole world in this crucial period of crisis. Trusted news sources apps have seen a spurt in users base in the recent lockout period. People are turning towards news apps to be aware of the health instructions issued by the health organizations and the governments of their respective states and country. Therefore, news apps have become the favourite companion of many people around the globe in this recent crisis period.
  8. Finserve apps: During the period of the lockdown the postal services are no longer available. People are not receiving any information about the financial commitments they have made in the past through postal deliveries. Many people who were using phones to deal in the stock market are no longer in a position to place orders as many brokers are not operating front end offices due to lockout. The only way out is to use the Finserve apps of brokers to deal in the stock market. Thus there is a sudden rise in Finserve apps download in recent days. Finserve Apps are not proving useful in the lockdown period but it is likely that this trend will continue to grow in post lockdown period also and thus have a great future.
  9. Digital Payment apps: The digital payment apps have not loosened their sheen in this crisis period but have registered tremendous growth in their download as normal banking activities are not possible due to restrictions in movement of people from their home to banks in many places. People are using these apps to make payments of their essential purchases from grocery stores, purchase of online gaming apps and making payment for purchase medicines, doctors payments etc. As this app payment mode is very easy and secure.
  10. Online Medicine supply Apps:Online medicine supply apps have seen a sudden spurt in this lockdown period. People are using these apps to buy essential medicines of their use through these apps as it is easy to place an order and the medicines are delivered at doorstep without any difficulty. Moreover, it is proving a boon to the working people who are working outside their hometown and have old parents. With medicine supply apps they can place an order for required medicines by their parents from any place and get the same delivered with their old parents at their doorsteps thus providing relief to their parents of visiting the market in medical emergencies.

So above mentioned apps are part of some of the important apps which are immune to this COVID-19 Corona Virus attack and also have a bright future in time to come. Many businesses which are dealing in online demand items are putting money in getting these apps developed for their businesses as they want to be one step ahead of others.

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