Mobile App Design is not just merely writing an algorithm, punching some digits and alphabets, but is much more than that. The app designer needs to know what the end-users of app wants and incorporate them to the technical specifications. This allows the app designer to design and produce apps which can cater to the need of most of the users with having tto the internet.he appropriate functionalities and features added into the app, and allow a maximum number of app users to fulfill their demands.

The mobile users of today except for a lot from an app. Now users experience differentiate between a good app and a bad app. If you want your app to be successful, you have to consider all the essential elements mentioned below be incorporated into the app during its development stage itself. This article shows a path to the app designers to craft a successful mobile app with features catering to the needs of most app users.


  1. Social Media platforms incorporated: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a part of the lives of billions of peoples around the world. Facebook active users are around more than 1.5 billion and there are millions of active Instagram users. Incorporating these platform in your app is important if you want your app to be successful and attract a maximum number of satisfied users. The digital users of the day like to share and communicate among themselves and by incorporating the email sharing feature in the app will help users to share emails.

2. Include the search feature: While designing the app many app development companies fail to incorporate the search feature in their app where their users can easily input text. By not including this feature they commit a big mistake. This feature help users to get excess to contents very easily. With it, you can encourage your users to engage with any stay with your app or a longer period of time. It also provides users of your app a robust search experience in your mobile application. It entails a sense of feeling great among users of your app, and ultimately leading to generate loyalty to your brand. But in case the same is not included in the mobile app development stage, your app users may not be in a position to find the answer to their quarries they need and this is very bad as they will go elsewhere, resulting loss of conversion rate in click views.

3. Responsive Design: Ever one knows that Responsive design for websites is a great thing. The same is true for the mobile app also. Responsive design allows to resize, show, hide, and format User interface (UI) for various types of screens and more.

Responsive design simply refers to the geographical interface design (GUI) that helps the websites and app to adjust to different screen sizes like desktops, and mobile phones. You don’t need to develop different websites for apps – one for mobiles and another for desktops. Only you need to develop one responsive designed app for all the screens. Moreover, the responsive design is also cost-effective and quicker as there is no need to develop two apps individually.

4. Maximum use of touch features: As we know that there is a number of digital devices with touch screens available globally now. Greater number of users use mobile phones with touch screen technology. This indicates that not including the touch features in-app it remains incomplete. So it is important to include more and more touch screen features in the app to provide as much of the user experience touchscreen-based. Features should be designed in the app in such a way that there is minimum use of a keyboard for assessing any information.


5. Make offline functionalities available: There is a difference in websites and apps. Apps are not the websites plainly. To gain access to websites you need to have an internet connection. But this should never be the case with the mobile apps that will always be downloaded through the internet and installed on mobile devices. If the app is enabled to run when there is no internet connection provides added comfort and usability to the users. Making offline functionality enabled in the app will help users to get access to important contents of the app without connecting to the internet.

In the event, if your app cannot be used when accessed offline, it is practically useless, and make the user uninstall it and go for an app which provides the offline facility. If you have not added this feature in your app then you must ask Your mobile app development agency USA to include this feature in the app and make it more practical for your users to use it. By doing this your app will be more intuitive and users will love to use your app and desist to uninstall it.

Allow for users feedback: Creating a great and successful app is one that that caters to the users need. These days users just need to express something Giving the users the ability to provide instant feedback is a great thing and eliminates lots of call to tech support team.

Apps are built to cater to the specific purpose and every app have different features added in it. If all the specific needs are not fulfilled due to missing features required then the app will turn useless. But including a feature that is not so important some times make app jam-packed and this makes the things complicated. So while designing the app only those features should be included that are need most along with those discussed above to make the app a great and users friendly.

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