The Apple revealed the contents of iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference this Monday.

In less than a year after release of iOS 11 Apple has come up with a new operating system iOS 12. The Apple revealed the contents of iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference this Monday. Beta version of the same is released for paid mobile app developers and the final version of iOS 12 software with new iPhones will be out by September 2018.

The updates of IOs 12 will make quite a few quality of life enhancements, including improvements to Screen Time, Group Face Time and Siri, digital health tools and Memoji. Few additions to several new apps are also announced by the Apple software Vice President Craig Federighi, who also said that, we are “doubling down on Performance”

This software update isn’t the biggest update, but Apples intention is to make its mobile operating system more reliable and competitive with Google’s Android operating System.

The updates will be available on all devices that received iOS 11 last year as free software i.e iPhone 5s , all iPad Air,iPad pro models, iPad tth generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation.

Features of iOS 12

Do Not Disturb Notifications

As a part to promote “Digital Health” Apple has built a feature in iOS12 designed to “help customers understand and take control of the time they spend on their iOS devices”. This feature comes in the following form.

Do Not Disturb in New mode: This mode will automatically end depending on what time it is, where you or when you carry out a specific action. When it is bed time then this mode will automatically dims the display and hides notifications on the lock screen till the time you are out of bed in the morning.

Lesser number of interruptions:

More control is given to the user to choose as how the notifications will appear on screen so that un-necessary interruptions are reduced. Now user have a control on sound and look of the notifications. IOS 12 is additionally bringing with it “grouped” notifications which help to manage and view multiple notifications easily at the same time. It is built on the concept of current “Clear all notifications” feature which is present in IOS 11.

Screen Time

Screen Time is a wonderful and most powerful and also most useful feature of IOS 12 connected with “digital Health” tools. Users can know about their addiction to the phone. Daily and weekly reports will show the time spent on each individual app by the user. User will have information about how he used a particular app and how many notifications he had received, and how often he or she has picked his iPhone or iPad. Apple has imposed no limit on Screen Time feature to fix time of each activity and it is up to the individual to make fair judgement and set the limit of time spend on individual app.

“Screen Time “will provide parents to lock the activities of the children and additionally they are able to set the time limit schedule and also set restrictions about the time when a child can use iPhone. Also they can share reports of the use of phone and phone activities on iCloud. The screen will be automatically locked once the limit set by parents is over. However a child can send request to parents to increase the time if parents think it is necessary for child.

ARKit 2

With augmented reality on the hottest seat Apple introduced ARKit feature in its iOS in June 2017. Now a most advanced ARKit 2 will feature in iOS 12 to let users “Share” experiences. A further addition is made in advanced object recognition and image tracking in new ARKit 2 .

Augmented Reality is brought to new places in iOS12 including Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News.

Memoji and Camera effects

In iOS 12 the Animoji has got an upgrade. Apple has provided a tool to let you create animated emoji in your likeness to send Messages and is dubbed as Memoji, the dicons will let you choose from a set of inclusive and diverse characteristics to for a unique personality In iOS 12 Animoji is also expanding to include ghost, Koala, Tiger and T.rew and will have many more interesting empressions.

Group Face Time

A new feature of iOS 12 the “Group Face Time” will enable the user to chat with upto 32 people over the Face Time simultaneously. It is similar to Facebook Messenger and one can add people any time during the Face Time conversation via a audio or video on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. and Mac.

SIRI Short Cuts

With SIRI Shortcuts you will be able to program SIRI to work with any app. Short cuts can be programmed with voice command via a new Short Cut app, and this will then create series of action for different apps controlled by voice command. Over more that 40 languages are being added in SIRI translation and more personalities, celebrities, food, places and events are also added to let users have a great experience with SIRI.

Improved Performance

iOS 12 from Apple has been “Designed” to make everyday tasks faster, more responsive with mperformance improvements on all its devices. Camera will open 70% faster than before and keyboard to appear 50% faster and more responsive typing.

Apps multi tasking becomes “twice” faster and better and this is a boon of iOS app developers. But fast performance will depend upon the device use, battery life and contents searched and how the phone is used.

Privacy and Security Improved

There will be improvements in the Safari and user can stop site tracking their information and also automatically create, auto fill and store strong passwords for any new online account. Users will be warned if password is been reused and alert them to change it and have good and strong password. This will helps users of iPhone not being caught out by data breaches, phishing scams and in financial scams.

Sharing Suggestions for Photos

This feature of iOS 12 with its “Sharing Suggestions” will help users when to share photos on phone and with whom. It will suggest sharing photos with old acquaintances on anniversary or birthdays or any special occasion. It will help you create a mini social network of your own. This is Apple version of Facebook of yours on your iPhone.

One can download iOS 12 with latest features on his Apple device when the same is released in September 2018 and all new Apple devices after the rollout will automatically with new iOS 12.