Have you ever reckoned that the day will come when people can utilize mobile phone apps to accomplish their daily purchases? Presently the field of smartphone technology has progressed so abundantly that we can easily fulfil our daily chores and duties through the particular mobile apps.

Like all other services, the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning have also evolved as a significant online outlet. Additionally, this on-demand service is the perfect solution to highly congested urban areas. In the metropolitan and relative urban areas, people are fast and busy. Paying for laundry to save their valuable time is probably not a big deal for them.

However, if you wish to start your on-demand laundry and dry cleaning business then we are here to assist you. You can start with our developed and reliable apps.

We exist number one in the list of on-demand laundry and dry cleaning app development field. We aim to furnish you and your customers a highly easy and manageable existence. We wield latest and progressive programming which will furnish you and your customers with a smooth and credible experience. Our strategy is not only to sell our services but we care about your customer base. With our advanced services, we always endeavour to fetch more and more customers for you.

We Ganesha Webtech Solutionz have also solutions and strategies for existing laundry holders or aggregators. We provide results demanded or required to your existing laundry business or a new start-up.

With our services and solutions, we assure you that you can set detailed projects like retail laundry business, commercial laundry business and aggregator model to strengthen your customer base.


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What a perfect and successful on-demand laundry and dry cleaning app require?

All the successful online laundry and dry cleaner app require the following features.

1:- Single-tap pickup Request

With a busy life, people prefer fast and easy ways to finalize the deal. Any successful on-demand mobile app must have a one-tap order or request button positioned on the home page.

2:- individual paying methods

There must be an option where a group can split the amount and everyone can pay individually. The app must consent payment splitting feature.

3:- Schedule

With the application, the customers must be able to set dates for pickups and other services. This helps both owners and users if one of the two is not available.

4:- Tracking

This is the relatively most important feature. The customers must be informed about pickups, receiving, washing status and delivery.

5:- Calculator

There must be a cost calculator associated with the app, where customers can calculate and access the total amount before placing orders.

We at Ganesha Webtech Solutionz provide our customers with all the above-mentioned functions. Besides the aforementioned actions, our developed apps provide additional services like easy customization keys, automated ends, timely tracking, order supervision, referral options, and in-app communication and users notifications.


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What we furnish our customers with?

1:- Customer registration

With our developed apps, your customers can register themselves simply by linking it to Facebook, which keeps it easy to log in.

2:- Differentiated services

We provide your customers with easy access to your services. They can assign services individually like pressing, dry cleaning and washing.

3:- Several paying options

We make it easy for your customers to pay against your services. A customer can choose for any mean of payment.

4:-Proposals and discounts

We inform your customers about all the offers you made timely. The automatic notification bar helps them to reach it out easily.

5:- Account settings

The customers can manage and set various information handily with our one-tap account settings. They can manage and modify the address, delivery, modes of payment and other details for the smooth and soft experience.

7:- Ratings

The customers can rate your service. This will direct you to provide perfect and reliable services.

We at Ganesha webtech solutionz equip you with all the devices and facilities which are necessary to raise your business to the sky. We not only sell you our services but care about your emotions associated with your business.

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