Do you still wait in long queues to get your services? Are you still cooling your feet over prolonged hours to get your bus tickets, to buy your groceries, to make payment for the things that you have purchased? We’re sure the answer is a No for most people. But if your answer is a yes, then don’t you worry. We’ve got your back!  We’re going to tour you through the on-demand logistics app development and make it easier for you.


An on-demand logistics app is an intermediary between the service providers and the customers so that the customers can select their service provider as per their preference and convenience among the pool of service providers available across the location. It lets a user book any kind of service and gets it delivered in real time and ensures maximum user satisfaction.

It enables instantaneous tracking of goods and services, their pickup, and delivery. In essence, it is the most hassle-free way of “getting things done


On-demand logistics apps have a very wide scope. These apps are engaging all the attention of the users worldwide. Harvard Business Review states that the on-demand economy is on the rise, with more than 22.4 million consumers spending over billion dollars on these apps.

It would not be false to say that it is attracting a lot of spending among millennials globally. There are plenty of these apps however we witness most of the payout on food and groceries delivery apps, transportation and the courier apps, healthcare apps, etc. and we can avail the benefit of them with just a tap of a button on our smartphones.

Some benefits of on-demand logistic apps

  1. They make your life easy
  2. They bestow on-demand services
  3. They are budget-friendly
  4. These apps are organized as per the user’s needs
  5. They also enable easy communication among the supplier and the customer and assure us of instant deliveries.

As per the statistics, we find that the use of these apps during the pandemic has seen a drastic rise. On-demand delivery companies have doubled their income during this period.


To develop an on-demand logistic app, we must comprehend the entire process to make sure it is a success. There are certain steps with which an individual must be well acquainted.

  1. What do you do first when you are thinking of launching an on-demand app? PLAN. That’s right.

The very first step to developing an on-demand logistics app is to strategize and understand what you and the user is expecting from the app. Is it a food delivery that a user is looking for?  or is it just a ride home that a user wants?  Accordingly, we ascertain our market position and that of our competitors and analyze what kind of features need to be incorporated into the app.


After we have selected a target audience and decided on what kind of on-demand service that we are going to render, we move on to our research about the current market trends in the industry. We systematize it to make it user-friendly and ascertain the cost involved in developing the same.

  1. Single out the key players of the on-demand logistics app

What are we intending to provide through our application?  Do we wish to connect the users with medical experts across the globe or are we providing them the satisfaction of experiencing the best of salon services?  Consequently, we single out the market players.

  1. Determining the technological framework for the application

Determining the type of technology to support the functioning of our app is the most crucial step in the development process since it empowers us to be on right track throughout our journey.

  1. Deciding on the features of the on-demand delivery app

For the best user experience, the features of the app must be easily understandable and user satisfactory. The features of the app shall include:

  1. Login page
  2. Profile of the customer with an option of updating it as and when required
  3. Search options where customers can search for the preferential products and services
  4. Option for order placement
  5. Payment options such as debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI, or cash on delivery.
  6. GPS services
  7. Tracking of order
  8. FINALLY, we develop the on-demand logistics app

Subsequently, we work on developing the app incorporating all the features that we previously sought and developing the server and the database so that the application works smoothly

  1. Examining the on-demand app

Before finally launching the app we test it to find the scope of further developments that can make it better. We test its compatibility with various devices and confirm its quality.

  1. Launching the on-demand logistic app and after development maintenance

After examining the on-demand logistics app we launch it on google play store and ios platforms so that the users can avail the services. Maintenance includes updating the app, fixing bugs, and ensuring its smooth functioning.


Considering all the above factors, the development of on-demand logistics apps should cost somewhere between $15,000 to $50,000. It may go higher depending on the type of advanced features included. Conclusively, the features may decide the cost of the on-demand logistics or transportation app.

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