Feeling hungry in the middle of the night and you are alone in your home, want something to bite. You rush to your fridge and find nothing there. Immediately you will think of cooking something in the kitchen, or go and just grab your smartphone like other tech-savvy individual and order your favorite dish online through food ordering app, and get it delivered at your doorstep in no time. The digital world has revolutionized the way the food is delivered. A large number of food ordering/ delivery apps are available online. Ordering food through apps is one of the emerging trend and likely to stay for a long period of time. The future of the food and restaurant business depends on food delivery apps, and this is the not only the opinion of the digital experts but the available data on food delivery apps business suggests the same. They have seen almost a 500% growth rate in the number of customers in the last four years. According to the statistics, the US has the biggest market for online food delivery through apps. The rate of growth of Food Ordering Apps business is expected to go even higher in almost all over the world by the year 2022 as more and more countries are joining this race and restaurants are contacting Custom Mobile apps development companies for developing food delivery apps for their restaurants and food joints.

It is not just the consumers that benefit from these apps. The sellers are also investing in the apps. Every booming restaurant or food preparing concerns too invest in food ordering app development for their organization to reap higher sales. These apps help them in many ways like cost-cutting, online presence, and customer satisfaction.

The online food ordering apps are getting immense popularity across the globe among consumers. This is due to the many advantages of food ordering apps. Food ordering apps not only saves time and efforts but it can save your money by allowing discount coupons, deals that apps offer. You are also offered a large array of cuisines and mouthwatering food delivered at your doorsteps in shortest possible of time.

With is blog article, we will share with you, the outstanding food delivery apps that have out-shined and carved a special liking among the users due to their unique features, designs, and hassle-free functionalities.

  1. FoodPanda: Foodpanda is a famous and reputed online food ordering app having a presence in 43 countries around the globe since 2012. Due to its simple functionality, timely delivery and availability in different cities it is a favorite app of all generation of users. It is one of the most downloaded apps in its category. The app has a database of 40,000 restaurants from various cities, and the accessibility of rebates and offers.

The application also comes with different promotional offers, coupons, and deals and accepts credit, debit, and cash on delivery payment methods.

2. UberEats: Uber Eats is a leading food delivery app operational in more than 1000 + major cities in various countries around the world. The app is launched by famous concern Uber for users to order online food and provide delivery services from local and international food chains and restaurants.

 If you trust Uber to drive you safely around the city then you can also trust Uber Eats to deliver you the quality food as well in the shortest possible time.

UberEats gained worldwide name and fame as a leading food delivery app and is available across the globe in both the Android app and iOS platform.

UberEats app has many unique features which help you to search new categories from where you can order best dishes and that too from the restaurant of repute near you and also has an option to pay through your Uber account also.

3. GrubHub:  Launched in Chicago, New York, in 2004 GrubHub is a renowned name in food ordering and delivery industry and has a widespread list of more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 800 US cities and around 1700 cities in the world.

 The GrubHub app is available for both iOS and Android. Simply you have to add a location in the GrubHub app and it will show you all the restaurants in your area. You can search for cuisine by specific menu items making it easy for you to find your next meal. You have the option to save your locations to speed up the delivery process.

The app is free to use, though some restaurants may charge a delivery fee and have a minimum order amount.

4. DoorDash: DoorDash is one of the established food delivery apps and is one of the preferred food delivery apps in the USA and Canada. It supports 300 plus cities in 32 markets.

The app not only focuses on food quality but on how the restaurants work well with the DoorDash to get the food delivered in time thus offering full consumer satisfaction. The app is available on both-Android and iOS platforms. The app has many unique features which make DoorDash a unique food delivery app.

5. Postmates: Postmates delivery app is available in more than90 cities throughout U.S.and Mexico. This rewarding app of food delivery is not just for delivery, and ordering food but also into ordering the delivery of groceries, gifts, and alcohol and many other items. The app is available in Android and iOS versions.

Postmates has surpassed 2 million deliveries in 28 markets and has more than 13,000 Postmates doing deliveries. It has a partnership with Starbucks, Apple, and Chipotle.

6. Swiggy (India): Swiggy is one of the most popular and top-rated food ordering mobile application in India. It gives entire substance requesting and conveyance arrangement from the best restaurants nearby to the customer. This app is available in Android and iOS version.

Swiggy is rated No 1 online food ordering app in India with over 10,000,000+ downloads in the play store. The service which provides customers offering from any restaurant with no minimum order method. There are over 9000 restaurants under its wings having their own delivery personnel.

6. Zomato (India): Online app Zomato is launched by popular restaurant finder Zomato. This food delivery app ordering service is available in all the major cities of India. It has over 42,000 restaurants listed across Indian cities and also operates in over 23 other countries.

The strategy of Zomato is to be content driven with the low market or customer acquisition cost. It is the first Indian food ordering app company which become profitable, as the bulk of its revenue comes from advertising.

7. Just Eat (India): Just Eat operates in 9 cities of India including all metros. Their service is the same just like FoodPanda. Though it has less reach you can reach it easily in the cities where it is available. You can order by just opening the app, browsing the restaurant near you, pick your food and order. They offer online payment and cash on delivery options. Available in both Android and iOS versions.

In India, there are many other famous food delivery apps like Domino’s famous for quick delivery of Pizza online. Fresh Menu available in limited metro cities, and offer food from their own kitchen. Their delivery and food quality is appreciated by many people. Faaso’s is also similar to freshmen and offer food from their kitchen. They have a large menu where you can get many things to order from breakfast to dinner. App of Faaso’s is in both Android and iOS version.

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