On 28th June 2018 Word press turned 15 and is one of the most popular and reliable, robust and commonly used open source CMS that has been built. Earlier WordPress was well known for blogging only, but it has become a most sought after choice for many businesses to develop their website and e-Commerce websites development in USA and world over.

Is  WordPress truly the top site builder in the world?  The answer is yes. More and more small businesses find WordPress as the best option to build their websites development.  What are the reasons for such a popularity of WordPress for Website Development? Let us discuss one by one.

  1. It is a Free Open Source: The biggest reason that why WordPress is used by large number of users is that it is free to use. There is no need to have licence for it or no subscription is needed. One can download WordPress from its repository and install on his server to setup the website. WordPress is a great platform for those who are worried about upfront costs. Web hosting can be purchased for very nominal amount. There is no need to worry about maintenance cost, when CMS and a team is behind to develop website. The only thing to worry about is the hosting provider and domain.
  2. Easy to Use: The major reason of WordPress popularity is the ease to setup and manage and so it much in demand. One can set up a nice website using WordPress in a matter of few hours. Only some internet know and short training of few hours is all that needed to setup one’s website. Also Professional WordPress development of website costs is very low and small business can afford it happily.
  3. Updates and contents Addition possible with ease: WordPress lets the web developers  to add and publish what’s important to him and his customers – which is a good content without any difficulty. With straightforward options provided by WordPress, one can easily edit the existing contents, or add new contents. One is much more in control, what one wants with WordPress.
  4. WordPress provides larger list of Plugins: There are many other platforms that gives extension to extend the website features, but WordPress gives a larger list of plugins. With the rise in number of WordPress developers, there is rise in rate of creation of plugins. Many site builders offer 20-50 plugins with 50 being a rare possibility. Many sight builders offer none, but they might offer built-in features. WordPress on the other hand allow the website developer to install over 10,000 free plugins directly from the dashboard. For a non-technical person plugins are a top reason to use WordPress, as it makes blogging easier. Plugins reduces the cost of website and saved money can be WordPress used for things like advertisement etc. Plugins also help in Custom website development Call @+91-9041506101
  5. WordPress offer best SEO Practices for business: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO as a practice helps in increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic search engine results. Many blogs fail in the place of SEO as their platform doesn’t allow having best SEO practices. Everyone wants to grow his website traffic so that his business grows.

When your SEO is not proper or bad, then it is obvious that growth of your business is not possible.  Making revenue is not possible if your website is not found in search as it is not on the top page of search engine. For this you need a platform which aids in website ranking on the top search engine, and this is where WordPress is a leader. WordPress helps their users in optimising SEO titles, add an SEO plugin or cache plugin, implement image optimizations, add headers tags, and much more which is not possible in other platforms, and WordPress offer a chance to improve website ranking through best SEO practices.

6. Helps you to engage with your Site visitors: WordPress makes it easy for visitors to you sote to give their comment on your contents and this helps you to engage and build a stronger relationship with them. So as a business owner it helps your website to work more effectively for growth of your business.

There are many reasons to use this widely popular and effective CMS for developing your business website. If you are thinking of developing your business website then without any doubt in mind you can use WordPress and this should be your first option.

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