Web page ranking is one of the most important tasks of SEO. And a lay man doesn’t know this thing.

Web page ranking is one of the most important tasks of SEO. And a lay man doesn’t know this thing. Since web ranking is a complicated process, it requires a good handle on a wide variety of detailed subjects. Here is a checklist of major items one has to look to on top rank in year 2018.

Use of crawl able, accessible URL to let Google crawl and phrase its contents easily:   

The URL should be such so as to enable Google bot’s spiders to reach the page easily, understand the contents there in that are present in text readable format and also understand the visuals, videos or embeds you have put into the page and be able to put into their web index.

Key words research:

There is need to know and uncover the words and phrases that web searchers are using actually to solve or for what they want answers in there searches to the problem they have. Your organisation and your website should help able them to solve those problems.

The need here is a primary keywords and a set of related secondary keywords that shares searchers needs. The reason behind all these terms and phrases should be same so that same contents it can serve where ever required. When this is accomplished we have a primary and secondary set of key words useful in targeting our efforts towards optimization

Find SERP which find what Google believes to be relevant key word’s searches:

There should be some SERP investigations, which means performing yourself a search query in Google and see the outcome from it, and from it judge what Google believes to be the relevant to keyword searches. You can figure out what contents you require from your searches and what are the missing pieces might be there. If you are able to figure out this and find answers to it your website ranking position is bound to increase.

Form a team or depute most amplifiable person to create contents on page one:

When a most amplifiable person or team is deputed to handle contents which serves the goal of searchers and help them to solve their problems on page one the results are great, we make the social sharing way more likely to happen and credibility of contents increases both in the eyes if searchers and website visitors and in the eyes if Google also. Website development companies should aim to do this. The reason is that if do all other things optimized and ignore page one content,  over the time Google will realize that searchers are frustrated with your site results in comparison to other people and the Google will rank other people above your site.

Skill a gripping title and Meta description:

Google still largely uses actual Meta description from the page though not every time. Higher chances are when the title is used. So Snippet is something that is very crucial to your SEO development, because search result determines either people desire to click your listing or some one’s else. The Snippets provide you an opportunity to say “ come and Click” on your listing or some one’s  else. Your optimization both from keyword prospective, as well as from a relevancy and pure drawing the click chances, you are on winning side.

Primary, Secondary and related Keywords used skilfully:

By related keywords we mean that words which are used semantically connected and Google views as critical to providing them and that contents are relevant to the searchers query in the page’s text contents. Google is not going to easily parse out purely visual or in videos or something in the embeddable format. You have to prove to Google that you have relevant keywords.
Optimize to make page loading fast and with great looks:
The page should have great looks from visual, UI prospective and from users experience prospective also, allowing one to go all the way though and accomplish the task easily for every device and with great speed and in secure way. HTTPs is not only the thing, but pays great role what Google cared  in 2016 AND 2017 and will do so in year 2018.

Other things which require attention is the question as who will help to amplify this and there should be a great answer to it. You have got to execute solid links mention and words of mouth across web, social media so that Google’s crawlers can see to it and also be seen by people in high quality.

By doing the above exercise your website stuff will have a great rankings in the year 2018.