Website development process is not a simple process but is a comprehensive process consisting of various steps. Generally the process starts from gathering the initial information, designing and creation of the website, finally leading to maintenance process so as to keep your website up to date and current all the time. There isn’t a specific number of steps as it may vary depending on a Custom web development agency Call +1(408)-372-0967 or developer, but the basic process is somewhat same in every case. Here is the guide of essential steps in web development process which can help you building your own website.

Guide to Website Development Process

  1. Goals and Purpose Identification: The first step in every every website development process is gathering all the necessary information, just like developing any other project. What we exactly expect from a website need to be clarified at the beginning of the project so that the whole project is always move forward in correct direction.

The aspects to be considered are website’s purpose, goal, target audience and information to be provided on the website and the technology used to implement the functionality of the website till the final stage. It you hire a Professional Web Development company USA call +1(408)-372-0967 they may start the process by asking a lot of questions to help them understand your business and your needs in the website. Following certain things to consider are:

* Purpose: What purpose the website will serve?, whether you want to provide information, promote a service or buy and sell the product?

* Goals: What are the goals you want to accomplish by building this website? Generally the common goal of website development are money or sharing and providing information.

* Target Audience: What kind of specific group of people you want to reach through this website? What type of people will help you to reach your goals?, The ideal picture of person you want to target help in designing and styling the website depending upon the age, sex and their interest of target audience.

* Contents: What kind of information will the target audience will be searching in your website? Are the target audience looking for any specific information about the product or service, online ordering etc?

2. Planning Stage: At Planning stage, we work out the kind of technologies that we are going to us in the website development. This is one of the most important stage of entire project as, we discuss scope and objectives, wire-frames and functional requirements of the project. We decide about what CMS will be used and also , we get an idea how the website will look. We also scrutinize any unknowns such as third party APIs, and web services. We create a site-map for the website which is then followed by creating wire-frame for the website.

Site-Map establishes the relationship between main areas of the website and the contents we put there. It is a table of contents for a website, showing odd how website future navigation process. Easiness with which user find information which he is looking for from the website main page is considered while creating site map of website, or how easy it will be to navigate the site? The best web development company in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967, always try to keep end users in mind and aim to plan that site will be user friendly as far as possible.

Wire Frame: It provides the understanding of what will be look of website in visual terms. From it we get the idea of layout of website (without picture,logos and colors etc). It will show on a page will we display text, photos or any thing else. Once the page layout as per our satisfaction then we can move on to the next stage-i.e. the designing part of the website.

3.  Designing stage: This stage is also an important stage as designer has to show how a fantastic looking website he can design. For designing website the designer has to keep few major elements in mind.

* Target audience: First and foremost task of the designer is to know about the target audience, who will be using the site? If the target audience is going to be teenagers than the design of website will be totally different from the website offering business and financial support.

* Branding: Here due consideration is to be given to the brands logo, color scheme, fonts and these should be as per brands current branding practices. The reason is the that website is going to represent your brand in future, and creates a perception in the customer’s mind about the brand, and impact their mind about using your products or not.

Only after deciding about the branding aspect and incorporating in the website after exchanging ideas between coders and clients in a proper way the next task of the developer is to develop the actual website.

4. Development Stage: In this stage the functionality element of the website are built. The development process involves the programming work as well as loading the contents into the site being developed and here site map we have decided in planning stage provide the road-map of site building. Developer starts with a home page development, and continue to add sub-pages afterwards.

Technically the development process we make all the elements of website functional normally. Various contact forms, payment gateways or functionality that were agreed earlier in the discussion are developed. Once the site is developed then the contents are loaded into the site. This can be either by the developer team or by the team specially deputed for this purpose by you oar your self as per the suitability.

5. Testing and Launch stage: As the name suggest, this stage involves review of the site by the end user/ client. Once the site is developed, it goes to live testing to find if there are any issues, broken links that needs fixing before actual launch of site.

When all the things in site are tested and issues fix, defects rectified website is uploaded to a live serve and we prepare for the final launch!, site is rolled into production, and made available to the target audience.

6. Maintenance Phase: Once the website is launched- the developer job is not over as website is not a product or service. Website for proper functioning is to be looked after and maintained for the whole time it is running and live. Issues of security update, CMS system updates, contents up dates ,bug fixation are few issued which are to be looked to make the website secure and regularly looked into and maintained till the time website is live and not withdrawn.

To conclude we can say that, when it come to building a robust, vibrant, scale-able and state of art website, there really is no alternative to the well structured, and proven web development process.

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