The OS 11 will greatly help the mobile app developers to develop great apps in future.

There is great news for the lovers of Apple devices. The reason behind this hype is the release of new operating system by Apple for its devices named IOS 11. Also Apple will be launching its latest series of mobile devices. Though IOS 11 is not going to bring any one big ticket features, instead there will be a whole lot of tiny nips and tucks. The OS 11 will greatly help the mobile app developers to develop great apps in future.

Revamped Control Centre

Control centre was designed to be one stop tool for controlling various aspects of IOS devices. But it turned into a mess, as one had to swipe between three different panels providing different actions and tools and proved to be inconvenient to use.

With IOS11 Apple has redesigned the control centre totally. There are few permanent buttons and you can customize the Control Centre to work as per your needs completely. Eight additional controls can be added to control centre besides standard toggles existing now.

Much better live photos

With this new feature you can make more live photos into GIF’s and also you can bounce back and forth the photos. You can choose a still frame from live photo to be main image on your social media.

More storage capacity for photos and videos

With a change in compression formats in new OS11 you will be able you store more videos and photos in your phone. As per apple it will be the twice storage capacity of its OS10.

New Key board features

There are new keyboard features in new OS11. Like one-handed keyboard on iPhone and  “ Flick” option  for typing  numbers and symbols more     quickly on ipad. Built in Apple apps will have new functionality.

Shared Wi-Fi

A new functionality of sharing Wi-Fi password feature is added in OS. It is going to eliminate the efforts of going to finding password characters and then typing the complex password for sharing Wi-Fi.  Now with this feature a pop of “Share your Wi-Fi” will come when you try to connect your Wi-Fi net work for the first time. By pressing “Send Password” button, other person handset will connect to the network automatically.

Do-not disturb while driving

OS 11 will have a feature with “Do not disturb while driving”. This feature will hide notifications and messages which you receive when you are behind wheels. Sender will receive the text message back stating that you are driving. But there is a feature of adding contacts which you treat “ urgent” and will deliver the messages  and notifications  while driving which ever mode you have chosen.

SIRI gets a new voice

SIRI will come with a more natural sound in both male and female voice.

Translation to other languages

There will be a new translation feature which lets users to translate English to other languages.

Document Scanner

The new feature in OS11 will allow the users of iPad to scan a single or multi-page document.

Long exposure snaps

To help travellers Apple has added a new feature in OS 11 of having a long exposure effect in their photo and apps. This feature is available in high end cameras.

Augmented Reality

Apple has announced that Augmented Reality will be the part of OS11 with AR-Kit. This feature will greatly improve existing AR solutions such Pokémon game.  There will be high end AR capabilities in apps itself without having to develop the AR system. Now the IOS app development for apple devices, mobile app developers will be able to develop apps with realistic augmented reality applications.

Some features are for iPads also included in this new OS11. Users will be able to drag and drop files between files that are running simultaneously in split screen mode. Switching between files becomes easier as swipe upward will open or close various applications. This OS11 will allow iPad users to use file managers- including iCloud, Drop box, Google Drive and One Drive.

Multitasking on iPad

iOS 11 makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to multitask. You can open a second app directly from the Dock and both apps remain active in Slide Over as well as Split View. You can drag the second app in Slide Over to the left. And you can get back to your favourite App Spaces in the redesigned App Switcher.

Drag and Drop come to iPad, allowing you to move text, photos and files from one app to another. And because it’s been designed for the large Multi-Touch display of iPad, moving them around is pure magic. You can touch and move just about anything — or things — anywhere on the screen.