When we evaluate the present digital marketing strategy, we generally find something is missing and we need to focus on it. But how effective this process can be done needs to be evaluated? Here I am going to put together the best marketing strategies and tips for digital marketing service Call +1(408)-372-0967 that will help you to grow your sales and achieve your targeted goals.

  1. Define your Customer: Knowing about your customer should be the first priority whether you deal in B2B or a B2C company, and it should be a very important part of digital marketing strategies. By using the insights from the market research you have done, define your target audience and choose the best available ideas from your competitors and develop the strategy to be followed. Also, you should learn about the buying habits of your customers, social media presence, their pains, and sentiments. At every step of devising strategy make sure that it takes your brands more closer to your customer’s expectations and satisfaction.
  2. Create and grow your Email List: Creating an email list plays an important role in digital marketing. According to Future of Customer Engagement, only 3% visitor customers buy on their first visit to the e-commerce site. This means that to generate maximum revenue you should need to focus on finding the ways to connect, build a relationship and bring back the visitors to your website. For this, the best way is to convert your visitors into email subscribers. To grow the email list have a strong email network and give equal importance to different kind of customers. A sure check of subscriber activity, sending a newsletter about the latest additions in your product list, gentle reminders and what is the left items in the cart, needs to be done in a regular and without fail.
  3. Provide a personalized experience on a real-time basis: Now customers are more concerned about their privacy and their data while shopping online, but they do prefer online trusted retailers who provide them with a customized and personalized experience. The latest GDPR laws insist that customers must have the flexibility to control and use their personal data and information by the website of their brands. So it is necessary to have an opt-in and opt-out options for customers in the website and also the customers be encouraged to purchase the products they have in their wish-list or where they show a potential interest and are that lying in store, without infringing their privacy.
  4. Creating the original and user-based contents: You can tell the story of your brand to your potential customers in an effective way through the creation of right contents. Your contents should be able to create the right amount of waves in the minds of customers so that they are influenced to take the right decision to purchase your products. Creation of contents is basically an art which can convert the right people with the right amount of information provided by you in the right manner, place and time in your website. Your contents should involve in-depth topic research for the top keywords and able to engage and provide useful information to the target customers so that they form a positive opinion to purchase your product.
  5. Implement a Loyalty Program: It is not difficult to sell to the past customers than to acquire the new ones. For a new customer average conversation rate is about 3% but for the repeat customer visiting your site, it is about 60%-70%. More than 27% of people come back to buy on your site after their first purchase and 57% after their second purchase. The best way to bring back the repeat customer is to offer loyalty incentives to them. Loyalty programs reward frequent customers and encourage one-time buyers to return to your website again and again. Customers can be rewarded with Points, with which they can buy free products, get a discount on their next order, get free shipping on future orders and early access on new launches.
  6. Customers reviews and feedbacks: While taking a decision to buy, people rely on the customers feedback more than any other sources. As per one report, the online review has as much as 90% preference and 88% trust online reviews where there are personal recommendations. Positive reviews help the brand to build trust among its customers, while a new negative review gives chance to improve upon the weak points. For the reviews be clearly seen by potential customers make sure to have a prominent section in the website and in every product page for reviews so that customers find it easy to see and decide their purchase decision.
  7. Use Social Media Optimization (SMO) techniques: More traffic on your site can be created by reaching a wider audience base on social media sites. You can showcase your content banners on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and use twitter to send frequent updates and contest information to the targeted audience. With proper social media presence and handling techniques can bring some of the best customers to your site and provide them with the opportunity to directly deal and interact with your brand and turn to a loyal customer. A good Online Digital marketing Agency in USA call +1(408)-372-0967 can provide you with the best possible solutions for online social media presence.
  8. Optimize SEO techniques: Devote full attention to the proven SEO techniques and analyze the website architecture to ensure that your site page is visible to the public without any difficulty and found by search engines without any blocks. Find the right keywords that help to drive sales and allocate on the various pages so that the ranking is improved. Contents should be optimized so that the targeted audience can remain engaged to the site and help increase website traffic. Linking the content pages of your website with authoritative websites by using the research tools and a constant review of the SEO process to make a lot of improvements in website traffic. You can gauge the strength and weakness of your website by going in for an SEO Audit by best SEO Company in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967.
  9. Optimize for Mobile: A mobile-friendly website can increase the chances of the visitor making purchases on your website by about 67% more than a usual computer-based site. At present about more than half of the e-commerce traffic is generated through mobile. So in order to maximize conversions, your site should provide the best mobile experience to the users.


Though I have mentioned many tips to make an effective e-commerce digital marketing strategy, this is not an end to the road, as digital marketing is an evolving process and it requires a lot of experience and time to form a fully optimized strategy. Moreover, the strategy differs from brand to brand and one which suit your business requirements can be crafted for marketing your product and brand.

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