Gone are the days when people lined up in the supermart to get their groceries or waited outside a mall to shop their favorites. In the contemporary world, all the commerce platforms have shifted on the Internet. In these highly-competitive business scenarios, a business needs to make its presence felt on the web. What can be a better way to do this than develop an e-commerce mobile application?

If you are building a mobile app, planning is crucial. Before investing your time and money in mobile app development, you can consider these tips to make this venture a successful one.

Research the market

To begin with, for your mobile app development, make sure you research the market thoroughly. It will help you gain insights into the current trends in the market. Also, you will get an idea about the factors that will help you build an efficient mobile application.

After this, you can determine the field in which you want to perform.

Only fulfilling the demands is the thing of the past.

Today, your audience is educated and aware. Customers do not want you to fulfill only their demands. When you are building an e-commerce platform, make a provision to take care of the back-end processes like customer support that will help sustain your business.

Also, if the customers engage themselves in any other e-commerce website or app, you must try to find a USP for your website. It will make the customers shift to your mobile application and leave you with a thriving business.

Choose the right audience

Many lose the chance of building themselves a strong base of customers by overlooking the demographics. If you do not want to fall prey to such ignorance, make sure to choose the right demographics by determining the target age group.

You can do a quick market survey of your audience regarding their preferences, needs, and behavior. Using various social media platforms to indulge your audiences in quizzes can help you determine these things.

Select a technology

Choosing the right kind of technology is one thing you should pay maximum attention to while building your mobile app. If you are not a technology geek yourself, you can hire a mobile app development company Call +1(408)372-0967 .

This step requires you to choose an operating system on which you want your application to run. Native and Hybrid technologies are two mobile app development technologies widely used today. After this, you should also choose an effective Content Management system to pull the data as and when required.

Highlight the crucial features

If you want your e-commerce mobile app to run successfully in the market, you must specify the features that make it different from others. You can present these as bullet points to leave a good first impression on your customer.

These bullet points can mention the safe login, an arranged product catalog, secure payment options, or any other feature that can increase the consumer’s confidence in your mobile application.

Customer-friendly features

Don’t make your application too hard to use for a customer. Include features and make it easily accessible. You can rule the e-commerce world by including these features in your application.

Trouble-free design

It judges whether the customers will invest their time in your application. No one wants to deal with things that consume too much of their energy. Therefore, you must ensure you incorporate a design that makes your application easily understandable.

Easy signup, login, purchasing, and hassle-free payments are some features that do not make it complicated.


Security is a prime concern among users today. You must follow high-standard data breach protocols so that the private information of your customers does not leak. Offering a secure platform will grab the attention of many users and will make them switch to your app.

Appealing graphics

Using eye-catchy and attractive graphics and images in your app can help you generate more traffic on your mobile application. Since a customer can judge a product online only from its pictures, make sure to use only the high-quality ones. Also, ensure that the processing of the image is fast.

Social media Integration

With the increasing use of social media, a consumer wants to share everything he buys with friends and family. And, when signing up on a new application requires the user to furnish all the details, it makes him a little reluctant to type everything.

So, if you want the maximum number of people to sign up with you, don’t forget to integrate social media platforms with your e-commerce mobile app.

Easy navigation and secure payment options

One should be able to navigate easily on your application and add his favorites to the shopping cart without any hassle. It should come with features that a person of any age can understand.

Your mobile app should build Include all sorts of payment options like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, COD, etc. so that the user can select one according to his convenience.

How much does it cost to build an e-commerce app?

When developing an e-commerce mobile app, you will have to consider many costs, like the developer’s salary, infrastructure, web services, and social media integration. Support, marketing, advertising, and updates will form the components of additional costs. The cost of your e-commerce app will vary according to the features you put in it. It should cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $150,000.

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