In this digital world no field is left which is not touched by Mobile Apps. Mobile applications are taking over the world by leaps and bounds. Mobile apps developers are focusing their attention on providing more features to the customers, but one thing they ignore is the app security. App security has become a topic of hot debate these days as large number of apps are being hacked by hackers on the internet. There was a news report last week that hackers have hacked the twitter account of large number of celebrities not only from movie world but financial, business and political world. Accounts belonging to Joe Baden, Barak Obama former US president, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Apple, among other prominent handles were hacked by cyber space attackers. Every thing that is online can be hacked and mobile applications are no different. Thus, it is the duty of the app developer to look into the most important aspect of app development and provide sufficient new security features so that the users login data and their important financial information can remain safe all the time from hackers and other cyber criminals. Hence the app developers need to be extra cautious during the app building process about the app security both for iOS and Android platform.

How App Developers can address the apps security issues

Here are some of the ways which the app developers adopt while building a mobile app can build a completely secure mobile app.

apps security issues

  1. Writing a Code that is fully Secure: App code is the most valuable feature in any mobile application. The app code can be easily exploited by hackers if the same is not fully secure. So as developer it is your duty that you write a highly secure code. If the code is not secure, or there are some loose ends hackers can easily reverse engineer it and use it in a corrupt way. Thus you need to work on the code which is hard to brake and follow agile app development strategies so that you are able to update your code from time to time without any difficulty. You can hire experienced custom mobile app developers in USA call +1(408)372-0967  as they use best coding, and code hardening practices while developing the mobile app code.
  2. Encrypt the data: Next thing needed in developing a secure is use of data encryption as it is an efficient way to save the data from being used in a malicious way. Encryption is a method to convert the data transmitting in to such a form that it cannot be read by anyone else without description of the data.So, even if the data the is stolen by any attackers they cannot decrypt it, and the data is of no use to the him. So developers of the app should try to develop an app where the data is completely encrypted and cannot be misused by anyone one else.
  3. Using the libraries very carefully: During the development of mobile application often developers need third party libraries for the code building. But generally the third parties are not trust worthy as its codes are not secure. The developers should test the codes after using various kinds of libraries for knowing how secure are the codes that are used in app development as the flaws in the libraries makes it possible for hackers to steal important data and also crash the system.
  4. Using the Authorized API in app development: App developers should always use an authorized API in the app code. Hackers use your app authorization information caches to gain authentication on your system to steal the important users data for their malicious intentions. There should be a central authorization for the entire API. It will provide maximum security to applications and save you from any kind of frauds.
  5. Using high level of authentication: Not using the high level of authentication while developing the mobile app pose a great security concern to app developer at a later stage. Authentication mechanism plays a critical role in mobile application. A week authentication can lead to the mobile application facing several vulnerabilities, such as password issues and many more. A mobile app developer must consider user authentication from the angle of security issues. So in order to make app more secure the password policy of he app that you are creating must be strong enough so that it cannot be easily hacked or decoded as password is the most common mode of user authentication. Developer of app should go in for multi-factor authentication to keep the mobile app more secure, and this can be achieved through the means of mails, authentication code, or OTP login, and even login through biometrics.
  6. Not fully testing the app for security: Mobile app developers generally don’t test the app to find the hidden vulnerabilities and determine other type of complexities. As the app development security trend is changing day by day, the app developers should need to keep the app up to date with the latest security measures. Expert are of the view that there should be proper testing of app for determining and vulnerabilities in the mobile app. If the app is fully tested by experts for security before its release the chances of securities issues at later stage are minimized to a great extent.
  7. There should be least number of privileges: App security warrants the principle of least privilege for the app code security. The security code use should be provided to least number of persons developing the app as the chances of misuse are reduced. Try to keep the network as less as possible in order to stop security issues misused.
  8. Using good cryptography tools and techniques in app development: While developing the applications key management is important step for encryption of app data in order to make sure that you use good protocols for encryption such as ASE or SHA256 and never store your keys on local devices. Always use the latest and trusted encryption methods.

Conclusion: Always follow the best practices while developing the app so that your app is fully secure and its codes are difficult to crack. In the recent years cyber security has proven its worth and clients are now more interested to have a secure mobile application so that their valuable data is not misused. The app security is going to make a difference in recent years as customers preference for the secure app is increasing day by day and every app developer is in competition with others in terms of security of the app he is developing for his client.

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